Dune: The ghola Project

The Bene Gesserit were afraid for a new Kwisatz Haderach (HoD, p 12, 15), and even the Bene Tleilaxu knew this.

Purpose: breed with the sandrider (Sheeana)? Teg asks "You will breed them?" (HoD, p 49).

The project caused deep dispute in the BG council (HoD, p 51). Schwangyu shows active opposition (HoD, p 83). The sisterhood is not unanimous in following Taraza's design for the ghola (HoD, p 107).

"Taraza expects this child to become a redoubtable warrior when restored to his true self" and "The Idahos are reputed to have been brilliant military strategists" says Teg (HoD, p 82).

"It is what the witches of the BG seek with him" Waff lied, talking about nullifying a no-ships invisibility. (HoD, p 91).

Taraza: "Desperate attempts will be made to kill or capture our ghola before you can awaken him." (HoD, p 123). By the Bene Tleilaxu (HoD, p 190).

Ghola's bought with melange, to deplete the Sisterhood's supplies (HoD, p 124).

Schwangyu: not supposed to come close too Duncan at Taraza's orders. "She has gone too far. A pact with the Tleilaxu!" (HoD, p 181, 187).

According to Teg, Schwangyu's violent and open disobedience of a Mother Superior defied tradition. (HoD, p 209).

Odrade comes close to the design of the Ghola Project, when she is on Rakis (HoD, p 240).

(More details will follow.)