Dune: Sheeana Brugh

She is the sandrider predicted by Leto II, the Tyrant. (HoD, p 13).

How she became the sandrider

When a worm had eaten her city, because it was on top of a spice blow ("Every child knew Shaitan could not resist a spiceblow" HoD, p 67), she ran to the worm and hit it. The worm brought her to Keen. "She had been overcome by the terror of loneliness" HoD, p 69. When she screams the worm moves backwards and leaves (HoD, p 69).
She was 8 years when the worm brings her to Rakis (Keen). In the month Igat, the month of her birthday (HoD, p 65).
The Dance of Propitiation (HoD, p 71).
She did not reveal her true origins, nor what Shaitan had done to her family and neighbours (HoD, p 101).
"A desert child's nose could detect the telltale pheromones. They were afraid."

12 years: Tamalane comes to Rakis

Tamalane says: "Sheeana is the one we have long awaited". (HoD, p 112). The Bene Gesserit know her antecedents (HoD, p 116). Sheeana often talks and commands the worms (HoD, p 117). Tamalane says: "It is a familiar pattern, All goes as ordered. When do you send the ghola?" (HoD, p 119).

Tuek and Stiros discussing her

Sheeana a living reminder of Siona. (HoD, p 147-149).

14 years old

Cania provides her with records from Dar-es-Balat (HoD, p 148). (She is 14 years, because it says that she has been for six years in Rakis, HoD, p 150).
Kipuna was responsible for her physical training (HoD, p 150): Old finger flexing exercises (HoD, p151). She knows how to manipulate Tuek: silence, the why do you believe this - question. Calls for Odrade (HoD, p 153).