World view: Panentheism

Pan-en-theism is not to be confused with pantheism. Like pantheism is believes that God is in the world, but not equal to it. It believes that God is in the world the way like a soul or mind is in a body. This word view is also known as: finite-godism, bipolar theism, quasi-theism, and organicism, at last, by those that follow process theology.

It differs from theism in that it believes that God is finite and limited in nature and power. (That is why some call it finite-godism.) It also maintains the idea that there are two poles to God, namely, an actual temporal pole and a potential eternal pole. (That is why some call it bipolar or quasi-theism.)


Exposition of Panentheism: Evaluation of Panentheism:

Based on Chapter 11 of Christian Apologetics, by Norman L. Geisler.

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