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Diary, July 2005

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Friday, July 1, 2005

Colourful dinner

This evening, I was having a very colourful dish full with vegetables. Especially, the pink colour is rather special. The pink is from red unions, which seems to have the same anthocyanidines that are also found in red cabbages, as the colour changes when you add a little vinegar. The red is from tomato. The yellow is from a yellow sweet peper. The black is from black olives. And the white is fennel (not from white unions as one might think). What you cannot see is the olive oil, the coriander and the (little) curry that I added to make the taste complete. I very much enjoy vegetable dishes like this and eat them almost every day as part of my diet.

Sunday, July 3, 2005

Annabel and Yvonne

As was the first one to arrive at church. I took a picture from the front of the church that gives the impression you are outside the city. But actually, our church is in the middle of the city. But on the other side there is a large area that is being redeveloped after some old factories were taken down.

In church, Annabel had invited her friend Yvonne to stay with us for the afternoon. When I arrived home on my bike (the others had gone by car), they were each sitting behing one of the two computers in our living room and talking to each other by MSN.

Later on the afternoon they were sitting outside and it turned out they had designed their own "Dog" monopoly and were playing it. So, they are still able to create something useful with some coloured paper, pencils and a pair of scissors.

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Andy waving

This morning, when Andy was sitting in the schoolbus and the bus drove away, he raised his sun cap, and Li-Xia thought he was going to take it off, but then he put it on, and she had to laugh because it looked he just waved to her by raising his cap. Whether this was intentional or not, we do not know, but if it were, he must have seen this on some video and copied the gesture. What a smart boy.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

The European Software Patent directive has been canceled

Today, a proposal to completely reject the Software Patent directive has been accepted by a overwelming majority of the members of the European Parlement. Of the 680 member present only 14 voted against, and 18 obtained from voting. Which means that 648 members voted in favour of abondoning the Software Patent directive. However, it seems that many people in favour of software patents also voted against it, because they were afraid that it would not allow software patents. The fact is that the European Patent Office is granting software patents almost every week. Although these patents do not have any legal status in a sense, they still need to be fought over in court to be done away with, which still might be very difficult especially for small companies. So, the decision cannot be considered as a victory in the struggle against software patents.

Playing Go

Tonight, I went to the University to play Go. I played against Martijn where he got a nine stone handicap. It is clearly that he had some difficulty and at one point he was about to resign, if I would have made a certain move, but of course, I did not do this. And then I made many more little mistakes, and even needed some encouragement to save a certain corner. In the end I won with 14 points. Not too bad, if you consider that he current rating is 3 Kyu.

Then I looked at the discarded book sale of the Belletrie. I decided to buy the following books for one Euro:

At home, I read a little bit of two of the books.

Friday, July 8, 2005


Although it is still two weeks until the school holidays, the school of Annabel had their closing party tonight. And because Andy was is away for the weekend, we could go their with the three of use. We arrived around ten past six, and had to wait until a quarter past six before we could start the photo search hunt with some other children and their parents. There were some dark clouds coming from the East, but it looked like we were just going to miss them. But not after long, we heard the sound of thunder. And when we walked past our home (which happened to be on the route), there was lightning in the clouds above us, and not much later it started to rain. The kids were still very enthousiastic about spotting all the objects on the photos, but we the parents just wanted to go back to the school. At the school we found out that one of the two frying pans for the french fries was not working and that due to this there was a long waiting line. I standed in the queue for almost half an hour, while Li-Xia looked around. The rain had stopped by then. After we finished the fries, we went home pretty soon, because of the second party of tonight.

We were home around eight and changed our clothes. Around nine we arrived at Restaurant Paviljoen 't Lutterzand to attend the reception of the wedding of Bernard and Susanne. We brought a picture of Susanne when she attended our wedding. At first she had some trouble identifying herself on the picture, but she was very happy with it and did not mind it was a little wrinkled after Andy got his hands on it this afternoon. We talked with some people from church. The restaurant served some special cakes and snacks for people with gluten or lactose intolerance. We left around mid night and had to drive about a kilometer through the dark country side, as the restaurant is in the middle of a forest.

Saturday, July 9, 2005

Movies and such

This afternoon, there was a book sale at Broekhuis where they sold books at 20% of the original price. I decided to by Le Seigneur des Anneaux III: Le retour du roi (Frence version of The Return of the King) by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Around 13:15 we went to see the movie: Kameleon 2. I did not feel that it was as good as the first movie. Annabel liked the movie.

After the movie we decided to look around the city a little. We looked at some Lord of the Rings DVD's and decided to buy the extended version of the Return of the King. Annabel already had gone ahead to Broekhuis (because she had not gone there) and had found a kind of cube on sale that you can fold out as a pen case for on your desk. Li-Xia found some other items as well, including a metal "eternal" calender.

Around eight o'clock we decided to watch the DVD, and I thought we should watch it on our large TFT monitor, and I thought about attaching it to lixia. But Li-Xia wanted to watch the movie at the kitchen table and Annabel wanted to use ester, which ment I had to swap lixia and ester places. I explained the consequences to them (including the fact that I would need the whole Sunday afternoon for installing and configuring lixia and would need access to ester for checking things). Annabel helped me with swapping the computers.

Then we put in the DVD and started watching. But when it starts with this beautifull opening of this mountain, I realize something is wrong. We are watching Two Towers instead of The Return of the King. And right, that is what it says on the box as well. I conclude that I must have picked the wrong box. Nevertheless, we decided to watch it. It looks great on the monitor. We finished the whole first disk and then watch it again some part with the comments of the designers and then also some part with those of the director. Listining to these takes away some of the magic of the movie, because it makes you realize that everything is just fake. You are watching to cardboard building and fake rocks and that just a few items are real.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Alternative route

Today, I biked some part together with a colleague who lives in Haaksbergen. He showed me an alternative route through the fields. We crossed the Twente canal halfway between Enschede and Hengelo on a bike bridge, then we biked through "Johanneskerk" where he turned right (in the direction of Boekelo) and I turned left. I crossed through the industrial area called "Marssteden" and then went to Usselo. From there I biked home through the fields. A very green route.

Both resigning

This evening, Annabel and I went to the university to play Go. When we arrived, Rudi was standing against the fence where also one of my favourite pictures of Li-Xia was taken. I played two games against Ton both of which he was given a six stone handicap. The first he resigned because things were not going as he wanted and he was going to lose big. During the second game he tried to play more solid, but again he was getting behind. But then he succeeded in stealing a corner from me. And then suddenly he made some very strong moves, and I felt I had lost. We continued playing for another ten minutes, but I was making bad moves all the time, and just resigned after is was obvious I could not win anymore. Of course it was also getting late. Nevertheless, he agrees that I am getting stronger, and that he can no longer play the tricks on me that he played a year ago. Annabel also played one game against Ton on the 13x13 board with five stones a head and lost with about ten points.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

European vitamin ruling

It seems that the European Vitamin ruling is going to be effective soon. Many vitamins and mineral suplements are going to be baned in the coming years. Of course, there are people who are taking to much of these supplements and some producers of these products are getting wealthy because of this. But it is clear that their are people who say the benefit from certain supplements, whether this effect is real of imaginary does not really matter. The ruling is strange because some many substances that are known for being harmful (such as sigarets, large quantities of alcohol, hydrogenated vegetable oil and artificial sweeteners) are not baned. This very much has the smell of large companies (pharmaceutical companies) enforcing some ruling that is going to benefit them in the long run. In this sense it is much like the large companies trying to enforce software patents. One could conclude that kapitalism leads to the concentration of power in the hands of those that are not seeking the best for all, but simply to fill their own pockets. For this reason it is bad of governments embrace kapitalism too much.

Traffic tickets

Today, a 44 year old men was put in custody when he was stopped during a traffic check in Den Bosch when it was discovered that he still had outstanding traffic tickets for a total sum of € 43,050.89. If he cannot pay, he will be put behind bars for 420 days. What really surprises me is how he got so many traffic tickets, and got away with it for such a long time. It must have taken him many years to collect so many tickets. And why he hasn't been forced to pay the tickets earlier. I bet this new item is going to appear on Annova - Quirkies.

Swimming diploma

Tonight, Annabel got her fifth swimming diploma, the so-called "Goldfish" diploma.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


Yesterday, I received a link to the game Planarity. Today, we have been playing it. So far, I have not not found any levels that could not be solved. And I am a little surprised about this. The algorithm being used to generate the graphs is quite good at producing planar embeddable graphs. I found a strategy to solve the levels in the game, which consist just of starting at one side, and slowly working to the otherside, in such a manner that the "finished" part does not contain any crossing lines.

Hawaiian vegetable dish

This evening, I made myself a "Hawaiian" vegetable dish consisting of a red sweet peper, one big tomato, some fried unions, two slices of pineapple, a hand of peanuts, a little curry spices and a teaspoon of walnut oil.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Fixing lixia

This afternoon, I managed to bring lixia in working order. Last weekend, after I start making the transit, I encountered some problems with the old Cygwin version. I concluded that this old version did something wrong with detecting the version of the operating system, and the C compiler was sending a wrong switch to the C preprocessor program. But the latest Cygwin version was also causing problems. It has a nice setup program that you can run over the Internet. Works smoothly. But it appears that someone, in his infinite wisdom, has decided that Unix style line-breaks should no be the standard for an implementation of Unix utils for the Windows platform, which uses Dos style line-breaks. (Dos uses the characters carriage-return and line-feed as a line-break, while Unix only uses a line-feed character. This comes from the time when printing bold was achieved by letting the printer print certain parts of the line twice, and than it was handy to send only use a carriage-return character without a line-feed character.) So, I had to install it with the Dos style line-breaks (against their recommendation). But even then the C library functions still seems to read carriage-return characters. Today, I discovered that if you open them with the t switch that they work correctly. That means that I will have to adapt all my programs for this. At the end of the afternoon, I was able to manage my web site on lixia and that made me happy. Still a lot of programs need to be installed, but the basis is there.


After church, Annabel went to play with her friend Ruth in Hengelo. But because she had gone to church on bike, they took her bike with them to Hengelo. At the end of the afternoon, I heard that she wanted to bike back and that I had to catch her by bike. I phoned Annabel to verify this, and yes, she wanted to bike home. I left around twenty to seven and arrived in Hengelo around twenty past seven. Although I had told Annabel that I was going to leave immediately, I still did not put down the invitation to drink a cup of tea. Also because it had taken me less time than expected. It was around a quarter to eight that Annabel and I left. We stopped at the lock in the Twente canal and looked around it a little. It is the lock in the Netherlands with the highest drop, 9 meters to be exactly. We also stopped at the house of my boss, and had a look at their new swimming pond. It is a biological swimming pool, which is part of a pond with plants to keep the water clear. At the moment the water was green, but that is normal because the system still has to achieve a balance. We were home at a quarter to nine.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Une liaison pornographique

Yesterday evening, Li-Xia and I watched Une liaison pornographique together. I had seen it before alone one night some years ago. A very interesting movie about two lonely people who fall in love, but at the critical moment draw the wrong conlusions and end up being alone again. Although this movie is about sex, it is not very graphic. I also like all the small details. This fire truck with blinking lights in the background or a guy drumming in the undergroup.

School holidays have started

In the Netherlands the school holidays are six weeks, but the start date differs from region to region. This year, it is our region where the school holidays start the latest. Officially the school holidays start next Monday, but almost all schools are closed on the last Friday, so that the teachers can do some cleaning up. Around eleven, we already heard four passenger planes taking off from Twente Airport. Twente Airport is mainly a military airport but there are a limited number of commercial flights.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Google maps

This morning I read about the new hybrid view of Google maps that combining street maps with satellite images. I immediately decided to look up some locations that I visited in the past in the United States. Here are they:

In the evening, I searched some other places:

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More maps

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