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Diary, September 1998

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Monday, September 21, 1998

It has been almost more than three months since my
previous entry in this online diary. Has nothing noteworthy happened in between? Not at all, but I have been too busy, to report about it. Now we are talking about it, yesterday, I saw a short item on TV about the Royal Library of the Netherlands, in which they showed the diary of a contemporary Dutchman. His diary occupied more than 3 large book cupboards.


Yesterday, when returning from church by bike, Annabel and I came along a Chestnut tree just in front of the Chinees restaurant where we often get some take-away meals. (Spare me the details.) I noted some fresh chestnuts on the ground. Reason enough to stop, and have a small chestnut collection. Finally, we picked about 30 of them. Some small, some big.

At home, I spend some time sorting out, and trying to find the most perfect chestnut. I picked the one that had the most symetric form, had a smooth and shining surface, with the most intersting pattern of lines. I remember having it put in my pocket.

This morning, when I looked at the chestnut in my pocket it's surface was neither shining nor smooth. I picked another chestnut, and brought it with me. To my surprise it slowly turned yellow starting at those places where I touched it most.


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