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December 3, 2018
I was born on the first of November 1961 in a small town called `De Bilt', in the Netherlands. `De Bilt' is known for the KNMI: The Royal Dutch Meterological Institute.

After 4 years we moved to Woerden, where I attended primary and secondary education. For my primary education, I went one year to the R.C. "Pius X" school, four years to the "De Kring" school, a R.C. "Jena plan" school, and finally one year to a public school, the Casemier school. For my secondary education, I attended the F.A.Minkema school, which is now part of the Minkema College. It was while I went to this school, that I had a 'transcendental' experience that caused me to become a devoted christian. In my last years in Woerden, I often visited a bar nick named "Arie thuis".

In 1981, I moved to Enschede (map) to study computer science at the University of Twente. During that time, I also joined a small evangelical church called Evangelische Gemeente Enschede, which became my home church (until 2012 when I moved towards physicalism). I graduated in 1986, and remained at the university, continueing the work which I started for my master thesis. (This work contributed to Slade.) For six years I lived at Calslaan 7-1 on the campus. In 1990, I joined a small company called Seki in Enschede, which is now known as Dijkoraad IT.

On October 6, 1993, I got married with Lin Li Xia. We went to Hong Kong and Urumqi, China on our honeymoon.

In the summer of 1994, I started working with the ESPRIT TransCoop project at the University of Twente. On October 14, 1994, Annabel, our daughter was born in Enschede.

On Monday, February 20, 1995, I wrote the first entry of my online diary.

I started working as a software engineer at a company. On October 7, 1997, Andy, our son was born.

On fools day 1999, I started working with another company in Almelo. The last day I worked there was July 5, 2001.

On July 9, 2001, the first day of the summer-holidays, I started working with a company in Enschede. On December 21, 2001, the first day of the winter, it was taken over by another company. Officially the take over took place on January 1, 2002. It was on February 7, 2002 we moved from our office in Enschede into the office in Hengelo. On March 13, 2002 the company went bankrupt, and on March 19 we were fired by the trustee ("curator"). On April 6, we were informed by some compnay that they bought the product and the rights from the trustee. On April 11 a goodbey party was held. On May 8, 2002 the news came that the customers do not want to continue with the party that took over the software rights. (On August 16, 2002, news came that the mother company itself also had applied for bankruptcy. On August 22, it was announced that part of the business is continued by another company. But it seems that this company is now gone as well.)

On May 15, I started working with a new company, which at that time was located in the KCT building (now officially renamed into "Citadel") at the Campus of the University of Twente. From January 3, 2005, we started working in a new office. On January 2, 2012, we moved to new offices again.

On October 1, 2018, I started working with a new company, which is located in Hengelo.

On October 10, 2018, Li-Xia died and my first marriage came to and end after 25 years and four days.

On October 1, 2019, I started working with a new company, which is located in Enschede..

On August 3, 2021, I got married to Conny in the city of Harderwijk.

On March 29, 2024, I decided to quit my job.

VIAF: 280479478. ISNI: 0000 0003 8755 5991.

Personal information

For a more personal introduction read my page "I write, therefore I am".

Pictures of me

Pictures taken by me

Trips and conferences

Below an incomplete list of trips I made and conferences I attended.

Summer of 1967: Ameland

Summer of 1968: Zeeland

Summer of 1970: Berdorf, Luxemburg

We also visited Echternacht and Viande.


We stay with a friend of my mother for some days. This husband of this friend was blind. We looked around in Alkmaar and went to the beach. They lived close to a railway crossing. At first we were very exited about this, but after a few days we did not even hear the bells anymore.

1972/73 to Hulsthorst: 5th grade school camp

Summer of 1973 to Texel: Scout camp

1973/74: 6th grade school camp

April 2-3, 1976 to Austerlitz: Scout camp

August 28, 1976 to Amsterdam: Firato

March 31, 1977 to The Hague: School trip

September 26-31, 1977 to Aardenburg: High school camp

We stayed at the "van Eegenhuis". On September 28 we made a trip to Brugge in Belgium. Diary notes (in Dutch!).

7 januari 1978 naar Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Museum

In the Stedelijk Museum, I saw the drawing turtle from Harold Cohen, but it did not work. Diary notes (in Dutch!). On December 23, 2014, I acquired the catalogue of the exhibition.

February 22, 1978 to Eindhoven: the Evoluon

Visiting the science museum with school. Diary notes (in Dutch!).

April 12, 1978 to Amsterdam: Stedelijk Museum

With school we had an excursion to the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. We arrive around a quarter past one in the afternoon and stayed till three o'clock. At four o'clock we were back at school. Diary notes (in Dutch!).

April 29, 1978 to Amsterdam

I went to visit a Edward Waker, a friend in Amsterdam. In the evening we drove around Amsterdam with a small motor bike. We went into some disco, went to a peep show near Rembrandtplein and saw a late night movie.

July 6 - August 3, 1978 to Eastbourne, Great Britain: Attending language course

I stayed with the family McKeoun in Langney, Eastbourne, Sussex. (
Diary notes in Dutch.) On July 15 (Dutch), we went to London as a group for the first time. On July 21 (Dutch), I went there by myself in the afternoon, and went to Dillons where I bought two books, one being LISP 1.5 Programmer's Manual. On July 22, we went to Beachy Head and Brighton. On July 29 (Dutch), we again go to London as a group. I go to Folyes and in Harrols I buy some games. We go to the Elvis musical. On July 31, we go to Hastings by train. It is raining.

August 24, 1978 to Amsterdam: 4th World Congress of Cybernetics and Systems

This conference was held from August 22-25. I attended this conference only on August 24 (Dutch).

September 2 and 8, 1978 to Amsterdam: Firato

I went to the Firato, a national electronics fair twice. One time by myself (Dutch), and one time with school (Dutch).

October 12, 1978 to Leiden: University

Henk Koppelaar took me to a Colloquium (Dutch) at the biology department of the University of Leiden.

October 27-28, 1978 to Elst

Diary (Dutch)

February 17, 1979 to Utrecht: "Techniek en Vrije Tijds" fair

May 24, 1979 to Amsterdam: MayDay

It was here that I
became a christian.

July 6 - August 5, 1979 to Watford, Great Britain

I stayed at the YMCA in Watford near London for four weeks. I traveled together with a cousin, but he also went some weeks to Ierland to visit someone over there. It was here that I for the first started to time read through
Lord of the Rings. Diary notes (in Dutch!).

November 19-23, 1979 to Oegstgeest: High school camp

Oegstgeest is a small village close to Leiden. We went there from Woerden by bike. The camp was help in a small castle and its carriage house ("Koetshuis"), called Oud Poelgeest (roughly translated as old swam ghost). Diary notes (in Dutch!).

December 27-31?, 1979 to Gorichem: YfC Conference: Samensmeden

July 5-12, 1980 to Giethoorn: "Youth for Christ" camp

Diary notes (in Dutch!).

July 14-20, 1980 to Watford

Went there with the ferry from Hoek van Holland to Harwich (return ticket costed Dfl 132), and from Harwich by train to London (one way ticket costed 4.80 Pound). Diary notes (in Dutch!).

August 12-17, 1980 to Kamperland: YfC Music festival

October 31 - November 2, 1980 to Elst

Juli 17-24, 1983 to Soest: Christian children camp

July 28 - August 7, 1983 to Antwerp: YfC outreach

June 8-11, 1984 to Vierhouten: Pentacost conference

July 14-27, 1984 to Soest: Christian children camps

February 15-17, 1985 to Belgium near Brussels: Visit parents of friend

May 1 - August 29, 1985 to Ocean City, NJ, USA: Joining Summer Project

For almost three months I attended the Ocean City Summer Project organized by Campus Crusade for Christ (CCfC). (
Map from Google map.) I went along with two other persons from the CCfC group in Enschede, namely, Jenny Dunachie and Hélène Gootjes. Both times, I flew together only with Hélène.

July 13 - August 3, 1986 to Amsterdam: Summer of Service

This S.O.S. was led by Paul Wilcox.

October 21-26, 1986 to Belgium near Brussels

Went there with a group of students.

December 1986 to Utrecht: Mission '87

July 25-31, 1987 to Dalfsen: European All-staff Conference

November 4-22, 1987 to Chicago and Fallbrook CA, USA: visiting friends

I made
six flights during this trip. During my stay in Fallbrook, I finished reading the Narnia Chronicals by C.S. Lewis. I also swimmed in a pool and visited Arrowhead Springs. (Maps from Google maps.)

December 28-31, 1987 to Zeist: Chrismas conference

July 6-17, 1988 to Amsterdam: Summer of Service

It was also during this summer that I met with David Yao.

July 2-16, 1989 to Amsterdam: Summer of Service

July 31 - August 4, 1989 to Maredsous, Belgium

August 12-25, 1989 to Horsleys Green, High Wycombe, Great Brittain: attending Wycliff Probe course

After this week, I spend some days with friends in Shrewsbury and Birmingham as well. On August 29, I was home again.

July 15-26, 1990 to Birmingham: visiting friends

I traveled to London from Utrecht Eurolines (142), leaving around 19:45. I did not sleep the whole night, and the next morning I took a coach from Victoria coach station to Birmingham. On July 26 around 19:00, I left from London.

December 21-28, 1991 with my family to Lechashau, Reutte, Austria

We celebrated Christmas, and my father's 65th birthday. On the 27, my father and I visited Neuswanstein

July 5-13, 1992 to Birmingham and Llandudno

October 10 - November 15, 1993 to Hong Kong, Urumqi, and Beijing: Honeymoon

March 29-31, 1994 to Geneva: AutoCAD developers conference

flew there with KLM and back with Swiss Air, and stayed for two nights in the Mövenpick Hotel Genève in room A717/1. On March 30 we had the conference dinner in the Cafétéria du Musée Olympique.

February 9-11, 1995 to Kuusamo, Finland: General Transcoop meeting

The first general TransCoop project meeting outside the Netherlands that I attended. We stayed in Sokos Hotel Kuusamo. This is the most North place I ever visited, about 100 km South for the polar circle. The average temperature was 20 degrees Celsius below zero. But because the air was also very dry, it did not feel much like this. One evening we smoked sausages above a fire inside a large wig-wam outdoors. During this trip I made four flights.

April 6-8, 1995 to Paris

June 27-30, 1995 to Stuttgart: FAIM'95 conference

Early in the morning at 8:55, I left from Enschede, and arrived in Stuttgart arround 15:06, taking the trains EC3 and ICE795 from Manheim to Stuttgart. I stayed for three nights in the Ruff Hotel. On June 30, I left at 13:50 from Stuttgart using the ICE592 and EC2. I finally arrived in Enschede around 22:53. During this trip, I read
Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis for the first time.

June 21, 1995 to Darmstadt: Transcoop PMG meeting

August 29-30, 1995 to Darmstadt: Transcoop WP4.6 meeting

We drove there by car and stayed for two nights.

March 21, 1996: Third Dutch Specification Day

With talks by Leslie Lamport and Muffy Thomas.

February 19-20, 1996 to Darmstadt: General Transcoop meeting

Going there gave rise to the socks riddle.

May 23-26, 1996 to Helsinki, Finland: General Transcoop meeting

I went there together with Susan Even. We first drove to Dusseldorf from which we flew to Helsinki. The first night Susan and I stayed in the Sokos Hotel Vantaa outside Helsinki because some mistake was made with our reservations. We were brought there by taxi. Because of this, we had a late dinner. The next morning we both woke up very early, because it was already light outside. The rest of our stay, we stayed together with some of the others of the project in Sokos Hotel Troni. I stayed in room 427.

July 27 - August 25, 1996 to Urumqi

I flew there together with Li-Xia and Annabel.

December 15-17, 1996 to Darmstadt: General Transcoop meeting

At 14:33, I left from Enschede, using the trains 7254, D3657, EC149, and IC619, I arrived at Darmstadt Hbf around 20:31. I stayed for three nights in the Parkhause hotel, room 103.

May 11-13, 1997 to Darmstadt: TransCoop software integration meeting

I travelled there together with Susan Even. We stayed at Hotel Wienmichel where we had our dinner the first night. The second night we had dinner at San Remo Pizzeria Eiscafe.

May 25-27, 1997 to Darmstadt: TransCoop meeting

At 14:33 I left from Enschede and using the trains 7254, D3657, EC149, and IC619 I arrived in Darmstadt Hbf about two hour delayed. The second night, I had dinner at San Remo Pizzeria. Afterwards I had a good night at a Bier Gärten, and we stayed at Jürgen's place at little too long. On the way back, I missed the Rembrandt train, and was delayed again for some two hours.

June 2-6, 1997 to Darmstadt: TransCoop Workshop

I travelled there together with Susan Even. At 14:44, we left from Hengelo and arrived in Darmstadt Hbf arround 20:15. Trains I used were EC149, IC625 and SE6345. We stayed in Hotel Weinmichel, and on the first night we had dinner there. The second night we had dinner together with our Finnish colleagues at San Remo Pizzeria Eiscafe. The third night we ordered pizza Hawaii. On the way back, I travelled by car with Peter Apers.

August 16-21, 1997 to Estes Park, Colorado: DBPL workshop

I attended this workshop together with
Rolf de By and David Spelt. We all flew on different flights. I flew over Minneapolis/St. Paul. The first night we stayed in the Loews Giorgio Hotel, 4150 East Mississippi Avenue in Denver. I stayed in room 502. The next day I joined Rolf and David on a birding trip which brought us to Estes Park while going through Boulder and Hygiene (a small village west of Longmont, on 75th street, just above St. Vrain Creek). The highlight of the day was a full grown golden eagle soaring overhead. The rest of our time we stayed in the Aspen Lodge, 6120 Highway 7, Long's Peak Route, Estes Parks (map). Aspen Lodge is Colorado's largest log structure. From our condo we had a beautiful view of Longs Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park.

January 20-21, 2000: SACT 2000

I attended the Software Architectures and Component Technology symposium held at the University of Twente

October 12, 2000 to Utrecht: "Het instrument"

November 24-27, 2000 to Heijen: CenterParcs "Het Heijderbos"

August 10-13, 2001 to Heijen: CenterParcs "Het Heiderbos"

February 15-18, 2002 to Heijen: CenterParcs "Het Heiderbos"

October 10-13, 2003 to CenterParcs "De Eemhof"

July 24-August 17, 2006 to China

February 26-29, 2007 to Maastricht: Van der Valk Hotel

March 8-11, 2007 to Zandvoort: EYGC 2007

April 30 - May 2, 2007 to Maastricht: Van der Valk Hotel

August 16-22, 2008 to Texel: Summer Go camp

May 13-15, 2010 to Barcelona

July 12-29, 2010 to China

December 27-31, 2010 to Overasselt: Winter Go camp

August 13-17, 2011 to Lunteren: Summer Go camp

August 17 & 18, 2013 to Lunteren: Summer Go camp

December 27-30, 2013 to Overasselt: Winter Go camp

December 27-29, 2014 to Overasselt: Winter Go camp

June 13 & 14, 2015 to Antwerp

August 20-25, 2016 to Lunteren: Summer Go camp

June 9-10, 2017 to Giethoorn: Eilandenweekend

August 4-8, 2017 to Zeewolde: SHA2017

August 17-19, 2019 to Lunteren: Summer Go camp

October 3 & 4, 2019 to Dalphsen: Hotel Mooirivier

December 30, 2020 - January 2, 2021 to Manderveen

April 2-5, 2021 to Voorthuizen

July 8 & 9, 2021 to The Hague

August 1-7, 2021 to Hulshorst: Wedding and honeymoon

November 18-19, 2021 to Frankfurt am Main: Formnext 2021

May 14-20, 2022 to Pannerden

July 3-6, 2022 to The Hague

July 22-24, 2022 to Zeewolde: MCH2022

January 16 & 17, 2023 to Rijssen: Hotel Fletcher

May 21-27, 2023 to Groesbeek

July 3-6, 2023 to The Hague

April 9-11, 2024 to Rotterdam

Flights I took

Below the list of all flights I took.
  1. May 31, 1985: Schiphol (Amsterdam) - JFK (New York) flight CI11 with China Airlines in a Boeing 747 departure time 16:45 seat 25D.
  2. August 29, 1985: JFK - Schiphol with China Airlines in a Boeing 747 departure time 23:45 seat 31B.

  3. November 4, 1987: Schiphol - Frankfurt flight LH1695 with Lufthansa 10:50 to 11:55 seat 9A.
  4. November 4, 1987: Frankfurt - O'Hara (Chicago) flight LH430 with Lufthansa 13:00 to 15:20 seat 38C.
  5. November 13, 1987: Chicago - Kansas City.
  6. November 13, 1987: Kansas City - San Diego.
  7. November 22, 1987: Los Angelos - Frankfurt flight LH451 with Lufthansa 15:30 to 11:20.
  8. November 23, 1987: Frankfurt - Schiphol flight LH1694 with Lufthansa 13:15 to 14:20.

  9. October 9, 1993: Schiphol - Kopenhagen flight SK552B with SAS in a DC-9-41, the Sote Viking, seat 14A.
  10. October 9, 1993: Kopenhagen - Hong Kong flight SK991 with SAS in a Boeing 767, the Gyda Viking, LN-RCD, seat 25G
  11. October 15, 1993: Canton - Urumqi, Xinjiang flight XO9302 with Xinjiang Airlines in a Il-86. Departure time 14:15. Take-off at 17:24, more than three hours delayed.
  12. November 6, 1993: Urumqi - Beijing flight XO9101 with Xinjiang Airlines in a TY-154m, the RA-85716. Departure time 9:15. Take-off at 9:41.
  13. November 16, 1993: Beijing - Kopenhagen flight SK996 with SAS in a Boeing 646, identification number SE-DOC, seat 23D.
  14. November 16, 1993: Kopenhagen - Schiphol with SAS in the Ottar Viking, SE-DFY.

  15. March 29, 1994: Schiphol - Geneva flight KL295 with KLM in a 737, the Jacob Roggeveen departure time 9:35 seat 20F.
  16. March 31, 1994: Geneva - Schiphol flight SR794 with Swiss Air in a Fokker-100 departure time 18:40.

  17. February 8, 1995: Schiphol - Helsinki flight AY842 with Finnair 13:00 to 17:10 seat 10A.
  18. February 8, 1995: Helsinki - Kuusamo flight AY488 with Finnair 18:40 to 19:55.
  19. February 12, 1995: Kuusamo - Helsinki flight AY485 with Finnair 12:15 to 13:25.
  20. February 12, 1995: Helsinki - Schiphol flight AY845 with Finnair 16:20 to 17:55 seat 16D.

  21. May 23, 1996: Dusseldorf - Helsinki flight LH3018 with Lufthansa 9:10 to 12:35 seat 11E in the Heppenheim\Bergstrasse a Boeing 737-500.
  22. May 26, 1996: Helsinki - Dusseldorf flight AY907 with Finnair 8:30 to 9:55 seat 24A.

  23. July 27, 1996: Schiphol - Beijing flight KL897 with KLM 16:00 to 07:15 seats 2K in the City of Parimaribo, a Boeing 747-400. Take-off was at 16:17.
  24. July 28, 1996: Beijing - Urumqi flight XO9102 with Xinjiang Airlines in a Li-86, B-2018. Departure time 14:40. Take-off was at 18:15, a little more than three hours delayed. Touch-down was around 22:00.
  25. August 19, 1996: Urumqi - Beijing flight XO9101 with Xinjiang Airlines in a Li-86, B-2019, seat 39E or 39F. Departure time 10:05. Take-off at 10:15, touch-down at 13:21.
  26. August 25, 1996: Beijing - Schiphol flight KL898 with KLM 9:35 to 13:40 seat 28E in the City of Parimaribo, a Boeing 747-400. Take-off at 10:20. The Pilot's name was J. de Boer (if I read the signature correctly).

  27. August 16, 1997: Schiphol - Minneapolis flight KL665 with KLM 11:05 to 12:55 seat 43A in the Sir Frank Whittle, HP-BUU, a Boeing 747. Take-off at 11:25
  28. August 16, 1997: Minneapolis - Denver flight KL8563 with KLM 16:40 to 17:48 seat 12A in a Boeing 727-200 with identification number N285US.
  29. August 21, 1997: Denver - Minneapolis flight NW56 with NorthWest Airlines 17:45 to 20:43 seat 22D in a Boeing 727 with identification number N298US.
  30. August 21, 1997: Minneapolis - Schiphol flight NW56 with NortWest Airlines 21:35 to 12:20 seat 33H in a DC-10.

  31. July 24, 2006: Schiphol - Beijing flight KL897 with KLM 17:10 to 08:35 seat 39C in the city of Karachi PH-BFK, a Boeing 747-406M. Take-off at 17:41, touch-down at 10:25.
  32. July 25, 2006: Beijing - Urumqi flight HU7145 with Hainan Airlines 13:40 to 17:45 seat 20D in the B-5139, a Boeing 737-84P. Take-off at 14:20, touch-down at 18:18.
  33. August 12, 2006: Urumqi - Beijing flight HU7246 with Hainan Airlines 12:50 to 16:15 seat 14A in the B-2492, a Boeing 767-34P/ER. Take-off at 13:20, touch-down at 16:26.
  34. August 17, 2006: Beijing - Schiphol flight KL898 with KLM 10:35 to 14:35 seat 38C in the City of Freetown, PH-BFF, a Boeing 747-406M. Take-off at 10:39, touch-down at 14:04.

  35. May 13, 2010: Dusseldorf Airport - Barcelona flight AB8936 with AirBerlin 5:50 to 8:00 seat 25F in the D-ABBO, a Boeing 737-86J. Take-off at 6:10, touch-down at 8:03.
  36. May 15, 2010: Barcelona - Dusseldorf Airport flight AB8565 with AirBerlin 20:20 to 22:35 seat 24F in the D-ALTD, a Airbus A320-214. Take-off at 20:40, touch-down at 22:28.

  37. July 12, 2010: Dusseldorf Airport - Schiphol flight CZ7786 with China Southern Air (executed by AirFrance/KLM flight KL1862) 18:25 to 19:20 seat 12F in the PH-EZF, an Embraer EMJ-190. Take-off at 18:42, touch-down at 19:11.
  38. July 12, 2010: Schiphol - Beijing flight CZ346 with China Southern Air 20:55 to 12:40 (next day) seat 20D in a Boeing 777-200. Take-off at 21:06, touch-down at 12:18 local time.
  39. July 13, 2010: Beijing - Urumqi flight CZ6908 with China Southern Air 15:45 to 19:45 seat 20C in the B-5240, a Boeing 737-71B. Take-off at 15:57, touch-down at 19:46.
  40. July 29, 2010: Urumqi - Beijing flight CZ6911 with China Southern Air 08:10 to 11:45 seat 5F in the B-2835, in a Boeing 757-236. Take-off at 8:21, touch-down at 11:33.
  41. July 29, 2010: Beijing - Schiphol flight CZ345 with China Southern Air 14:20 to 18:35 seat 41H in the B-2057, a Boeing 777-200. Take-off at 15:25, touch-down at 18:57.
  42. July 29, 2010: Schiphol - Dusseldorf Airport flight CZ7781 with China Southern Air 21:40 to 22:30 in the PH-KZH, a Fokker 70. Take-off at 21:59, touch-down at 22:26.


Courses I attended

Below a list of some of the courses that I attended during my professional life.

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