NR800 - SP2 file format

Below the description of the file format for the sp2 files produced by the Yokogawa NR800 Near Infrared Analyzer. The description below is only based on a limited set of samples and was made by comparing a set op sp2 files with csv and jdx files. The csv files seem to contain more data. The number of floats in the data is equal to the number points in data (592-595). The wave length seems not to be stored in the sp2 file. In all data files the wave length ranged from 11138.866 to 3980.370 with an equal distance between all points. The step can be calculated by dividing the difference between the start and end point with the number of points minus one.

The parse_sp2.cpp C+ program is the program that I used to parse the sp2 files. If the program fails to read your sp2 file correctly, please send me the sp2 file with the csv file, and I will try to modify the program to match your data.

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