My diet

My diet has become more vegetarian in the past years, not because I am against eating animals, but because I have discovered that it is healthier. I rarely eat red meat. Still some chicken about once per week. I also eat fish about once a week, and every day, I take some Omega-3 essential fatty acids in the form of a food supplement. I do eat quark (made from milk, with no fat). Futhermore, I try to avoid fat (and especially animal fat) as much as possible, and mainly use liquid oils extracted from plants. Of course, some fat is needed for the absorption of certain important vitamines. For that reason, we use some oil with our dinner. We cook all our food in olive oil. I prefer to just heating vegetables in the microwave.

Average day

This is what I now eat on an average day:


Many people hate vegetables, or cannot eat them without potatoes, rice, pasta and meat. I have come to love vegetables, more and more, and believe they are an ideal way for loosing weight. They are relatively low in calories, meaning that you can eat a lot of them befor gaining any weight. They are also very healthy and are known for reducing the chances for many types of cancers. There are an infinite many ways you can combine vegetables. I always eat combinations of vegetables and I have discovered that there are some great ways of adding taste. Almost always I add some fennel and some olives. Tomatoes are also great. And also herbs can help. At the moment I often use some coriander. Lately, I also have discovered high quality olive oil. This often leads to a colourfull dish with vegetables.


Recent scientifical news with respect to good diets

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