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Diary, April 2004

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Thursday, April 1, 2004

Viscosity and painting

This afternoon, Li-Xia and I went to the eye doctor to hear about the results. It turned out that all test had returned normal, except that the viscosity of her blood is higher than average, but still within the normal range. It turned out that her vision in her left eye had become worse. The doctor did make an appointment with an internist for over two weeks. Afterwards we went into the city to have a look at the painting of Billy Foley. She had no opinion about it, did not know if she thought it was good or not. She has not been exposed to modern art and generally has not been interested in it. For this reason she has not learned to look to art and to have an opinion about it. We have not made a decision yet.


When I came home, I saw that most of the flower on our Magnolia had opened, while none was open this morning when I left. It has started to blossom again. It was a relatively hot day.


Sunday, April 4, 2004


A Special date again.

Monday, April 5, 2004

47 out of 50

I scored 47 out of 50 on this Dr. Phil fun test. I understand that Ophra scored 38 when she took this test. Should I be proud of myself now?

The Passion of the Christ

Hereby some critical reviews with respect to the movie: It seems that the movie is more based on the writings of Anna Catherine Emmerich then on the bible, while it pretends to be historical correct. For me this is strong reason to condemn the movie, because it brings a false gospel. What bothers me most is that many Christians seem not to recognize this.

Wednesday, April 7, 2004

The Passion of the Christ (Cont'd)

Some more interesting links:

Thursday, April 8, 2004

74.8 Kilo

This morning, my weight was 74.8 kilo. This means that I have achieved the goal when I decided to reduce weight last year. To be honest, I have become a little worried that my weigh continue to get lower and lower with my current diet. I have become used to my diet, and I do not feel like changing it. Should I start adding more calories again, or just let it drop further.

Saturday, April 10, 2004


Tonight, Annabel and I watched a movie on the life of Jesus on Dutch TV. Actually, this was the last part of a mini-serie with the title Jesus on TV. (I saw both part in April 2000). Even Annabel noted that this adaptation was not very accurate with respect to the bible. One of the most annoying things is this encounter with Satan in the garden of Getsemane. There is not a single indication in the bible that such an encounter did take place. Still, I do find that the way Jesus is represented in this movie is a very interesting one. He seems to be so full of energy and joy, but yet at the same time as someone with authority and compassion.

Sunday, April 11, 2004


This morning in church the elder leading the service asked, right after the preaching, if there was some one wanting to give a witness. Almost immediately, I heard the sound of someone walking firmly to the front of the church. It appeared to be someone visiting our church and normally going to a charismatic church in Amsterdam. After the first introduction ("The Holy Spirit told me that I was going to give a witness, this morning"), I did not feel at ease. The witness that was given was rather chaotic, and filled with emotions. Afterwards everyone clapped. I did not. I wonder why so many people base their faith on their emotions, and why any attempt to build your faith on science seems to fail. If I hear how many Christians are going to counselors for solving their problems nowadays, it really makes me wonder if their is any reality in faith. It looks like the role that faith is playing is reduced evermore.

While I was considering this, I felt like I was different from most (if not all) people in church. I almost feel like I am like the Vulcan Mr. Spock from the Star Trek, who through Kohlinar tries to ban out his emotions and achieve a state of pure logic. The Vulcans already try for many ages to achieve peace through the reduction of emotions. However, it seems that what makes people psychopats is that they are without the proper emotions that would otherwise prevent them from acting like they do. Or is it just that they lack the ability to take into account the long-term consequences of their deeds.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Annabel wins again

Tonight, Annabel won from me when playing Go. She won because she managed to kill a big group of mine. It looks like she has been improving again, because some weeks ago, I always won from her. I think her tactics are becoming stronger, strategically she is still much weaker than me. I still have the impression that she thinks in groups instead of area. But she has becoming much stronger in playing corners. I am considering to by a 19x19 board now. I have promised her that if she continues winning from me that she will be allowed to go with me to the Go club.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Playing against Ton again

Yesterday evening, I played a game of Go against Ton again, like four weeks ago. This time, I clearly won. It seems I have become stronger in the past weeks. He blamed it on me playing against Annabel. Quite possible. I am now around 18 kyu.

One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge

So far nobody has been able to proof that the paranormal exists, according to the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge made by James Randi. On the JREF online newsletter of February 20, 2004, I found short article with the title: Genesis of the Bible, which suggest that the bible we have now is a translation of a translation of a translation of a translation. This is one of these modern myths. I was rather surprised about this article, so I wrote Mr. Randi the following email:

He replied with: I find it rather weak that he is hiding behind the artistic liberties argument, especially because he seems to endorse the correctness of the statements with his introduction. And he is not an artist, I presume. It is also true that historic accounts are less reliable than scientific experiments, but that still does not rule out the possibility that the Bible is from a divine source. Although no scientific proof for the existence of God has been given, neither no proof of his non-existence has been given. It would not surprise me that the hypothesis about the existence or non-existence of God is outside the scientific realm.

Temporal Arteritis

This morning we went to see the internist. We talked with her for almost an hour. It is still not clear what is the problem. She told us that there is a problem with the blood flow from the eye back to the heart. This is a rather rare condition. Most of the time it is the blood flow to the eye that is reduced. It might be that she has Temporal Arteritis (or Giant Cell Arteritis), but the internist agrees that Li-Xia does not have all the symptoms. Her Temporal artery also feels normal. (Personally, I am not very convinced, that this might be the case.) Another possibility is that her thyroid is working to slow. Her TSH levels have gone up. The last them when it was checked it was on 5.7. There was a remark that this should have been check again after half a year. Apparently this has not happened. The first step is to perform additional blood testing with respect to the cell counts, chemicals, proteins, and sedimentation rate. If the sedimentation rate is high, she will be scheduled for a biopt of the temporal artery within the coming days, as a high sedimentation rate is be a very strong indication for Temporal Arteritis.


Sunday, April 18, 2004

Hundred leaves

This weekend, Annabel told me that her chestnut tree had a hundred leaves. That is quite possible, because each "big" leave consists of five smaller leaves. We have now five little chestnut trees in our garden. The two in the front garden are smaller than those in the back garden. The one that I had thought had died has some small leaves again, to my surprise.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Second Dutch in space

This morning, the second Dutch, André Kuipers, was send into space with a Soyuz TMA-4 spacecraft as part crew going to the ISS. He is only going to stay for nine days. Here in Enschede is one of the five schools that will have direct radio contact with André Kuipers during his flight.

Playing Go on a 19x19 board

This evening, Annabel and I played a game of Go with the magnetic 19x19 Go game that we bought on November 5, 1993 during our honeymoon. Early in the game, I lost some stones by not looking careful, and then I had some trouble fighting back. At the end it turned out that she won by one stone.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Three mice

This afternoon, Annabel came home with three mice, a cage, and enough food to keep them alive for some months. She won the second price in the contest of the "sports and game" activity that she joins every Wednesday in the Helmerhoek (Dutch). This contents is part of some special celebrations because they exist so many years. Both Li-Xia and I felt that she should return the mice to the shop. And that is what they did. She too agreed that it would better to put the money in her saving account.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Blood tests

At noon, Li-Xia had an appointment with the internist of last week. She told us that all the blood test had returned normal. Even TSH level had dropped a little. So the good news is that Li-Xia does not have any serious problem, the bad news is that the cause for the reduced blood flow is unknown, and that she cannot offer us any treatment. The last thing she could come up with is to check her homocysteine levels. So that is what we decided to do.


Monday, April 26, 2004

Drum sounds

It looks like the AKI has started with it annual drum sounds making days. Just like last year June. I guess the sounds are related to the AKI Festival.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

School camp

Today, Andy has gone on school camp for the first time of his life. He will be away for two nights. It is also the first time he is not sleeping at home (not counting those nights he spend in the hospital). Annabel is a little jealous, because she never went on a school camp. But she did several times with my mother or sister for one or two weeks. So she has no reason to complain. This evening we are going out for dinner in the city. The weather is nice. Tomorrow, Li-Xia can go with us (or with Annabel alone) to the Go club, something she has never been able to do before. Today, Andy is going to the zoo in Nordhorn. On "De Huifkar" they go school camp every year.

Going live

I just received an email from a Dutch television program called DolceVita, which airs a daily talk show from 17:45 to 18:30. They are doing a talk show about diary writing on May 4 and are looking for four studio guests to answer questions. Sounds interesting. The thing that I fear most is the increase of traffic to my web site this may cause. I think I will have to take some pages down.


Shocking news

It is not often that I am shocked by some news report. This evening, I read that this afternoon a seven year old, mentally handicapped boy was raped in Kerkrade. Around a quarter past four, he came home crying. From a medical examination it appeared that he was being raped by a main. According to the police this happened shortly after he was dropped by the school bus. It is unclear whether this happened in the street or at home with someone. Maybe this is shocking news to me, because Andy is about the same age and also has a mental handicap.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Going to the Go club

Yesterday evening, we went with the three of us to the Go club. Li-Xia came with us, because Andy is still on school camp. Both Annabel and I lost our games. Annabel played against Ton. I played against Marco. I lost with about sixty points. I woke up very early and had a busy day at work. I am also getting the impression that Marco is stronger than his current rating in the competition. He made some very strong moves.

Move during mouse click

Yesterday, I discovered that Windows also sends mouse move events during a click. The is a similar problem to the one I discovered before with respect to single and double clicks. Move events within a short time after a mouse button down event should be delayed until the single click time. If a mouse button up occurs, within the single click time, the mouse move event should be ignored, otherwise it should be send.

Howling sounds

At the moment, there are howling sounds about every minute to be hear coming from the direction of the AKI building. It is amazing what people will do in the name of science. But I have to admit, that some of the artists of the AKI do use technology. Last Tuesday when I came back from the city after dinner, there was a man outside with a painting robot being acting as a MIDI device and being controlled from a music source made "random" drawings on the street. It would not surprise me if the howling sounds are made by some technical device controlled in some clever way through external signals.

(I was right. It turned out the sounds were produced by flutes connected to vacum cleaners that were controlled by microphones attached to bottles hanging in a tree.)

Friday, April 30, 2004

Queen's day

Early in the morning, I went to the city. Around nine o'clock there were already many people selling things on the street. I bought three things. First an ISA network card for € 2.50, then a small monitor (Axion MV-0951) for € 6, and finally a calender with pictures from the Eastern fair for children with mental handicaps of 2003. We also went with Andy, but we were not in the pictures. It costed € 5. Andy was very happy with it when he saw it when I came home. Of course, I did try out the small monitor. It worked okay when I attachted it to annabel (after reinstalling the graphic card, which having some problems with poor contacts, I am afraid).


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