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Dairy, September 2018

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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Fractal Jigsaw

Yesterday and today, I made a new version of the program for generating Fractal Jigsaw puzzles. I added the option -space, which allows you to specify the space between the pieces. Most DIY-laser cutters make a very narrow cut, which means that if you make a puzzle, the pieces will fit very tightly together. To avoid this, the idea is to make two cuts and throw away the material in between. For this, I had to write a new algorithm. The old algorithm (still used when no value or a non-positive value for -space is used) would generate lines from top to down. The new algorithm generate a cut for each piece. For this reason the algorithm needs to track the sides of the pieces. This method can also be used to cut the border by following the (in)side of the border. Because now these are cut one-by-one, all the corners will be round, and the shape of the pieces and border is a little different from the single line cut. I am thinking about adding the option -round to implement this same shape in the single cut algorithm.

Monday, September 3, 2018


At 10:39, I bought the book FastFurniture, Multiples and Other Productions written by P.J.H. Kockelkoren in English and Dutch, and published by Uitgeverij AKI/ArtEZ in January 2007, ISBN:9789073025103, from charity shop Het Goed for € 1.50.

© Dave Borghuis

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

HyperBrain Machine

This evening at TkkrLab, I worked on putting together my new HyperBrain Machine, consisting of an old pair of safety glasses, a NeoPixel LED strip and a NodeMCU. Martijn, another member made a wooden box for the NodeMCU module and he also helped me with repairing the NodeMCU. I wanted to feed the LED strip from the USB voltage, but the VIN pin has a diode, after we removed it and short circuit it, it turned out that the connection from the USB to the VIN pin was broken (probably burned out under the load of the LED strip). I soldered a thin wire to repair the connection. And then it did work with some example program that came with the AdaFruit NeoPixel Arduino library. Now I still have to write my own program before Thursday evening when GOGBOT starts (or while I am there, because we have decided to just do our own things).

Thursday, September 6, 2018

First chestnut

Around 10:14, I saw pieces of the shell of a chestnut on the bicycle path. I stopped and found the chestnut that was inside it. I took it home and placed it in a pot in the garden and see what will happen.

GOGBOT: Hyperbrain machine

This afternoon and evening, I was with TkkrLab at GOGBOT. I wrote a program for the Hyperbrain Machine and walked around with it for some time, looking at the other projects. I used the questionair machine by Wiebe Audenaers about the Trolley problem with respect to AI. It printed a ticket with the result of my answers and a QR-code of a link to a website explaining it. in the evening, I also saw part of the robot pop-band Compressorhead that performed on the main stage.

Friday, September 7, 2018


Again, I spend the afternoon and evening at GOGBOT, most of the time in the TkkrLab area. We used the laser-cutter, to cut a piano fractal puzzle. It turned out, that the 'piece' consisting of the space in between the pieces and the border, was most interesting. The found the space between the pieces a little too much. I also walked around for some time to look at all the other things. The things I found noteworthy are (in the order I saw them):

In the evening, there were some interesting experiments with throwing dry ice in a pan with molted sugar (with a temperature higher than 100°C).

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Bits, bots and brains

This afternoon, I visited the exhibition Bits, bots and brains at Tetem art space with a visiting friend. I did like the music being played.

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