World view: Deism

Deism holds with theism that God created the world but denies his supernatural intervention in it on the grounds that the world operates by natural and self-sustaining laws of the Creator. God is beyond the world, but not active in the world in a supernatural way.

Central tenets of Deism:

  1. There is a God who created the world
  2. Anti-supernaturalism: Miracles do not occur.
  3. Unitarian concept of God: denial of the orthodox doctrines of the Trinity and the deity of Christ.

Evaluation of Deism

Some positive points:
  1. Deism emphases natural revelation. God is revealed in nature.
  2. The stress on reason in matters of religious believe.
  3. Their attitude towards miracles is not without some justification.
  4. Their attack of traditional Christianity has brought fort some great defenders of Christianity.
Some negative points:
  1. Their understanding of God is incompatible with their stand against Miracles, as creating the world is the greatest possible miracle.
  2. Their concept of God is built on an invalid mechanicanistic model rather on a personal model. God is not a mere Master machine-maker, and as such there is no need for personal interaction of God with his creation.
  3. A God concerned enough to create men in the beginning should be concerned enough to intervene if they fall into grave difficulties.
  4. The deistic arguments intended to eliminate the basis for believe in a supernational revelation apply equally well to elimination of the deistic believe in creation.
  5. The deistic criticism of the trustworthiness of the Biblical documents and writers is definitely lacking.


Exposition of Deism: Evaluation of Deism:

Based on Chapter 9 of Christian Apologetics, by Norman L. Geisler.

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