In the past years, I have become a sceptic strongly doubting the existance of a super natural reality. This means that I no longer subscribe the contents of this page.

My final words . . .

The sudden death of one of my nephews in the summer of '95, made me realize that life can end at any moment. My nephew of just three years old was drowned within a few minutes. His body was only found half an hour later.

Although we do not think about death all the time, each second of our life could be the last one. Nobody can guarantee us that we will still be alive tomorrow.

In the light of this reality, there are some things that I would like to say to you, before one of us dies. If only 5 minutes would remain us, then these are the things that I would like to say to you. That is why I call them: `My final words'.

God loves you

The most important thing that I have discovered is that God loves us, and that He is actively seeking our hearts. He is a perfect Father, who is sensitive to our needs, who always listens to us, and looks at us, as a father looks at his child. He is always patient, and forgiving. If we come to Him, His arms are wide open to receive us, to embrace us, to comfort us, and to provide shelter for us.

God looks for you

I am convinced that God looks for you, that He seeks you. But you might be asking yourself, if God loves me and seeks me, why do I not see Him?

The answer to this is:

There is a separation

Instead of seeking God, and giving glory to Him, we all have been seeking ourself, and try to find glory (honour and love) for ourselves. A very well known verse says: This verse both mentions God's love (for which it uses a special Greek word for unconditional love), and it mentions the possibility of us to perish. Because of our decision to follow our own way, we are separated from God, and will perish, if we do not return to God.

Seek God!

If you do not already know God, as a child knows it's father, I plead you to honestly seek God, in order that you may find peace and fulfilment in your life.

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Disclaimer: I do respect you, no matter what your viewpoints are, and I hope you understand that I did not write this with the intention to offend you