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Diary, June 1998

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Monday, June 13, 1998

My Wife Made Me Do It!!

I hate junk mail, but sometimes I do receive something worth keeping, like the following one:

Tuesday, June 16, 1998


Lately, we have been doing some gardening, just the usual stuff of weeding and mowing the lawn. I have noticed, I do enjoy doing these simple tasks. The oldest profession, I believe, is that of gardening. Adam and Eve were gardeners. Also
Marty and Daniel in Frank Herbert's last chapter of the Dune chronicles are gardeners.

Cutting wood

Most Dutch houses have a "schuur" in the back of the garden, which like a small barn, almost like a shed. It's most common purpose is to store the bikes belonging to the family. Usually, you also find the gardening tools there, but also general tools, the garden furniture, old cans of paint, and such.

There used to be a glass window in the door of the "schuur" behind our house. But the previous owners replaced it by wood, probably because they thought that was safer. Now this piece of wood needs to be replaced because it started to rot. Also the slats along the wood needed to be replaced, and I bought some with two straight sides and one rounded side. At home I found out that they didn't fit because the angle between the pieces of wood where I need to put the slats is not straight. To make them fit, I had to cut some part off. It surprised me how much I enjoyed doing this with a simple Stanley knife and some sandpaper. It reminded me how I used to make all kinds of things from wood when I was young. Jesus was the son of a carpenter, and probably a carpenter Himself.


Friday, June 19, 1998

`Cap Nature Vanille' Shower Gel

Now we have two children, the number of times I can take a shower in the morning (and that is when I prefer to take them) are rather limited. I have to admit that the itchiness of my head, before I brush my hair, has become a major factor in deciding whether to take a shower or not. It seems I only take a shower, when I need to wash my hair.

This morning, the conditions were such, that I decided to take a shower. After having put shampoo in my hair, I looked for the familiar bottle of shower gel, but did not see it. After some searching I found a bottle of `Cap Nature Vanille' shower gel manufactured by Yves Rocher. It was very nicely styled, but I had great troubles with getting the lid off, especially with my wet hands. Not really a good design.

Tuesday, June 23, 1998

The father of Corry

Yesterday, when I biked to work, I saw a man cutting the grass around a tree with a pair of grass cutting scissors. When I drove by he looked up, and watched me. I concluded that he must have been the father of Corry who died last year on August 24 when her car drove against that tree. At the foot of the tree there are planted some flowers, and a little wooden cross with her name and her dates.

The door of our shed (Cont'd)

Last evening, to my surprise the glow of being slightly burned returned on those places where my skin has been exposed to the sun during the weekend. During the day I had not felt anything. I have spend most of the weekend working outside repairing the door of the shed behind our house. On Saturday morning I discovered that much more of the wood was rotten, then I had expected. There was a big hole left, after I had removed the rotten wood, and in the afternoon, I spend more than two hours cutting a piece of wood with a chisel to fit in the hole.


Thursday, June 25, 1998

Encouraging Bible verses

Yesterday evening,
Li-Xia read the following encouraging verses to me:

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