The Immortality Game

The game you can only play once,
with everlasting effects!

The Blue Pill

This pill is filled with super advanced nanobots that will optimize the working of your body, such that you will achieve immortality. They will cure any disease before happening, remove all pain and hunger, and give you enough energy such that you won't have to eat. You will experience eternal bliss.

The Red Pill

This pill is filled with super advanced anti-nanobots that will prevent you from ever becoming infected by nanobots. You will never achieve immortality. You will suffer pain and hunger and are sure you will die one day.
Warning: May have unknown side effects.
Notice: Has no side effects.
I choose the blue pill.
I choose the red pill.

You have chosen the blue pill

Within minutes you feel full of energy and feel very relaxed. You experience a great relief when you realize that all your problems are solved and that you never have to worry again. You can eat, but you do not have to eat. You do not feel any hunger, you do not feel cold nor hot. Everything just feels very soft. The world looks beautiful. You realize that everything has changed. You sense you have become born again. You sense that this always has been your final destination, to become immortal. You experience a very deep feeling of peace. This is the best thing that has every happened to you.

After some days, you become aware that you do not have to eat. That you can be outside in the cold and not experience any cold. But why should you get out of bed, you still have more than a million days to live, more than a million years to live. Why should you move fast, you have all the time? Why do something today? Why go anywhere today? You find yourself sitting at a bench in a park, just enjoying the view. You feel so relaxed and not any desire to move. You just stay there. For an hour. For a day. For a month. For a year. You see all the people who did not swallow the blue pill, move around you at high speed. You see them grow old and disappear. And you see new ones. They begin to call you zombie. But soon you do not care. You care about nothing anymore. Things seem to appear faster and faster around you. Everything becomes boring. You have seen it all before. At one point you stop thinking. You enter eternal bliss. No thought. No mind. Nothing at all.

You have chosen the red pill

After you have swallowed the pill, nothing has changed. You still feel the same as before. Suddenly you realize you might have made a stupid choice by swallowing the red pill, because now you can never change your mind again, while just minutes ago, you still had a choice.

Soon, you think you have made the wrong choice all together, when you see so many people appear in the streets who have obviously played the game and swallowed the blue pill: the have this smile of eternal bliss on their face. You do notice that they move very slowly, that they take hours to walk through the street. You also notice that they hardly interact with anybody as if they do not need anyone.

After a few months, people begin to talk about the zombie invasion. The zombies are the people who have swallowed the blue pills. They move through the streets with no aim. Some of them stay in bed or sit before the TV not doing anything at all. Some seem to have turned into statues, sitting at a bench in the park, not moving an inch, not having any desire to move or to response. To them life does not seem to matter at all. They are the living-dead, very different from how zombies were depicted in movies, not aggresive, not hunting the living, but just being there. You are happy to have swallowed the red pill, because there have been cases of people being infected by the nanobots of the zombies, becoming immortal zombies themselves.

You also realize, that life has a meaning, because there is always this chance of dying at any moment. Your life is a constant struggle. Your life has not become easier. Relationships do not always work out, but when they do, you are filled with a deep sense of being alive. You are constantly motivated to take care of others, to have a family, to get children and look after them. You know you will die, but also that you at least have lived. And that although what you have achieved is not much and will not last long, it at least is something that ment something to another.

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