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Diary, March 2002

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Friday, March 1, 2002


Around a quarter to two we are all shocked by a loud bang in our room. Within seconds we realize it is the green balloon on the door that has exploded. It was put there by the only persons who was not sitting behind his desk. Why did the balloon suddenly explode. (This question can be raised for building which suddenly collapse as well. Immediately this video taken at the Jewish wedding comes to my mind.) The explosion of the ballon (and likewise, each collaps) must have started with one single atomic bond being broken or weakend.

Tuesday, March 5, 2002

First Joke

This morning, I heard that Andy was already awake. I walked into his half dark room and while pointing at him, asked him "Who is there?".
"Annabel", he answered.
"No, you are not Annabel. Who are you?".
"No, you are not Mommy. Tell me, who are you?"
"No, you are not Daddy. I am Daddy. Who are you?"
"Andy" he said with a smile.

Apparently, the fact that he cannot speak very well, doesn't mean he cannot make jokes. He has discovered now that he can play a game by giving the wrong answer to a question. After I switched on, he didn't want to repeat it. May be he also understood, that I the dark somebody can be more easily mistaken abou someones identity in the light.

One of the problems with mental handicaps is that they are not uniform with respect to all aspects of development. Often the mental handicaps are most strong in certain areas. This makes it even more difficult for them. Andy often gets frustrated because he is not able to express his thoughts, especially when he wants something.

Hun Tun

Today, it is ten years ago that Li-Xia arrived in the Netherlands. She did not know anybody when she arrived on Schiphol (our national airport). Someone from the Unversity of Twente came to pick her up. She had remarked that she would recognize her because she probably would be the only Chinese on the plane from Los Angelos. But when Li-Xia landed there was also a plane from Taiwan, and it happend that when she walked out of the gate she was surrounded by Chinese. Luckily, the lady had made a sign. It was a very windy day that day. To celebrate this anniversity, she made Hun Tun for dinner.

Wednesday, March 6, 2002


When computer science students learn to program, they are encouraged to comment their code, but some how most professional software engineers do not add much comment. In the book "Code Complete" their is a whole chapter about how to write comments in source code. The material found in this book is usually not taught at universities and colleges. Yet, there are others, who consider comments as sign of bad code. They argue that code should be readable without comments, and if it is not this means that there is something wrong. Because most software engineers have never learned how to write comments, the comments you find are usually the indication that there is something strang happening. Today, I came across the comment "ResValue can be used to allocate copy value for parameters or something like that" behind a member variable of a structure. And immediately, I got some creepy feeling. Apparently, it was put in by some programmer, with the idea that it might be usefull in the future. I did a complete search over the code to check if it ever was used. I found it was always initialized to NULL, except in two places. There I read a comment like "Temp workaround for problems in editable list". This made me laugh!! The member that was put in their by the idea that it might be handy in the future, was never used, except to implement a work-around for a problem that should have been implemented in a different way in the first place.

Saturday, March 9, 2002

Van Gogh

Today, I bought the book Van Gogh Portfolio published by Taschen, ISBN 3-8228-1419-9 from book shop De Slegte in Enschede. (Before me someone bought the last copy of a book about a Dutch painter whoes work resembles that of Monet. I often considered to buy this book as well. It seems I am too late now.) The book contains fourteen mini-poster sized reproductions of Van Gogh's paintings, including Thatched Cottage in Cordeville, which I did use as a wall paper image on my computer a long time ago. This painting is mentioned in the sixth book of the original Dune series.

(follow-up on Dutch "Monet")

Wednesday, March 13, 2002


Today, the company I work with is (going) bankrupt. The court of Almelo made the following announcement:

F/69/02 Telic Holding BV, Kvknr.: 27184205,
F/70/02 Telic Logistic International BV, Kvknr.: 06079827,
F/71/02 Telic Accounting International BV, Kvknr.: 06079828, alle statutair gevestigd te Enschede en kantoorhoudende te 7556 BN Hengelo (O), Demmersweg 41. Curator: mr. W.H.J.M. Haafkes, postbus 171, 7550 AD Hengelo (O), tel.: 074-2421832.

Note that one of the four Telic companies is missing due to the technicality that it can only be declared bankrupt by the court of Zupthen.


Friday, March 15, 2002

Hope for continuation

Today, a short news paper article with the title "Hoop voor failliet Telic in Hengelo" (Hope for bankrupt Telic in Hengelo) appeared in the local news paper called Twentsche Courant Tubantia. In this a debt of at least €2.8 million is mentioned, and that we will not immediately be fired because the trustee (official receiver) first wants to go for a continuation. We as employees had not yet been informed that we were not going to be fired immediately. The article also states that the case is rather complicated because their is a dispute about who owns the intellectual rights of the software.


God is here!

This evening, I received an email with the subject God is here!. I thought it a very interesting message. Although most of it sounds very familiar, I still felt encouraged by it. I only do not understand the blue background.


Same sex marriage

Today, it was announced that the commision Equal Treatment has declared that civil servants are allowed to refuse to marry couples of the same sex in case they have conscientious objections. They also declared that the city of Leeuwaarden did wrong by firing one of its civil servants that had objections. Cities are even not allowed to reject candidates for civil services on the ground that they do not want to marry same sex couples.


Saturday, March 16, 2002

Problems with our CD recorder

Last week, we discovered that many of the audio CD's we recorded in the past months, had errors. (We only made copies of Bible studies, not of any popular music.) Today, I decided to bring the Iomega CD recorder, which we bought with our ester computer, back to the shop. They told me that they could not do anything for me, because it was just over a year ago that I took the computer home. When I went to another shop to see if they had a good CD recorder to replace it, the owner told me that I could try to download new firmware for the CD recorder. That is what I did, and did not encounter any problems anymore when burning audio CD with tracks from the harddisk.

(Later, I realized that some of the problems might have been caused by the fact both the CD recorder as the CD-ROM drive are on the same IDE cable. That may lead to errors when you use them both during burning a CD.)

Sunday, March 17, 2002

God is Here (cont'd)

This evening, I received a reply to a little thank-you note to the messages that I received last Friday. Apparently, Mrs. Angelcille (I do not know why, but somehow, I think that the person behind this is a lady) likes to stay in her role as messenger of God. At least she is not perfect as God would be, because my name is not Melisse. But nevertheless, I do believe that God can speak to us by means of others. That is the one reason why I felt encouraged in the first place.

Monday, March 18, 2002

God is Here (cont'd)

This evening, I received another email from Mrs. Angelcille after I send a short email to her (him?). This time, I got a reply with all kind of nonsense. According to the message, God is one who: What should I think of this? How can I feel encouraged just two days ago by a messages that was written by what now appears to be some kind of fool that likes to make fun of people.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002


This afternoon, the trustee came to inform us about the situation of our employer after it was declared bankrupt last week. He also explained us about the procedure with respect to a possible continuation. But the most important thing for us was that he told us that he would fire us, and that we could stop working. We are not immediately unemployed, because the cancel periode of something between one month and six weeks needs to be observed. Nevertheless, we will have to start applying for a new job, otherwise we will not get out unemployment payment.

Thursday, March 21, 2002

Official letter

Today, I received the official letter stating that I have been fired because of the bankruptcy of Telic. It also included the statement that the last Telic company also had been declared bankrupt. See the following excerpt from the announcement of the court of Zuthpen:

F 02/62
statutair gevestigd te Beek, gemeente Bergh
gevestigd te Hengelosestraat 531-533, 7521 AG Enschede
Rechter-commissaris mr. K.J. Haarhuis
Curator mr. W.H.J.M. Haafkes, Enschedesestraat 60, 7551 EN Hengelo, telnr. 074-2421832

Sunday, March 24, 2002


This afternoon, we were doing some cleaning in the backgarden, when Annabel found some of chestnuts we put in the ground there last September. One of them had a root of at least 10 cm (4 inches) going right into the earth. We decided to put four chestnuts in a pot and bring it inside.


Winnie the Pooh

Tonight, Annabel finished reading the Dutch translation of the original Winnie the Pooh book. I am rather proud of this achievement. I told her that she should read it again next year. To her why question I answered that she would understand much more of it. Then she replies that she already understood every word of it.

Saturday, March 30, 2002

Company taken over by Jansen Holding B.V.

Today, I had to read in the local newspaper, that Jansen Holding B.V. has taken over the company and will continue the business with 15 of the 32 employees. I wonder whether I belong to the 15, as so far, I haven't heard anything from this.

The article also mentioned that the sixteen of the customers had approached the trustree for a continuation. The trustee choose for Jansen Holding B.V. because it was still expecting €2.9 million from Telic and was given the software as security (as a pledge).

The third continuation candidate (which was not mentioned in the article) was the company that took over our company at the beginning of this year. My prediction that Jansen Holding B.V. would do the continuation appearently has become true.


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