XP stands for eXtreme Programming. Although the name suggest that it is a way of writing programs, it is actually the name of a light weight development method.

I first heard about it on August 25, 1999 when I read about the announcment of the book eXtreme Programming: Embrace Change" written by Kent Beck. I was enthousiastic about it from the start, and decided to start working on Dutch article describing it. On September 1, 2000, Arno Harteveld, Roland Hartman, and I got an article published in the Dutch weekly "Automatisering Gids". On September 19, 2000, I attended the first Dutch XP meeting held in Utrecht.

More about XP can be found on www.xprogramming.com and www.extremeprogramming.org. For an evalutation see here.

February 1, 2001: It seems that even Microsoft has embraced XP, because there are rumours that there next Windows version will be called Windows XP.

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Working with XP

So far, I don't have any hands-on experience with XP, but I very much would like to try it out. It is my five year goal to become a XP Guru.

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