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Diary, September 2021

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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Border poles

In the afternoon, Conny and I continues our search for border poles along the Vrijdijk. We found the following border poles (after visiting pole 26-III again): When walking back, we searched for the poles we had missed (28, 30, 31-II, and 31-III), but we could not find them probably due to the heavy overgrowth that is typical for the end of the summer. Conny picked some elderberries and made some jam out of it at home.

Sunday, September 5, 2021


During our evening walk, Conny found a chestnut and gave it to me. It is the first chestnut of the year that I have encountered. On a side note, the leaves of little chestnut tree have all turn brown already. I should note that the leaves of the larger chestnut trees in our garden are also turning brown.

Sunday, September 12, 2021


In the afternoon, I visited the GOGBOT festival, which this year has the title: Infocalypse Now: Time to Recalibrate Reality. I first got my 'Deep State 9' passport with which I could visit the different festival location. I found the following exhibits worth mentioning: (At Rijksmuseum Twenthe, part of the Deep Truth exhibition:) (At Tetem:)

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Dune: Part One

This evening, Conny and I went to see the movie Dune: Part One. It is an impressive movie. The world shown in this movie feels very realistic to what you get from the book. The special effects, the visuals and the music are stunning. The movie follows the plot of the book quite good. There are no great deviations and the deviations that are there are the kinds you would expect from an adaptation. Especially in the first parts there were some scenes that touched me emotionally, mostly because I knew what was coming, but towards the end it felt a little hurried. I felt that the director was trying to get too much of the tension from the visuals instead from the story telling.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Two books

At 17:49, I bought the following two books from charity shop Het Goed:

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Seed pod

While doing some pruning in the garden this afternoon, I discovered a seed pod on our magnolia with one seed, if I am not mistaken. I fear it is still too green to harvest and I decided to leave it untouched and only remove it after all leaves have fallen.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Conny and I took our bikes to go walking, but decided to bike a little further than we at first had intended. We ended up walking around the Smalenbroek estate. The estate has a Sequoiadendron giganteum, which is about 25 meter tall. We also came across one of the art works of the Textiel Festival Twente 2021, the work Fluisteringen by Meg Mercx.

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