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Diary, May 2002

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Monday, May 6, 2002

Pim Fortuyn

Just before eight, I switched on the TV to watch the news. One of the first things I read was "Assault on Pim Fortuyn". Just a little later, I heard how he was murdered in cold blood in Hilversum when he returned to his car from a radio interview. This is the first political murder in the Netherlands.


Tuesday, May 7, 2002


This afternoon, I went to the offices of my new employer to sign a contract. I will start working on the 15th of this month, which will be election day as well.

Then I went to the town hall in the city to sign the condolence register for Pim Fortuyn, who was brutaly murdered yesterday. I find both signatures of the same importance.

Volkert van der G.

The suspect on the murder on Pim Fortuyn appears to be some one fighting for the freedom of animals. He works with Milieu Offensief (Environment Offensive). On the website of Animal Freedom an interview with him is given.

Wednesday, May 8, 2002

No continuation

I received an email, which implied that there will be no continuation of former employer for the simple reason that the customers after many negotiations have decided not to support it. At this point it also would not have been possible anymore, because almost all software engineers (including me) for the client are no longer available.

Saturday, May 11, 2002

Chestnut plant

The chestnut plant that I thought was not going to make it, started to grow in a strange way again. As you can see here on this picture. I wonder how it is going to develop.

Sunday, May 12, 2002

More chestnut trees

This evening, Annabel and I went to the Chinese taka-away to get one portion of "Nasi Goreng Speciaal". As usual, Annabel went outside to play. She came back telling that she had found a little chestnut plant under the big chestnut tree. And indeed, when I went to check her findings, it was indeed a little chestnut tree. Later, when we walked away, we found another two. All three of them were smaller than the ones we have at home. I think it is also a different kind of chestnut tree.

Monday, May 13, 2002

Two years after the disaster

This morning, while driving home, I saw a flag at half-mast. Thinking that it was the 12th, I wondered what might be the reason why that flag was at half-mast. Then at home, when I watched the news, I suddenly realized that it was indeed the 13th, and that it was now 2 years ago that Enschede was struck by the fire-works disaster. Around half past four the bells were rang for five minutes. To be honest, I did not hear it. They are still working on clearing the disaster area, and only bits by bits are released. Last month the main road through the area was opened again. Some houses at the border have been rebuild.


Memory Mapped Files

(And now for something completely different:)
In the past weeks, I have worked on a very simple tool for creating C++ based Object-Oriented persistent store based on the concept op Memory Mapped Files. Windows allows you to open a file as if it were inside the memory of your program. (This functionality is also widely used by the operating system itself.) I decided to make the source available under GNU General Public License. I have to give credits to Suneido for giving me the initial ideas.

(See here for an example of usage.)

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Election day

Around half past seven, I went to vote for Li-Xia and myself. We are in electoral district 4 "Zwolle", in the electoral subdistrict 615, where the voting is done at "Mediant Helmerzijde" located at "Broekheurnering 1050". The number of Li-Xia's voting card was 456 and the number on mine was 457. We were the 13th and 14th person to vote.

Today it is a very strange voting day, overshadowed by the brutal murder on Pim Fortuyn the political leader of the LPF. Now that he is gone the rest of his party is divided among itself. Which does not make it a good party to vote on. At the same time, many people felt simpaty with the ideas of Pim Fortuyn and wanted to express their resistement against the current government by voting on him. Some people may even vote on the LPF as a means to express their condolence with the death of Pim Fortuyn.

The outcome

The outcome of the voting was unexpected, but on the other hand also to be expected. Our parlement has 150 positions. The LPF got 26 of these, but they did not become the largest part. The Christian Democrats got 43 positions. The two big losers are the labour party and the liberal party. Both got 23 positions. Also the third party that was part of the goverment until now, lost significant.

Some other change, that was not given attention in the media is the fact that the two small Christian parties lost 25% of their positions. They went from eight back to six positions. Especially, for one of the two, this is remarkable, for it has been on three positions for many years in a row. (On May 25, I discovered that they actually got more votes than last time, and that their loss is caused by the fact that much more people went to vote.) I guess some of them have voted for the Christian Democrats, maybe because they are against the LPF.

It is rather clear that the Christian Democrats will be first asked for form a new goverment. To do this, they will have to form a coalition with at least two other parties to get enough votes. They can turn right, forming a coalition with the LPF and the Liberal party. But the LPF does not seems to be a very stable party, and the Liberal party is among the big losers. Or they can turn left, making a coalition with some of the left wing parties. Such a coalition would require the labour party, the biggest loser. Which makes it even a more unlikely possibility. Some weeks ago, it was already clear that the Christian Democrats were going to play a key role in determining the next government, and that they would have some good combinations to chose from. Now it looks like there is not really much good to chose for, especially, because there has been such a dramatic change. Some politicians have been saying that we will have elections soon again, maybe event within a year. This will be a real test case for Jan Peter Balkenende, the leader of the Christian Democrats.

Thursday, May 16, 2002

Fennel and liquorice

The afternoon, I had some fennel and liquorice tea made by Zonnatura.

Friday, May 17, 2002

Another chestnut plant

Yet another chestnut in the garden has started to grow. Now we have two in the garden and three in home that are growing.

The formation of the new cabinet

The formation of the new cabinet is not going smooth. The liberal party has announced that they rather not would like to be part of the new cabinet. The leader of the LPF has declared that the Christian Democrats owe them a dept of honour, because according to him, they got so many votes because of Pim Fortuyn, which implies that they want to have an equal share of the power although they are smaller. The problem is that amongh the party members there are not many with the right experience for becoming a minister or secretary of state.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

The formation of the new cabinet (Cont'd)

The leader of the LPF (Lijst Pim Fortuyn), Mat Herben, want to have something to say about who will be the new prime minister. He feels that the LPF has this rights, because he thinks that the Christian democrats owe some votes to the rise of his party. This is what he yesterday said during the television show Barend en Van Dorp. He also thinks that the liberal party should be allowed to join in. He said that Hans Wiegel (a well known liberal) has a slight preference over Jan Peter Balkenende, the leader of the Christian democrats.

Why would Mat Herben have a preference for a prime minister from a party that lost many votes compared to one that won many? It might be the case that the Christian Democrats won some votes because of the LPF, but it is clear that they only could have done this because of the clear leadership of Jan Peter Balkenende. Could it be, that Mat Herben does not like devoted christians, because he is an active member of the freemasonry, as is appearent from an announcement of an open-day and a short explaination written by himself. Although freemasonry claims to be not a religion and not to exclude Christianity in the first place, the sites Ex-Masons for Jesus and Saints Alive seem to argue for the opposite.


The Christian Democrats have said that they are willing to form a coalition with the LPF. The liberal party has said that they prefer a minority cabinet that they would support. But in a sense that is a ridiculous proposition. Because in the situation of a minority cabinate with a party supporting that, that party gets too much power, because it can veto every decision of the cabinet.

Thursday, May 23, 2002


Some people from my church bring a visit to the Ukraine about twice a year and take a lot of goods with them. One of the persons they visit there, recently moved to a poorer area of the city. He felt that God had called him to live there, to preach the gospel to the poor. Yesterday, during our cell group meetings, we heard that he and some of his family members were involved in tragic car accident. He had broken his leg with an open wound. Some woman in his family had her nose and forehead fragmented. The driver of the car was still lying in coma in the hospital. Of course, accidents happen every day, but we were quite impressed by this news. During our time of intercession at the end of the evening, our attention was brought to some other forms of suffering in our midst. The world is full with suffering.

Friday, May 24, 2002

Millennium Falcon

Some people tried to build a a life-size Millennium Falcon in someones back-yard.

Saturday, May 25, 2002

The formation of the new cabinet (Cont'd)

You always have to be careful about what you conclude. Last Tuesday, I suggested that Mat Herber might not like Jan Pieter Balkenende. However, today, he said in an interview he has a great trust in Jan Peter Balkenende, and has a preference for him as the next prime minister. (Last Tuesday, he still had a slight preference for Hans Wiegel. Apparently Hans Wiegel is no longer an option.)

In the same interview, he said that his party should be granted five of the fifteen ministers, and that he likes to give the ministers for the departments of justice, education and healthcare. These are three very important departments. However, compared to their share in the coalition they would only have right for four ministers. He argues that the prime-minister counts for two. But even in that case, the LPF would only have right for 4.47 minister positions. Furthermore, he also wants five minister positions for the liberal party. That would mean that they would get ten of the fifteen minister positions, compared to only five for the Christian Democrats, while they together only make 53.8% of the coalition. (It should be noted, that the liberals lost a lot of votes, while the Christian Democrats made a big come-back.) Even if you count the prime-minister as two, their share of the coalition is 62.5%. To do justice to the victory of the Christian Democrats they should get at least six minister positions (including the prime minister). The suggestion that Mat Herben made, again seems to imply that he seeks support from the liberals rather from the Christian Democrats.


Sunday, May 26, 2002

Mat Herben

Today, there was a short documentary about Mat Herben on Dutch television. He lives in Lintschoten, which is close to Woerden were I grew up. If he was born in Lintschoten, it is likely he attended the same high-school that I attended. The documentary also told that he is Roman-Catholic and that he one day with Yvonne van Gerp visited the pope. He also often wrote some column for a Roman-Catholic life-style magazine. In the documentary he also was open about his freemasonry membership. He depicted it as a place of free and open discussion, not as a secret organization. We even got a glimse of the meeting room with the eye in the triangle. (Yes, the same symbol you find on the US dollar bills.) Furthermore, he made a statement that Pim Fortuyn was against the same sex-marriage (although he himself was gay), and that for him it also was not needed. He did not have trouble with sex outside marriages, as it has become common practice nowadays.

I think that if he would read my suggestion that he is having troubles with devoted christians, his first reaction will be that that is nonsense, and that he regards all people as equal (as is being thought by the freemasonry). But on the other hand, I think he will condemn some of the ideas found in conservative (protestant) Christian circles as being too intolerant. I furthermore, think that he will have problems with the fact that the Bible states that there is only road to salvation, and that is through Jesus Christ.

What Roman-Catholisme and freemasonry have in common is that in both traditions symbols and rituals play an important role. However, it should be noted that many of these symbols and rituals are from a pagan background and not based on the Bible. It is also remarkable that in both traditions symbols are said to be just symbols, e.g., refering to some higher invisble truth. Yet on the other hand, these symbols have become so important, that it seems impossible to do away with them. They almost have replaced the higher thing. It looks like they have become objects of worship themselves.

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