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Diary, May 1996

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Thursday, May 9, 1996

This morning when Annabel heard me, she said: Pappa (Dutch for Daddy). Li-Xia was busy dressing her, when I asked how things were going before opening the door of Annabel's room.

Wednesday, May 29, 1996

I haven't written much this month. It seems that writing this online diary comes and goes with waves. The last month I have been busy with work, because of an upcoming review, the second of the TransCoop project.

Last week, I received an email from Sarah Ellerman, from the magazine "Internet Underground", asking whether I would like to talk with her about this diary. I did send a reply, but sofar I did not got another email from her. Maybe I will here from her tomorrow.

Today, Joel Furr announced to both alt.folklore.suburban and comp.society.folklore that he wants to stop moderating. Both groups are practically dead. When I replied to his posting, I got the following reply back:

Date: Wed, 29 May 1996 11:26:40 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Automated Message

You're getting this message because I am almost entirely retired for the
time being from the Internet; I am continuing to be involved in a small
number of projects but am otherwise so busy in real life that I have not
got the time to check my mail more often than once a week.

Just so you know.
I think it would be fun to moderate a dead newsgroup :-).


Thursday, May 30, 1996

This morning the first (new) message in my email-box was from Sarah Ellerman. She still wants to interview me about this on-line diary, either by phone or by email. If I chose for email, I could include my replies in here.

This morning I saw a squirrel cross the street, when I was driving on the campus from the day-care centre to the computer science building. I onlt saw it a few seconds, while turning on a cross-section.

I found the home page of Matthew 'The_Nerd' Grossman through a page of Nerds for Hire, Inc. Matthew has an impressive amouth of hardware tide together in his home, but he seems not to have done much on software. I am also missing some realy old things, like a commador 64 or a Quantum Leap, that I might have put in there as well.

The wheater is hot for a change. It's the first time this year that I had to take of my sweater in the office.

I have been listining to Concerto for 2 violins in D Minor (BWV. 1043), Violin Concerto in E Major (BWV 1042), and ``Musikalisches Opfer'' (BWV. 1079) by J.S. Bach. Now I am listining to Suite No.1 in C Major (BWV 1066), and Suite No.2 in B Minor (BWV 1067) again.

Working in the evening

For some strange reason it seems that many computer scientists (hackers) are more productive when working in the dark than by day light.

Friday, May 31, 1996


Yesterday evening my sister Cocky phoned me to tell me that Selina was born on Wednesday at 10:30 PM. She was 47 cm, and weighted 2800 gram. Sunday we are going to visit my sister and admire her daughter.

I have been listinging to Symphony Nr. 5 c-moll op.67, by Ludwig van Beethoven. The third part becomes very soft at the end (the first time I raised the volume), but then suddenly, just before it goes to the fourth and final part, it becomes very loud.

I just heard that Timoty Leary died.

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