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Diary, August 1997

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Friday, August 1, 1997

Moving: day one

When I came back from bringing away Annabel, and replying some emails at the office, at about quarter to 10 in the morning, my parents already had arrived. After stuffing some additional things in the cars, we left for our new house. When we arrived there the front door was wide open. Only after about 10 minutes the previous owners arrived, and we checked the house, and left for the notarial office. There we signed the contracts and did some shopping. When we came back at our car, we found a parking ticket on the car. We totally had forgotten that we might have to pay. It was not very obvious that you had to pay. This is one of these streets where there are machines standing where you have to buy a ticket that you are supposed to put behind the window screen.

At the house my mother was busy cleaning the kitchen, and my father started to take off the wallpaper in our bedroom. I helped my father until we went home. It is a strange feeling to be working a strange house with the idea in your mind that you are going to live there the next years. (Yes, how many years?)

At home Li-Xia had prepared a typical Dutch dish: Cauliflower with boiled potatoes and some beef. After dinner all of us, except my father, went back to the new house. It was the first time for Annabel to go to the new house. I continued with removing the wallpaper and finished the longest wall, and my mother completed cleaning the living room.

Saturday, August 2, 1997

Moving: day two

Today, we almost spend the whole day at the new house. We removed the last wall paper, and then we still had to remove all the small left over bits, which turned out to be still a lot of work. But finally we finished everything. My mother continued cleaning everything.

Li-Xia and I went shopping, and while walking around in the local supermarket, I felt like being on a holiday, like the first day you are in a new place, investigating the shops and figuring out where to buy what. I hope that moving to the new house will start as a holiday.

When we came home we were all exhausted, and we all, except Li-Xia, felt asleep right after dinner. About one and half hour we continued. Together with my mother I cleaned some of the rubbish on our store room in the attic of the building, which is on the fifth floor. Some of my former roommates have more or less accidently left some belongings behind it seems.

Sunday, August 3, 1997

Moving: day three

Early in the morning, my mother left for the new house to continue cleaning. I went to church and took Annabel along. My father and
Li-Xia stayed at home.

Then in the afternoon, I drove to the new house with my father and Annabel in the car. There Diane, a lady from our church, had already arrived. She was going to help us with putting on the wall paper. But when I saw the wall paper, I noticed that it was different from the sample we had seen. The print was the same but the relief was different. Must be some mistake from the factory, as the rolls had the right number. After I had got Li-Xia, who had stayed behind to wash the curtains, we decided that we would go back to the shop tomorrow, and try to get the right paper.

So we did not any wall papering, and instead did some small things. I install our computer, which I had brought to the new house this day. Both computers worked fine, after I had reinstalled them. And then I wrote this entry. This really proves I am a real nerd: The first thing I bring to the new house is the computers.

Monday, August 4, 1997

Moving: day four

Today was all about wall paper. Earlier in the morning,
Li-Xia and I drove all around town to visit the three branches of the shop where we had bought our wall paper to see if any had the correct wall paper, but to no avail. We only found the wall paper, just like our, which had the wrong kind of relief with the correct print. We did find the wall paper with the same kind of relief and the corresponding print. We decided to stick with our original wall paper, and accept the fact that it has the wrong relief.

Diane arrived at the appointed time, and the rest of the day she spend putting on the wall paper. In the morning I gave her hand with cutting into the right kind of pieces, taking care that the patterns matched. Then around noon, after Li-Xia and I had done some shopping, we went home, and spend the whole afternoon with more packing, and cleaning up our store room downstairs. Li-Xia prepared for use a typical Chinese dinner with a bean dish, a aubergine dish, a fish dish, and a fish-stick dish (my favourite). There was plenty left for tomorrow. After the dinner my father and I went back to the new house to help Diane again, who had taken a break to go home and have dinner with her family. Meanwhile, Li-Xia continued to do some more packing at home. I am not afraid that we will not be able to finish in time, but I am becoming aware of the fact that unpacking will take a lot of time...

Tuesday, August 5, 1997

Moving: fifth day

This morning, My father and I went early to the new house to be ready in case somebody would come early. But, of course, it turned out to be completely useless. We are already waiting for almost an hour. The people who were going to lay the carpet were said to come at half past nine. They have not arrived yet. Also the new furniture, a table and a cupboard, have not been delivered yet.


The carpet people came around 11, and finished their job quite fast. We are still waiting for the delivery of the new furniture. I just phoned the delivery company. They say it could even be around seven before they come. Waiting is very frustrating.
Li-Xia and my mother are almost ready at home (the old home) with packing everything.


I just received some flowers from the faculty to congratulate me with the new house. How nice. It is now half past five, and the furniture has not arrived yet.


They finally came. Now we are going home for dinner, and return afterwards to put the cupboard together.

The cupboard

Li-Xia and I spend the whole night with putting the cupboard together. It was after eleven before we returned home.

Wednesday, August 6, 1997

Moving: day six

The big cupboard for our bed room arrived quite early. With the help of my father, it was not very difficult to put it together. We finished around one in the afternoon. My sister Gerda, and her husband and two sons arrived around noon. They brought a lawn mower, and some other utilities for the garden, which I need now I have a garden. They also brought a bed, the old bed of Rik their son, which will be the new bed for Annabel, after we have bought a new matrass. At dinner time, we bought some Chinese take-away food. In the evening we went back to the old house, and put some more things in boxes and such. Our last night in the old house.

Thursday, August 7, 1997

Moving: day seven. The big move

We woke up around seven in the morning, and immediately started with doing more packing, and removing of curtains and such. About 15 minutes after eight, the people of the moving company arrived with a big van. It took us less than three hours to get everything into the van. Then we left for the new house. Around half past three everything was inside the new house. The moving people very quickly understood that almost half of the things should go to the attic. I am afraid we will spend at least a week before all the boxes are unpacked, and the contents stored at the proper place. And of course, many things are still lost. We simply have forgotten in which box we had put them.

Tonight we will sleep in the new house for the first time. When earlier this evening, I was putting my things in my bedside, I got this feeling you sometimes have when getting ready for going to bed in your hotel room.

The weather has been nice today, maybe a little too nice. Sometimes it was a little too hot. I enjoyed sitting outside in the garden in the evening very much. The idea of being able to do this often makes me happy. It really is a big mess in the house.

Friday, August 8, 1997

Moving: day eight

Li-Xia stayed at home today unpacking the boxes. We, my parents and I, went to the old house in order to clean it. We had to remove all the old carpets, and cleaned the attic. In the afternoon I went to my office some time, and worked a little on the DBPL paper.

Saturday, August 9, 1997

Moving: day nine

We searched for a specific cupboard that would fit between the refrigerator and the wall, and which could carry our microwave. We visited several shops, and to our surprise we did find a cupboard with six little drawers.

In the evening we went to the bistro restaurant `La cuisine' here in Enschede, because we had got a discount coupon from the company that took care for our mortgage. Only when the bill came, the informed us that discount coupons are not accepted on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. This was rather a disappointment to me. Now we have to go there another time.

Wednesday, August 13, 1997

Being in love

Li-Xia, my wife, asked me to throw away some old clothes in some clothes recycle/reuse container in the shopping centre. She had put the clothes in two bags in the car. When I got out the bags, I noticed that one contained a black/red pull-over that she used to wear often after we had just met. I felt this choking feeling in my throat, and did not throuw away the bag. She should keep those clothes, no matter how old they get

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