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Personal comments on: A Pattern Language

I was introduced to the book A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander on June 12, 2002. Since then, I have been reading in a random order through the book, and started to give my comments on some of the patterns. On March 22, 2022, I received a copy of the book.

A summary of the patterns and their relationships can be found here. Some parts of this book, half translated to German, can be found here.

Comments on the patterns

20. Mini-buses
21. Four-story limit
58. Carnival
62. High places
74. Animals
75. Family
83. Master and apprentices
105. South facing outdoors
107. Wings of light
118. Roof garden
127. Intimacy Gradient
130. Entrance room
128. Indoor sunlight
144. Bathing room
156. Settled work
223. Deep reveals
224. Low doorway
171. Tree places
187. Marriage bed
188. Bed alcove

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