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Diary, August 2023

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Saturday, August 5, 2023


This morning, I went to Herenboeren Usseler Es to help with pre-sowing, which consisted of filling propagation trays and move a flood table where the propagation trays were placed on. Some quite ingenious devices were used: A table to fill the propagation trays with seed soil and a tool to make holes for the seeds to be put in. (Some pictures of an earlier pre-sowing activity in May.) It was quite a satisfying experience, which at moments felt very meditative.

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Moving away from GitHub

I have some repositories on GitHub. Lately, I have been thinking about moving away from GitHub and host these repositories on my website without having to set up a git service. There is a way using bundles. If for example, I would want to do this with the RawParser repository, I could use the following command (executed in my local clone of the repository) to create a RawParser.bundle file:
   git bundle create RawParser.bundle --all
The generated RawParser.bundle file is in binary format. If someone want to have a look at it, they can download the bundle file and simple use a clone command like:
   git clone RawParser.bundle
If they have make some improvements in say three commits (preferable in a separate branch) and want to share those with me, they could use the following format-patch command to produce three patch file:
   git format-patch -3 HEAD
If they email those patch file, which are just plane text files, I can use apply command like the following to add them to my local repository:
   git apply some.patch.file
I guess these should result in exactly the same commits to be reproduced in my local repository. If I had made some own modification in the mean time, I could create a branch from the commit mentioned on the first line of the patch file and next merge these with my current state of the repository. When I think they are okay, I could use the bundle command to create a new bundle file. They could download this file and use a fetch command to update their local repository to include my changes.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Spaghetti squash soup

I made some spaghetti squash soup. I used about twothirds of a spaghetti squash we got from Herenboeren Usseler Es. I glanced at a receipe online for some inspiration, but then followed my own intuition. I did the following: It tasted quite good.

Sunday, August 20, 2023


This weekend, the Sea Surface Temperature of North Atlantic (0-60N, 0-80W) has reached the record high temperature of 25.3°Celsius, while for the World (60S-60N) it has reached 21.2°Celsius again, like it did on the first of April this year. Last years record of 24.9°Celsius was already reached on July 25. There is still room for an even higher temperature this month or during the first week of September, because last years record temperature was around September 3.


I recently came across the redesigned version (by Angie Cibis) of Updated Autism / ADHD / Giftedness Venn diagram by Katty Higgings Lee, MFT and realized that I scored almost all of the traits mentioned in the 'Giftedness' circle and only some in the 'Autism' and 'ADHD' circles (not common with the 'Giftedness' circle. It is important to note her definition of giftness is different from most other make of it. It is not 'High Functioning' nor 'High Achieving'. This realization seems to support my conclusion that I am not on the Autism Spectrum. I do agree with her observation that this giftness is not always a blessing and that it often leads to anxiety, depression and feelings of guilt.

Friday, August 25, 2023

Dune: Part Two

I read that the release date of the film Dune: Part Two was moved from November 3 this year to March 15, 2024 due to the 2023 Hollywood labor disputes. I felt a bit disappointed about this. I understand that the motivation to delay Dune: Part Two is that the actors are not available for interviews that are part of the promotion of the film. I wonder if these kind of interviews will make a big impact.There is a long list of films that are delayed. I wonder what will the dynamics of all thses delays on the profits once the delayed films are released. All these delays might be bad for the profits of cinemas, which have struggled in the past years, and the streaming services.

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Deventer Murder case

Tuesday the news came that the advise by the solicitor general D.J.C. Aben to Supreme Court of the Netherlands with respect to the Deventer Murder trial is to not reopen the case. The press statement (in Dutch) is: Advies AG aan Hoge Raad: Deventer moordzaak niet herzien about the official advice in the verdict (also in Dutch): ECLI:NL:PHR:2023:742. Last year, the cold case team that Aben assigned reported that were some serious omissions in the judgement. The Dutch newspaper article Coldcaseteam concludeert na drie jaar onderzoek dat ontlastend bewijs in Deventer moordzaak is achtergehouden about this started with the statement (translated with Google Translate):
In the Deventer murder case, the detective suffered from tunnel vision. An exculpatory document has been withheld, official reports have been manipulated, necessary criminal investigations have not been carried out and crucial DNA evidence is actually useless because it has been handled in an unacceptable manner on several occasions.

This article mentioned something about the mobile phone of Ernest Louwes connecting with a base station near Deventer. Translated with Google Earth it says:

In 2004, the court considered this to be 'not plausible', because Louwes' mobile phone beamed at a mast in Deventer - about 25 to 30 kilometers outside the route that Louwes claimed to have taken. According to the court, that distance was too great to be able to beam on a mast. The conclusion was that Louwes was lying and must have been in Deventer.

It now appears that the mobile phones of the detectives who followed the route beamed on masts that were much further than the one in Deventer, at distances of 108 and 61 kilometers respectively. But the original list on which the irradiated masts are located has been kept outside the case file. The masts located further away, which would relieve Louwes, have been omitted from the official reports about those routes followed.

In the press statement, as a motivation to not reopen the case, it states:

TNO and TU Delft have jointly researched this. In 2019, they concluded that due to the weather conditions in the evening of September 23, 1999, the chance of a telephone conversation via the transmission tower in Deventer is no greater than 5% if L. drove on the A28 near Nunspeet (as he himself had stated). However, the chance of a telephone conversation via the transmission tower in Deventer is greater than 90% if L. was in the area for which the transmission tower in Deventer was intended. According to AG Aben, this conclusion of TNO and TU Delft provides sufficient support for the opinion of the Court of Appeal that it is not plausible that L. was on the A28 on 23 September 1999 at 8.36 pm. The report therefore does not give rise to serious doubts about the correctness of the conviction.

When I read this on Tuesday, I got some feeling that there is something wrong with the reasoning of chances, maybe even similar to the one that played an important role in another Dutch case, that about Lucia de Berk, a nurse that was convicted of having murdered several children, just based on the fact that she happened to be on service when they died. The chance that a base station contacts with a certain mobile phone is not the same as the chance that a mobile phone contacts a certain base station from a certain location. If the weather forcast says it will be raining 90% of the day and you go outside during the day and have some proof that you did not get wet it is strange to state that because the forcast said that it rained 90% of the day, you must have gone out when it rained and that it is possible that everytime when it rained you happened to walk under a tree that kept you from getting wet. This is a bit like the reasoning that the solicitor general is using.

Yesterday evening, I read through the relevant parts in the verdict. It gives a lot of details. It does repeat details from the research report. The report does mention that base station 14501 was on a high mast and one of three covering the area around Deventer and that this base station points in the direction of where Louwes claimed to have been while making the phone call. It also mentions (without percentages) that while in Deventer other base stations on the mast could be contacted. The report does not mention that if Louwes would have traveled to Deventer taking the shortest route using highway A1 and from there traveled to the house of the victim, that only during the very last part of his trip, he would have been in the area of the base station. Louwes witnessed about some fact that proved that he drove on highway A28 and in point 125 of the verdict the solicitor general writes that these (translated with Google Translate): 'constitutes an objective indication that the applicant himself stood in that traffic jam on the A28.' But than the solicitor general goes on to reason that it is possible, that although Louwes did not drive in the direction of Deventer, but in the direction of his home on the A28, decided to take a detour using a country roads to Deventer (including a traffic detour). It is true, that if he would have taken this route, he would have been in the area covered by the base station. Personally, I find it a bit far fetched that, presuming that he was the killer, took the gamble that the traffic circumstances (including a traffic jam that caused a substantial delay) on the A28 would give him a good alibi.

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