MCH2022 badge

This page is about the FPGA on the MCH2022 badge, which is a ICE40 UP5K FPGA that has 5280 logic units, 1104kbit RAM, eight DSP cores and 39 programmable I/O pins besides the two I²C and two SPI interfaces. datasheet.


The FPGA is connected to RP2040 and ESP-WROVER processors, the ILI9341 LCD driver, the ESP-PSRAM64H ram, an RGB LED and the J4 connector. Below the various connections are mentioned. The logical names (to be used in Verilog files) appearing in the first column, are taken from the proto2.pcf file from the badgeteam/mch2021-fpga-lcd-driver-test GitHub repository.


RP2040 datasheet
FPGA                                                    RP2040
uart_tx   6 IOB_13b         UART_RX        FPGA_RX      GPIO24
uart_rx   9 IOB_16a         UART_TX        FPGA_TX      GPIO25
clk      35 IOT_46b_G0  ~~  FPGA_CDONE (clock)
          7 CDONE           FPGA_CDONE     FPGA_CDONE   GPI027/ADC1 
          8 CRESET          FPGA_RESET     FPGA_RESET   GPIO17


FPGA                                                 ESP-WROVER
spi_miso  14 IOB_32a_SPI_SO  SPI_MISO    SPI_MISO       7 IO35
spi_mosi  17 IOB_33b_SPI_SI  SPI_MOSI    SPI_MOSI      37 IO23
spi_sck   15 IOB_34a_SPI_SCK SPI_SCK     SPI_CLK       30 IO18
spi_cs    16 IOB_35b_SPI_SS  SPI_CS      SPI_CS_FPGA   12 IO27
irq       10 IOB_18a         IRQ         IRQ_FPGA       5 SENSOR_VN


FPGA                                                  ILI9341
lcd_fmark    25 IOT_36b      LCD_FMARK     FMARK      08 FMARK (frame sync)
i2s_clk      28 IOT_41a      LCD_CS        CS         09 CS
lcd_rs       11 IOB_20a      LCD_RS        PAR_RS     10 RS/SCK (register select)
lcd_wr       23 IOT_37a      LCD_WR        PAR_WR     11 WR/R5 (write at rising edge)
i2s_data     36 IOT_48b      LCD_RST       RESET      15 RESET
lcd_data[0]  26 IOT_39a      LCD_D0        PAR_D0     25 DB08
lcd_data[1]  27 IOT_38b      LCD_D1        PAR_D1     26 DB09
lcd_data[2]  31 IOT_42b      LCD_D2        PAR_D2     27 DB10
lcd_data[3]  32 IOT_43a      LCD_D3        PAR_D3     28 DB11
lcd_data[4]  34 IOT_44b      LCD_D4        PAR_D4     29 DB12
lcd_data[5]  37 IOT_45a_G1   LCD_D5        PAR_D5     30 DB13
lcd_data[6]  38 IOT_50b      LCD_D6        PAR_D6     31 DB14
lcd_data[7]  42 IOT_51a      LCD_D7        PAR_D7     32 DB15
i2s_lr       43 IOT_49a      LCD_MODE      MODE       38 IM0, 39 IM1, 40 IM2
ILI9341 datasheet


FPGA                      ESP-PSRAM64H
ram_data0  21 IOB_23b      5 MOSI/IO0
ram_data1  13 IOB_24a      2 MISO/IO1
ram_data2  12 IOB_22b      3 IO2
ram_data3  20 IOB_25b_G3   7 IO3
ram_sck    19 IOB_29b      6 SCK
ram_cs     18 IOB_31b      1 CS

J4 connector

FPGA                                 J4
pmod[0]  47 IOB_2a       PMOD_1      PMOD 2
pmod[1]  48 IOB_4a       PMOD_2      PMOD 4
pmod[2]   4 IOB_8a       PMOD_3      PMOD 6
pmod[3]   2 IOB_6a       PMOD_4      PMOD 8
pmod[4]  44 IOB_3b_G6    PMOD_7      PMOD 1
pmod[5]  45 IOB_5b       PMOD_8      PMOD 3
pmod[6]   3 IOB_9a       PMOD_9      PMOD 5
pmod[7]  46 IOB_0a       PMOD_10     PMOD 7


FPGA         RGB-S050
40 RGB1  RGB1   R
41 RGB2  RGB2   G
39 RGB0  RGB0   B

FPGA programming software

To program a FPGA there is a choice between two languages: VHDL and Verilog. The ICE40 can be programmed with the iCEcube2 Design software which supports both programming in VHDL and Verilog. See iCEcub2 2017-08 User Guide.

Open source Verilog tool chain

There is also an open source tool chain for programming the ICE40 FPGA using Verilog. To build this CMake version 3.13 or higher is needed, along some other standard packages. The tools needed are part of Yosys Open SYnthesis Suite and Project IceStorm.


For Ubuntu follow the following steps can be used to build the tool chain starting in some directory:
sudo apt-get install build-essential clang bison flex libreadline-dev \
  gawk tcl-dev libffi-dev git mercurial graphviz   \
  xdot pkg-config python python3 libftdi-dev \
  qt5-default python3-dev libboost-all-dev cmake libeigen3-dev
git clone
cd icestorm
make -j$(nproc)
sudo make install
cd ..
git clone
cd arachne-pnr
make -j$(nproc)
sudo make install
cd ..
git clone
cd nextpnr
cmake -DARCH=ice40 -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local .
make -j$(nproc)
sudo make install
git clone
cd yosys
make config-clang
make test
sudo make install
cd ..


iCE40 Programming and Configuration Chapter 13.


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