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Dutch / Nederlands

November 19-23, 1979:
High school camp in Oestgeest

The camp was help at Oud Poelgeest (roughly translated as "old swamp ghost"), a small castle, a coach house ("Koetshuis" in Dutch), and some dorms. Most of the meetings were held in the coach house, while the dinners were at the castle itself. The castle is on the edge of Oegstgeest a small village close to Leiden.

Monday, November 19

We biked from the school in Woerden to Oegstgeest. In the evening we were asked what we would do in case we were told that we only had one more year to live.

Tuesday, November 20

The morning was about things you must do (or not) and things you like to do (or not). In the afternoon we did a "safari" game. In the evening there was a meeting with Raulla and Roel, who had just finished high school. Of course we also had to do our share of household chores.

Wednesday, November 21

Today, we visited Leiden (and also the beach??). In the evening we watched a movie (The Kentucky Fried Movie?) with some explicit nudity.

Thursday, November 22

We had to make a collage from magazine snippets about the theme "Man - Woman". We also watched some feministic movie called "Wit is de kleur van de verliezers".

Fun night

In the evening, each group had to preform some sketch about this week. During the night the coach house remained open for those who did not want to sleep.

Friday, November 23

After cleaning-up we biked back to Woerden. We were all a little exhausted.