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Dairy, November 2018

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Saturday, November 3, 2018


This morning, I went to TkkrLab to meet the people on the Hack42-on-tour, a two day road-trip visiting all maker/hacker spaces in the Netherlands. They arrived a little later than planned. There were 33 of them. We had put some candy on the tables. Most of them also went to have a look at our workshop room, which is on the other side of the building. One of our members joined them on the tour.


At 14:45, I bought the following two book from charity shop Het Goed:

Tuesday, November 9, 2018

18.1° Celsius

It was a rather warm day with a maximum temperature of 18.1° Celsius at Twente Airport. I do not know if it was a local record, but in center of the country, in De Bilt, the temperature reached 19° Celsius, which is a record high temperature for November.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018


In the evening, I went to see the exhibition Phosho18 at B93 with pictures by some students from Saxion. I liked the pictures by Ana-Maria Mihai with she titled Blocks from Constanța. She also handed out some clever made booklet with almost all of the pictures. I also liked the levitating welder by Mirre Rensen. The other students were Cage Spence, Kristin Dimitrova, Vasil Dimitrov, and Shtilyan Peev.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

469410 solutions

Finally, tonight the program processing the 428,362 sets of equations has finished, finding a total of 469410 solutions. I say program, but I should say programs, because I made several modification, including two multi-threading versions (for windows and linux). I have not yet verified that all sets of equations have been processed. I also have not yet verified the solutions (a second time), nor have I done any further analyses. If I am not mistaken, the smalles solution is:
42 49 62 75 89 92 97 99 100 118 120 125 127 128 132 134 148 152 153 155 160 163

Physical Digital

At 15:00 was the opening of the exhibition Physical Digital on the second floor at Concordia. The exhibition is related to the Overkill Festival. The art works on display have a relationship with gaming. Starting from right, there is a VR installation with an imaginary world by pussyKrew. Next a projection of a Cellular Forms movie by Andy Lomas, which shows white spheres forming all kind of shapes. The number of spheres are multiplying and becoming smaller, sometimes producing very organic forms. On the next wall there is a game by Ian MacLarty that allows you to walk through a kind of landscape with a game controller. The landscapes sometimes morphes into a different landscape. Next there is projection of the movie Pandemonium by PWR, which is hard to describe. In the middle of the room there is a large green grass-like carpet with balls and other objects. There are also two monitors showing Still Life by Mike Pelletier.

Sunday, November 11, 2018


This morning, in the train, I finished reading the small book My Name is Charles Saatchi and I Am an Artoholic by Charles Saatchi, which I started reading on November 6 after I bought it on November 3. In this book he answers questions from the public. Although non of the questions are the same, many of the answers are. The book could thus even shorter and still transmit the same message. Still it was a fun book to read and that I would not have wanted to miss because of one sentense that struck me: I don't buy art in order to leave a mark or to be remembered; clutching at immortality is of zero interest of anyone sane. (Page 58.)


I bought some (Dutch) peanut butter, with a garlic-union taste as a present for my sister. I found a shop with a crath of Club Mate in the window sill. They costed € 3.00 each. A little too much. I visited bookshop Steven Sterk. At 13:54, I bought the book Stedelijk Collectie Highlights written by Hanneke de Man, Frederique Huygen, Timo de Rijk, Angela Bartholomew, Elvie Casteleijn, and Karolien Buurman in Dutch and published by Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam / nai010 uitgevers in 2012, ISBN:978462080249, for € 7.90. I also went to visited bookshop Broese.

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