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Diary, March 1998

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Wednesday, March 4, 1998

Soft weather

When I stepped outside this morning, I was met with a strong, but very soft breeze. In the south of the country the abnormal high temperature of 16 degrees Celsius was measured.

Voting together

After dinner, Li-Xia and I, voted together for the municipal elections, standing with the two of us behind the voting machine. We voted for a good friend of us. For Li-Xia it was the first time she used her active vote rights in a democratic country.

Friday, March 27, 1998

Dr. Dobb's Journal

Because of some machine reconfigurations in the office this morning, I was unable to work. I grepped an old issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal (the one of
last December, that is issue #272 for the statistics), and started reading. With much interest I read the letter of Edward C. Brann, II with the title `More on Apollo'. To my suprise I found it had a reference to the page about the navigation computer used in the Apollo spacecrafts, which I host.

Sunday, March 29, 1998


For the very first time, we went to church with the four of us. It was the first time that Andy went to church with us. Li-Xia hadn't been to church for more than half a year mainly because she had to stay home with Andy. Appearently, Andy enjoyed the singing because smilled all the time, and made noises when we were quiet. After the singing Li-Xia had to leave the main hall, because Andy became too noisy.

After the service, many people came to have a look, and I had to explain some teenagers why he was having the tube in his nose.

At one point this afternoon, I noticed that it was hotter outside than inside. We decided to clean our car, and we put Andy outside with us. Also, the Magnolia in the back garden started to blossom.

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