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In the past years, I have become a sceptic strongly doubting the existance of a super natural reality. This means that I no longer subscribe the contents of this page.

For those who know God, no proof is necessary;
For those who reject God, no proof is enough.

Does God exist?

Some say it is impossible to prove God's existence. But if that is true, how do they know this? Are there any proofs that prove it is impossible to prove God's existence.

World views

Our first question should be: What do we mean if we say `God' (or `god'). For some `God' is an idea (invented by man), for others a force and for some a Being. People place it inside themselves, consider it equal with the known universe or say He (or She) exist independent and out-side the universe.

The different ideas about God are related to ones world view. All the possible world-views can be divided into the following:

Some also add Agnosticism as a world-view, but strictly speaking it is not a particular world view, but stating that one does not (or cannot) know what is the correct world-view. Of course there are also views that state it is not important to know what is the right world view.

Each world view also gives an answer to the questions:

What do I mean with `God'?

Before you can start giving any arguments or proofs about some statement, one should first define the statement as clear as possible. So here comes a first definition of God

Theistic defences


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