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Diary, April 1996

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Monday, April 1, 1996

Last snow?

Yesterday, during the afternoon it snowed again, and the snow did stay for a short time. When the sun came out, is disapeared quickly, even causing some fog to appear, especially in the burnt part of the field. Later on, it snowed a bit again.

Susan told me today that she video-taped it.

Cometh Hyakutake

Yesterday evening it was a clear sky, and again I made an attempt to find cometh Hyakutake. And I think I found it. Then I took my Jupiter-21/M 4/200 lens and attached to an oculair, so I can used it as a monocular (one eye binocular), to give a 20x magnification. I also tried my Helios MC 3M-5CA 8/500 lens, giving a 50x magnification, but that turned out a bit too much. This kind of magnification gives you a hard time to find the object of interest, and if handheld the images always shakes (at least with me).

This morning I looked up some instructions to find the cometh to verify if what I had seen, really was the cometh Hyakutake. I then found out I had been looking to the Perseus constilation, after which the street we live in has been named.

Tuesday, April 2, 1996

Fractal cabbage

When I walked into Susan's office, I saw this picture that she had made of this `green cauliflower' a long time ago. I also had wanted to take a picture of one, but never came to do so. (I also made a 1% quality JPEG version of it.)

I once wrote a small C program for MSC to generate cabbage fractals.


Live video


He put a picture of himself on a page in one of the TransCoop deliverables.


Li-Xia is going to cook some of my favourite dishes tonight. Tofu (Ta Hoe, in Dutch) dipped in egg, fried with a little leek, and some other things.


Wednesday, April 10, 1996

Road Rally

Coca Cola have started a game, which consists of finding a route through the U.S.A., with a length closests to 10000 miles, where each city is visited at most once. I am afraid that it is an NP-complete problem, which means it can only be solved by brute force. But as they do not give you the distances between the city (nor which cities are connected) the biggest part of the puzzle consists of finding out this information.

Yesterday's dinner

Yesterday, Li-Xia, made some of my favourite dishes: Dou Fu, Fish-sticks with egg and tomato-ketchup, and sheep meet with eggplant.


CoCoA is the specification language of the TransCoop project, that we are working on. Today we received the following email from Jürgen, which is in the style of this language:

Thursday, April 11, 1996

Computer Chess

Yesterday on the news they said that the chess program Fritz was 10 times better than Deep Blue. I used Alta Vista and searched for "AEGON computer chess", and found the pages of 1995 ICCA 8th World Computer Chess Championships. Here is said that Firtz had won last year, and that Deep Blue was on a shared 3-5 place. In the description of Deep Blue, it said is was the Deep Blue prototype, which I think is the predecessor of the Deep Blue machine that played against Kasparov in February.

Then I read some notice that something was wrong with Alta Vista, that it did not scan the web anymore for two weeks. That would explain why it did not find the pages about the current tournament. Then I used ilse, and found the pages of the 11th AEGON Computer Chess Tournament, which must be the one that they mentioned on the news. Fritz played against Karpov, and lost. Although they say it is the biggest human versus computers chess tournament, Deep Blue is not listed as one of the contesters.

Monday, April 15, 1996

Cottages at Cordeville

Last week I replaced my background image 'Cover of the current Ace Books Heretics of Dune' with
Cottages at Cordeville by Van Gogh.


Star Trek: The New Generation

Yesterday, I looked to the episode `Disaster' from ST:TNG. (I did not see the last 10 minutes.) The funny thing is that I still get irritated by all those illogical things in the serie, just as when I saw the very first episodes of the original series.

After viewing this episode, I came to the conclusion, that the Enterprise would not even pass todays safety standards. It seems that the whole ship is powered by a single source. I cannot believe that communication systems fail, if this primary power source is cut off. Also the Turbo lifts seems to be highly unreliable. It is surprising that there are no emergency stairs. And that doors cannot be opened by hand. Many designs seems to be very stupid, if I saw what went wrong during the disaster.

My conclusion is that in this serie the technical part is ruled by what is required by the story line. Or in other words, the serie is totally a-technical, and does not deserve to be called `Science Fiction'!

Friday, April 19, 1996

I have been listing to `Symphonie Nr 5' from Beethoven, and Concertos from Bach.

Timothy Leary

Two days ago, the Daily Planet reported about a rumour that Timothy Leary wamted to perform a live suicide. They said that nothing like this was mentioned on his pages. However, I did find a statement that affirmed it. Of course, I informed the editors of the Daily planet. Today I received an email from Francisco van Jole thanking me for this, as another email list had contradicted it. It seems he already has given a deathday party last December.

Personally, I think it is very unlikely that he will commit suicide. It would not surprise me, if his dying will be broadcasted as described.

Perfect squares

Last week I received a technical report, with an overview of all technical reports from last year. In this it mentions the technical report INF-95-15: Simple perfect squares and 2x1 perfect squared rectangles of order 26 by Prof. A. Duijvestijn. The tables are available online. Prof. A. Duivestijn is one the founders of our department. He started his research after simple perfect squares a long time ago. When I started studying the book `Graph Theory' by Bëla Bollobäs already mentioned the only simple perfect square of order 21 which he had found.


Monday, April 22, 1996


This morning some people were busy with fixing the benches that had been standing loose on the square in front of our building since they put them there last December. Last week some people had put some of the benches in the middle of the square, out of the shade into the sun, I guess. I do not know whether there is a correlations between these two events. Someone suggested that they might be doing it, because they are afraid that some students might take them home. That might be difficult because they are quite heavy, but students can usually find a work-around. However, the benches have been there on the square for more than 4 months now, and nobody seemed to care. (One lesson might be: Steal things when you do not need them yet.)

Monday, April 29, 1996


Finally, she started repeating words after us. Yesterday she repeated Li-Xia, saying the chinese words for lamp and shoes. This morning she repeated me saying shawl (in Dutch).

The Wirrel-Warrel puzzle

This afternoon, I made a PostScript file representing the purple Wirrel-Warrel puzzle. The six pieces can be fitted into a hollow cube of unit size 5, where the inside space is of unit size 3.

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