Dune: Miles Teg


His mother is Janet Roxbrough (a Bene Gesserit teacher) and his father is Loschy Teg (who has black hair). He has a younger brother with the name Sabine.

His oldest daughter is Dimela. He prevented her to become a Bene Gesserit (HoD, p 161).

His youth

We he was 7 years he saw Face Dancers at his home (HoD, p 75-79). Before he became 13 he was send to school at Lampadas, to become a warrior Mentat (HoD, p 80). And he became a Mentat (HoD, p 123) and is used by the Bene Gesserit (HoD, p 131).

His mother taught him much more than she was told. Taraza remarked: `A wise woman, but another heretic' (HoD, p 161). Later Taraza says to him: `You have been very clever, Miles. Much more clever than I suspected you could be. That mother of yours should have been severely punished for what she taught you.' (HoD, p 259). His mother also taught him to resist the Voice. (Teg let it flow through him (full force of Voice) and past him as his mother had taught. (HoD, p 259).)


Not only did he resemble Duke Leto in appearance, he had the that same Atreides charisma: a legendary figure even among his former enemies (HoD, p 278/9). He had the same hawk look, the crease lines and that inner thing, that certainty of moral superiority (HoD, p 277).

Time of Heretics of Dune.

He was 296 Standard Years old when Taraza (the Mother Superior) asked him for the ghola project (HoD, p 45). He became her personal Bashar and he should not trust Schwangyu (HoD, p 50).

He is more than two meters long (HoD, p 48) and resembles the first Leto Atreides, the father of Paul.

For his moral thoughts, read page 43 of HoD.

He has the Atreides ability to command the utmost devotion and loyalty, Taraza remarks (HoD, p 49).

As the first Bene Gesserit Ghola

The Miles Teg ghola was the first ghola from a BG axlotl tank. At his birth Darwi Odrade, his daughter is holding him (C:D, p 1). Odrade herself had collected cells from his neck, just before he died (C:D, p 2)