Dune: Leto II

The son of Paul Atreides who being transformed into a worm, became the absolute ruler for 3500 years, and for this reason is often called The Tyrant or the God Emperor, depending on how you view him.

The Bene Gesserit believe that he never destroyed them out of some deep-seated loyalty to his grandmother, the Lady Jessica (HoD, p 30).

After he died

After he died he became all the new worms there are.

His endless dream is carried as a pearl of awareness in each of the worms (Or so we are led to believe, says Lucilla. HoD, p 13.) A kernel of the God Emperor's dream in each worm. So it is said. And even if true, they are not conscious, not aware. Leto himself said he would enter an endless dream. (HoD, p 38)

Heretics of Dune

Starts about 1500 years after the death of Leto II.

Taraza: "The Tyrant was a key log. He created the Jam and released it himself" (HoD, p 134). He demonstrated that the great mass of human-kind can act as a single organism (HoD, p 135).