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In my bedroom there are eight bookcases. On this page a (still) incomplete overview of the books in those bookcases per bookshelve. It starts with the bookshelve most closest to my pillow. Along the wall besides my bed there are two bookcases and a DVD rack from IKEA. Along the wall that I see when looking at the end of my bed, there are three bookcases. The one in the middle is the oldest I own, made from massive wood. On both sides there is a smaller bookcases from Leen Bakker. Along the opposite wall, there are two bookcases. A large and deep one premarily containing photo albums and a smaller one from Leen Bakker. Before the window, there is a low bookshelve from IKEA. Below the bookcases are given as mentioned above numbered from right to left as seen from my bed.

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