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Diary, September 2014

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Saturday, September 6, 2014


This morning, I visited bookshop Scheltema in Amsterdam. I mostly looked around on the top floors with books on sale and second hand books. At 11:46, I purchased a black, hardback Moleskine Daily Diary / Planner of 2015 (ISBN:9788867322626) for € 16.90.

RGB exit

At the afternoon, I went to Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. There I went to see the exhibition Bad Thoughts - Collection Martijn and Jeannette Sanders. It includes the work Computer Structuren 2, 1970-1971 by Peter Struycken. At the end of the afternoon, I went to the opening of the exhibition RGB exit with seventeen new works by Peter Struycken in the series 'Kleurverhouding' (colour relationships). Each work consists of two square paintings on canvas with the size 60 cm. The left one is painted according to a fixed pattern on a grid of six by six squares using six colours, such that every colour occurs exactly six times. The right one is painted on a five by five square where the colours occur at the ratios 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8. The pattern used for each work is unique. The hues of the six colours are placed on fixed positions on the colour wheel that are evenly spaced. The saturation and the brightness are different for each work. The idea of this works is to show that the impact of saturation and brightness have a greater impact on the colour experience than the hue. I met Peter Struycken while he was talking with Carel Blotkamp. We only briefly talked. Many people talked with him. There was a lot of interest for his works. I did talk with Zsa-Zsa Eyck and agreed that in the future I should maybe investigate the works that they still have in stock. Maybe I am going to visit this exhibition again before it ends at October 18, just to have a quiet look at all the works as it might be the last time that they can be seen together.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


At 17:24, I found the chestnut shown on the right at the start of Jan Porcellisstraat coming from Andriaan van de Veldestraat (Street view). This is the first chestnut I saw this year. It seems pretty early. Maybe due to the fact that the past weeks have been relatively cold for the time of the year.

Friday, September 12, 2014


In the morning, I visited TETEM art space and saw Cycles by Joris Strijbos. I also looked at the other works, I only find Facing forces by Juuke Schoorl worth mentioning. In the afternoon, I visited several locations in the center of the city but due to limited time I was not able to see everything. This year there is a quit strong focus on visual aspects. I watched a laser projection by Ksenija Pankratova and Vladimir Grafov and PARSEC by Daan Johan and Joris Strijbos.

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