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Diary, August 2000

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Tuesday, August 1, 2000

Spooky weather

I visited my parents and had a good talk with them. The weather had been quite warm the whole day compared to the past weeks. It spelled thunder. So it came to no surprise that there indeed came some thunder storm when the evening set in. When I left around eleven in the evening it was still raining. The combination of streaks of vapour ascending from the road, and distant lightning gave me a spooking feeling. The whole way home (a little more than one hour driving) it continued raining, and I saw lightning all the time. There were even some places where there was some real fog. A strange combination: thunder storms and fog.

Tuesday, August 8, 2000

Annabel playing Go on the computer

Finally, I have got
Annabel so far that she will play Go against the Go program I have on our computer. She plays against it at the lowest level, but she manages the win almost everytime. Of course, I explained her about the "revert" button, so she can revert whenever she makes a stupid move, which is actually one of the best ways to learn to play the game better.


Saturday, August 12, 2000


When we said goodbey to our guests this evening,
Annabel and I saw a meteorite. For her it was the first she saw. She kept on asking me what happened after it was gone. I told her that it was simply burned up. But she seems not to understand this.

As far as I can remember this is the fourth meteorite that I have seen. The first I saw was in Ocean City in 1985. The second I saw together with Li-Xia on the Campus of the University of Twente while bringing her to her dorm. The third time was when I was standing near our shed in the back garden.


Wednesday, August 16, 2000

Wandering around (in my mind)

While I brushed my teeth yesterday evening, I got a "
Random Memory" recall about biking from Woerden to Vleuten during the early seventies. This made me wander around to many places in and arround Woerden, including my high-school and homes of friends. There is such an ocean of memories in our brain of the places where we have been. I often wonder how it is possible that our brain remembers all these things, while it is a living organism that changes day by day.

Friday, August 25, 2000

Planting the chestnut tree

Today, we decided to plant our small chestnut tree in our front garden. So, I dug a hole, filled it with planting earth, put the small tree in it, and put back all the earth. I did remove the now hollow chestnut from which the small tree grew. Annabel gave it a lot of water. We also seeded some Myosotis Alpestric, which we got for free from the Internationale stichting Alzheimer onderzoek some time ago. I do not have high expectations of what will become of these seeds.

(Read below to read what happened)

Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Autumn is coming

Today, when I wanted to water the
chestnut tree we planted last Friday, Li-Xia looked outside, and remarked that the leaves had already turned yellow. When I came outside, I noticed that she was right. The ground was still wet from yesterdays rain. The yellowing was also more of the type that you would expect in the autumn to appear before the leaves fall off. The plant (because you can hardly call it a tree) must have thought that winter is coming, not used to the cold temperatures because it always had been inside. Now, I am no longer sure it will survive even the winter. But if it does, it will surely grow into a large tree!


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