In the past years, I have become a sceptic strongly doubting the existance of a super natural reality. This means that I no longer subscribe the contents of this page.

Isaiah 55: Walk with God

This chapter tells a lot about how we can walk with God and know Him.

Verse 1: The calling

Come if you thirst after fulfilment.
Come if you are not satisfied.
Come, be satisfied without having anything to offer.

Verse 2: Lay down all your works

Yes, lay down all your works that do not satisfy you.
Why fill your life with empty activities that cannot fill your heart.

Verse 3: Listen

Come and listen. Incline your ear.

Verse 6: Seek and call

Verse 7: Repent

Repent from your own way, and turn back to the Lord.

Verse 8,9: Gods way is so different

When you turn to God, you will realize that His ways and thoughts are so different from yours. We have to be renewed in our thinking.

Verse 10,11: The working of Gods word

The word of God will change your heart, as God had intended it to do.

Verse 12,13: The result

The blessing that you will receive when you walk on Gods way is peace and joy.

Knowing God