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Other people: Christians

On this page you will find some links to private pages that I have found of people who are also Christians

Bill Quackenbush

He has a link to my books page, and is a Dad.

Rowland Croucher

He is director of John Mark Ministries, operating out of Melbourne, Australia. He is also a Baptist pastor, counselor of clergy, writer, seminar-leader, preacher. He has a selection of articles on his page.

Catherine A. Hampton

Her page is entitled `The Virtual Studio and Workshop', which reflects her artistic talents, both in words as in art.

Wendy Barth

She is a graduate student in Computer Science, and has an interest for C.S. Lewis.

Mike McMillan

He is a freelance writer and editor, who has some interesting articles on his pages.

Ross Pavlac

His home page, called `Avenging Aardvark's Aerie' contains a wealth of material on various subjects.

Redmon Barbry

He is a southwestern writer, and has some very original works on his pages, which are worth reading, and thought provoking both for christians and non-christians. For example: A Cybermonk's Chapbook. (His home page also has a reference to my page.)

Brian Carling

He has an interest in Ham Radio and Ice Hockey. His intriguing story is worth reading.

Mary Murphy and Leo Wong

They have some interesting stories written by themselves on their pages.

Lambert Dolphin

This brother in Christ has a huge collection of articles about topics ranging from sex to creationism.

John Fok

John Fok is living in Hong Kong, and has been posting bible studies in several newsgroups. He also makes these available through his pages.

Keith Piper

Pastor Keith Piper has put his book Answers on the web for you to read.

Richard Brian Davis

A Christian philosopher who has put some interesting papers on the web.

William Lane Craig

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