Complaing about a new water heater

The kitchen has been renovated and looks better now. But not all changes have been an improvement. They have put in a new water heater with a bigger capacity. You would say: O, that is nice. But it is not!
At full capacity it works nice. But if you take a shower, you do not need full capacity, especially if you want to save energy. But this water heater, which heats water continuely with natural gas, has troubles with working at half power. So it will start oscilating: on, off, on, off. Which is not nice if you stand under the shouwer. It will be: too cold, too hot, too cold, too hot (alternating cycles of about 30 seconds).
The old heating system delivered on full capacity just the right amount of hot water to take a shower.

Why is this happening to me. Because I rent the place. And the owners had decided that the apartment should be renovated, so that they can go on for some time to increase the price to the maximum allowed rate per year (which is about 6%).
First of all these machine will cost us more, for I have to rent it. And secondly, we will end up using more of our precious natural reservers (and pay more, ofcourse).
You can imagine that we are looking for a house to buy by ourselves. It becomes cheaper every day.

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