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Other people very much like me

Sometimes you come across a private home page, and immediately there is a certain feeling of familarity, as if you could have know the person for a long time. Here are some of these pages.

Martin Ward

I like the picture of him with one of his cats, although I do not like cats myself. He does have a little daughter, just as I do. He also is a Christian, and we share an interest in computers and decompiling.

Sammy Mitchell

He is a Christian, finds himself a "computer" hacker, and is working with SemWare, the company that wrote my favourite editor for MS-DOS.

Gareth McCaughan

He used to be Christian, and wrote some interesting programs, including about generating Mephistophelean mazes (that is how I found his page). His PhD in mathematics deals with circle packings.

Susan Stepneys

Most of the people on this page are men. For this reason I am happy to mention Susan Stepneys. When on November 20, 2001 I stumbled on her page on big numbers, I was surprised to discover that she was a woman, and that she shared many of my interests, ranging from Acorn computers, to eXtreme programming, and certain types of fractals.

Keith Lamar Green

We are both married with a chinese. The name of his youngest daughter comes very close to the name of Annabel, actually it is the first two character (in Mandrin) of Annabel. We both have a solution of the famous 12-balls problem on one of our pages. And there are even some more similarities.

Don Dodson

He is a Christian, a four time winner of the International Obfuscated C Code Contest, and has an online maze generator. The latter was even mentioned in Yahoo's pick of the week.

Kevin King

He is a Christian who works at a software consultant at SANE Solutions, and he likes programming better than writing (so do I).

Wes Perdue

He is a Christian and into computers and programming. He is also involved in the largest independent AutoCAD user group in the world.

Arnold Neumaier

A Math professor which a strong faith in Christ. He has a good page on Science and Faith.

Peter den Haan

He is doing research in the field of theoretical physics, knows alot about Enhanced IDE, and is a Christian.

Olin Shivers

He is a research scientist at MIT's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, with an interest for maze generation. He also as been Honk Kong, but stayed a little longer then I did.

Mark Verber

He has a link to my books page. I very much like what he wrote about his faith. But besides that we have much more in common.

Peter C. Jones

He likes reading and has some interesting links (which even contains a link to my pages). He also calls himself a computer nerd.

Julian Skidmore

Also has a passion for writing emulators.

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