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Dutch / Nederlands

Books from my private collection

I will try to list here all the books that some extend have had an impact in my life, or that I have collected for fun.

Photograph and picture books

I am very critical with respect to my taste about books containing mostly photographs (or paintings). Several times I have rejected books for just a single picture that I felt was out of taste. The following books passed my judgement, and they are precious to me:

Some books about fractals, which also contain a lot of text:

Some other books about nature (which are not `perfect') are:

About Beijing: Others (in the order I got them):

Collected books

These are books that I have collected. Some books are expensive, some are very cheap. If you do not know me, it is difficult to understand why I bought them, thus I will give some explaination.

Language related books

Books about language aspects: About specific languages: Dictionaries: Some language related links:

The human mind


Of course, I
have read many novels. Here is a short list of novels that I own:

Computer Science (and Math) books

Scientifical books

Christian books

(Which in the past played an important role in my life.)

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