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Other people: Hackers

On this page you will find some links to private pages of people that I would qualify as hackers.

Dennis M. Ritchie

Famous for his involvement with the creation of C and Unix. His web pages have a lot on the history of these.

Paul Haas

Had one of the first hottubs and refridgerators hooked on the internet. Also has a story on CD-ROM's in the Microwave.

M. Douglas McIlroy

This man calls himself: "Engineer, mathematician, and programmer", and wrote something more than 30 years ago, which sound like it could have been written yesterday. This simply shows that my ideas on The Art of Programming are almost as old as I am myself.

Tom Van Vleck

Just read his stories on Software Engineering, and you know why it is here.

Tom Magliery

Wrote a funny C programs and Rubic Cube. Don't be so stupid to email him, but click on one of the periods to get to his home page.

John Tromp

Wrote some signature programs, such as the maze generator and the Yin-Yang logo. On Tuesday, March 4, 1997, I included an image from his home page in my online diary.

Gareth McCaughan

Patrik Lundin

Donald E. Knuth

Although this great computer scientist probably will not classify himself as a hacker, he is one of the few who all one his own produced some of the most amazing programs. Although it is theoretically impossible to write bug free programs, his programs have set the standard for what could be called "bug-free" programs. He also is a Christian.

References to him on my pages:

Richard Stallman

Kevin Mitnick

He is not the evil hacker that many thought him to be. He is very good at social engineering, a trait that not all hackers are very good at.

Laurent Demailly

A specialist on http daemons.

John Beale

Car Speed Measurement Project

Kevin D. Quitt

Alex H. Skovronek

Disassembles buggies.

Marinos "nino" Yannikos

Author of STonX.

Robert Krten

Check what he has hooked up to his computer.

James Blustein

René Wonnink

Cracked the Dutch CD-phone guide (Dutch).


Mat Hostetter

Wrote syn68k, which is the core of ARDI's Executor in about six weeks.

Matthew 'The_Nerd' Grossman

Tom Johnson

Is decoding the Timex Datalink Protocol.

Henry Baker

His home page consist of an archive of his papers, covering many areas within computer science. The titles of these papers give me the impression he is a real hacker.

Frank Barrus

His homepage bears the name Shaggy. He is doing some interesting research Dynamic Encapsulation of C++ Objects, and wrote some Shagware software, including several operating systems and a C++ parser.

Gary Capell

Author of the
Wily editor environment.

Mike Hyman

He describes himself as: part engineer, part musician, part computer nerd (real men type their HTML by hand), part computer artist, and part silly guy. (The exact proportions change daily!)

Stanley Rabinowitz

Worked with DEC, wrote some interesting papers. He also wrote a TECO macro for calculating pi.

Nathan Sidwell

Nathan holds some patents related to CPU design, and maintains the Uncle Nate's Problem Page. He also gives some evidence that he is a looney programmer. (I am convinced.)

Dave Walker

His homepage is completely devoted on the C compiler he has been working on together with Keith Walker (his brother, I presume).

John Walker

He is one of the founders of AutoDesk (?), and his pages contain a wealth of all kinds of pieces of software and texts he (?) wrote.

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