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Diary, January 1999

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Friday, January 15, 1999

Clock in the bathroom

LiXia bought a new clock for about 1.36 Euro, because it seemed that our Commodore radio controlled clock broke down. When she tried the clock it didn't work. She almost wanted to go back to the shop, and complain, when she discovered that the battery had been oxidide. It did work with a new battery, and so did the radio controlled clock. That ment we have a spare clock now. I made the suggestion to put it in the bathroom downstairs. So we did. I like to have a clock in the bathroom, because I do not wear a watch.

Friday, January 22, 1999

Sorting books

Annabel was off from school because the teachers were on strike. In the morning, I brought her with me to the office, where she caused a lot of trouble in my eyes, but others did not mind so much, it seemed.

After lunch time, we went to the city, and payed a visit to one of my favourite bookshops, the Slegte. At first Annabel was making noise, but after some time I did not hear her any more. When I went looking for her, I found her in the childrens department sorting out some stacks of books. (As you must know, this shop keeps most of its stock in the bookshop itself.) She seemed to be rather annoyed about the books being a mess, and she only stopped when all the books were in order.

(follow-up about the Slegte)

Claude Monet

I bought a Monet tear-off calander for Annabel's fourth birthday, because she liked it when we saw it in the Slegte bookshop. Now every day, excepts on Sundays she may tear-off one page. An excellent way to teach her about the days and the dates.

But it also made Monet into my favourite painter. I am collecting the sheets she has torn off, and order them by their Wildenstein number. Especially some of the paintings of the Waterloo Bridge, I find very facinating.

Waterloo Bridge by Claude Monet

Monday, January 24, 1999

Large numbers

Lately, I have been thinking about
BF programs which calculate numerical constants, so called, CNBF programs. After some puzzling, I found the following program, which calculates the number 2^(2058 + 2^4116). I estimate that the number of digits of this number is a number with more than 600 digits.
However, adding a simple `+' in front this program, results in a program, which generates an even far larger number. When I started thinking about expanding this program even further, a whole new horizon was opened to me with ever larger numbers, which makes my stomach shrink, each time I think about them.

Infinity, is much more than we ever could imagine ourselves.


Wednesday, January 26, 1999

Death of a chestnut

Today, the chestnut that I always carry around with me fell apart into two pieces. It is almost a year ago that I glued the two pieces together. After seeing this, I decided to no longer carry it around. The two pieces are now lying on my desk, waiting to be burried in some waste bin.

Friday, January 29, 1999

Talking with Andy on the phone

This afternoon when I phoned home,
LiXia was carrying Andy when she picked the phone. She also let me talk to him. He immediatly was looking around seeking me. So, he does recognize my voice. The reminds me about the first times I talked with Annabel on the phone.

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