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Dairy, August 2018

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Friday, August 3, 2018

Record regional heat wave

Today, the temperature reached 33°C (at 2m) at the official weather station Twenthe. It is the twentythird day that the temperature is above 25°C and there have been (at least) nine days that the temperature reached 30°C. (On four days the weather station was out of order.) The highest temperature was 35.7°C. According to the definition of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, we have a heat wave when for five days in a row the temperature is above 25°C and at least three days are above 30°C. Never before since the measurements started, has it happened that there was a regional heat wave of 23 days or more. According to the ensemble forecast of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, there is a more than 50% chance that the temperature will be reach 25°C for another five days, with a great likelihood that on three of these days it will reach 30°C. Sunday, will be the most likely day that the temperature will not reach 25°C. So, the record will either be 24 or 28 days according to the prediction.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Interval set

Tuesday, July 23, I set myself the challange to implement a set of integer intervals using a balanced tree, and trying to finish the code without drawing trees on paper. I did some drawing on trees for implementing the persistent 'balanced' tree, which I finished last Tuesday, and which I did partially borrow for the implementation in IntervalSet.cpp. In the end, it felt less hard to implement all the methods, than I had thought. The code looks pretty straight forward to me. I did not really optimize the calls to the private methods for balancing the tree. The tree also does not stay optimal balanced after each operation. This is due to the fact that adding or removing a large range, could potentially remove many nodes in the tree, and the implementation does not do a balancing after each node removal. (To keep the tree optimal balanced, it needs to be balanced after each node insertion and removal.)

Thursday, August 9, 2018

29 day long heat wave

Around noon, the temperture reached 25.8°C. For 29 days, the maximum temperature during the day (between 8 and 8) has reached above 25°C, which means that we have had a regional heat wave for 29 days, which breaks the last record of 22 days by a whole week. A second national heat wave also has occured during the same period. The latest forcast for tomorrow predict that the maximum temperature will be about 21°C. About 4.3mm of rain was predicted for today. At 12:51, it started raining after we already had heard some thunder in the distance. At 13:16, the sun started to shine again and the rain stop soon thereafter. Later in the afternoon, there was some rain as well. I wonder if it was 4.3mm in total.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Palindrome dates

Today is a palindrome date when written in the (M)M/(D)D/(YYY)Y format: 8/10/2018. When the (M)M/(D)D/YY format is used, this is also a palindrome date: 8/10/18 and this is the case for all dates up to and including 8/19/18 and also the date 8/1/18.

With respect to palindrome text, I found the interesting article: World's longest palindrome?

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