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Diary, July 2008

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Playing Go

This evening, I went to the house of Rudi to play Go. (Due to the holidays, the university is closed.) I was the first to arrive, but not much later Taco and Araldo also arrived. Taco played against Rudi, and I challenged Araldo again with five stones ahead. Right in the middle game, I made some studip move, reducing the size of one of my groups. Then there was another "running" group that I thought was safe, and when Araldo made a few moves, I was ready to resign. But Rudi encouraged me by stating that the situation was not hopeless. He said I should create a Ko. That is what I did, and somehow it same me some breathing space, but again I felt hopeless, and Rudi made some remarks about what I could do. Although I did follow perfectly, Araldo made some small mistakes, and after some more moves and trying to trick me, he finally resigned.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


After the church service, someone approached me and gave me the book Can man live without God by Ravi Zacharias. I talked some time with him about how things were going.

Because the shops are open, Li-Xia and I went into the city. We parked our bikes outside the bookshop "De Slegte", but we first went into bookshop Broekhuis on the other side of the street. We looked around between the books and items that were on sale. At 13:10:57 I bought the book "De X-Files van de literatuur" by Arie Storm (80% off) and Li-Xia bought some pencil cases one filled with pencils. I also looked at the complete works of Gerard Reve for just € 20. Gerard Reve is considered as one of the big Dutch writers of the 20th century, but also a somewhat controversional personality. I never read any of his works.

We went to the third floor where there was an art exhibition with the name "Omslag" presenting the work of the six young artists: Gertie Bornebroek, Karlijn Koster, Jasmijn Miltenburg, Susan Pinkster, Lydia van de Streek, and Christiaan Wikkerink. We looked at the installation of Christiaan Wikkerink which consisted of a monitor displaying the image of a SR-71 Blackbird. Besides it was a stick of credit-card sized CD-ROMS and a stack of notes explaining that it is possible to hide information inside a picture as this, a technique called steganography. The note said that it was possible to hide another image inside the images whithout it being directly visible. The funny thing was that he used Tipp-Ex to cover the word "direct".

Next we visited "De Slegte" bookshop where I bought five books (actually sixteen) for one Euro each. These are the books:

We walked around the city. It was quite busy because a multi-cultural manifestation was being held in the city center. Li-Xia wanted to eat something and we decided to get a Happy Meal. After this we returned to bookshop Broekhuis, because I was still doubting about where I should by the complete works Gerard Reve. I also came across a book Greatest hits - volume 1. with the collected poems from 1954 to 2004 of Bart Chabot. In the end I decided not to buy these books.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Li-Xia and I are staying with my mother for some days. Today we went to Utrecht. We parked our car near the houde of a cousin. From there we took the bus into the center of the city. We first walked to bookshop "De Slegte". There I found the Oxford Essential Dictionary of Foreign Terms in English for just one Euro and I decided to buy it. We looked around the wholo shop. The floor plan remains interesting. In the Asian section, I found a book in Chinese. On the back it said "Two Tone set-Bells of Marquis Yi". I showed it to Li-Xia and she found it quite interesting. When I told her that it was only 5 Euro, she wanted to buy it. We paid the books at 12:42:38.

Next we had a quick look at Radio Centrum Electronica a shop that I used to visit more than 30 years ago to buy electronic components. Next we walked to Interglobe travel bookshop. There I found a map of Xinjiang, which even did have a little streetmap of Urumqi on it. At 12:56, we bought it for € 12.50.

Next we went to bookshop Broese. Li-Xia sat down and I had a look at the computer science section. I looked at the book Beautiful Code. It looked interesting, but I did not buy it. We walked over to the Dom Tower and had a look at the church. We also took some pictures of eachother in the church garden. Li-Xia was not in the mood to climb the tower, so we decided to walk back to the bus station. On the way back, we looked in another bookshop and we bought some flowers.

Around three o'clock we arrived at the house of my cousin and we stayed there till about nine o'clock. His parent, my uncle and aunt, also paid a visit and we talked some time with them and showed them some of the pictures of our children.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beeld & Geluid

Today, my mother, Li-Xia, and I went to Hilversum and went to the Beeld & Geluid (Image and sound) museum (picture). My mother and Li-Xia went to Experience, while I went downstairs to the customer center to do some research in old radio and television guides to find out some information on when Star Trek was first shown on Dutch television. I started with my search in the guides of 1968. After some time, some man asked me what I was researching, and when he told me, he phoned a friend, who, just by heart knew that the first episode was broadcasted on October 7, 1971, but that the show was cancelled after complains. He also remembered that two years later, on October 7, the broadcast was continued. It appeared that he was correct, except that the second broadcast was on September 30, 1973. The rest of the day, I collected a lot of interesting data, such as the television programs around the flight of Apollo 11.

Can man live without God?

Today, I finished reading the book Can man live without God by Ravi Zacharias, which I started reading ten days ago on the day I got it from someone at my church. To be honest, I am not very impressed by this book. I think that the review An Emotional Tirade Against Atheism by Jeffery Jay Lowder is quite good.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Today, Li-Xia and I took the train from Amersfoort to Amsterdam. On the station we met with Meindert, an old friend of mine. He first took us to the "La Place" restaurant at the top of the public library of Amsterdam. We had some coffee and tea and sat outside. I also took some pictures of the panorama (combined picture).

Next we walked to the Chess and Go shop "Het Paard". The section about Go was smaller than I had expected. After some considerations and advice, I bought the following books:

Meindert bought a transparent dodecahedron dice. (Later that day, when I played with, I had to think about the problem of the best way to put numbers 1 to 12 on the dice.) Just when we wanted to leave, I noticed a 13x13 magnetic Go set for just € 7.50. I could not resist to buy it, also because it makes a nice gift. From the shop we walked to his home, but first bought some loaf of bread from a local baker. At his place we ate some bread, we talked, and we listened to some music, especially at some different performances of the 10th Symphony No. 10 of Shostakovich. He thinks the best are from Yevgeny Mravinsky and Kiril Kondrashin.

Around half past six, we left and took tram number 10 to the Leidseplein. From there we walked back to the central railway station while looking at some bookshops. The first bookshop we encountered was the New English Bookstore. I bought the book Plato from The Collectors Library of Essential Thinkers for just € 5. Next we to selexyz scheltema. In discount section, I found the book Why the Jews Rejected Jesus by David Klinghoffer for just € 7.95 and I decided to buy it. In the science and mathematics department Li-Xia dropped in a chair while I looked around. Many interesting books, but none that I considered interesting enough to buy. Next we looked around in the bookshop Athenaeum. I did not pick-up any book, but we just walked through it. Again a bookshop "created" in some old building, not very large, but still interesting. And the last bookshop that we looked around was The American Book Center, which gives you the impression that you are in the states. When we came outside, it started to rain, and we decided to go home. At the last McDonalds that we passed we bought two hamburgers.

In Amersfoort, I took a picture of the sundail, which is an arrow pointing towards the sun and showing both the solar time (in yellow) and the official time (in red).

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Why the Jews Rejected Jesus

Today, I finished reading the book Why the Jews Rejected Jesus by David Klinghoffer, which I started reading on July 17, the day that I bought the book for € 7.95. The book gives some interesting views about Jesus from a Jewish viewpoint, but I find the main argument why Jesus was rejected a little weak. The author argues that the Jewish law consisted of a written and oral tradition (Oral Torah, as Klinghoffer calls it) and that Jesus was rejected because he did not agree with the oral tradition. From the New Testament we also know that Jesus rejected the oral traditions and described them as laws made by men. (I see some similarities with the opposition between the Roman Catholic church, which say that their traditions extended from the writings of the New Testament, and the Protestant Reformation, which is based on the Sola Scriptura principle.) The author argues that the law was too extensive that it could not be written down in full detail, and even says that the five books of Mozes are a cryptic text. But if you know the books of Mozes, you also know that the first two are mainly stories and not really laws. And then the rest of the books of the Jewish writings, also do not deal about laws primarily. I find this kind of reasoning, how logical it might sound to an orthodox Jew, not very convincing for someone from the outside. But, nevertheless, I found it a very interesting book and giving some interesting insights.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Living Enlightenment

This morning, I woke up early and could not fall asleep. I decided to go downstairs and open the doors as to let fresh air enter our house to resist the heat that will come later. I sat outside and I finished reading the Dutch translation of the book Living Enlightenment by Andrew Cohen, a rather controversional "spirtual teacher". Cohen looks like the typical charismatic leader of a religious sect that exercises a strong control over his followers. I bought the book on July 6 for one Euro. Nevertheless, it was an interesting read. In a sense it reminded me of the call in the bible to die to self, like it is found in Mark 8:34-38. While siting outside, I also took some pictures (one of them) of the morning sky and I watched the birds fly through the sky and wondering where they were going.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Alzheimer medications

Lately there are several exciting news reports about medicines that might have a positive effect on the development of Alzheimer's Disease. Medications that are being mentioned are: Bapineuzumab, PBT2, Dimebon, Etanercept and Methylene blue. Today, the BCC reported and interesting trial where it was shown that a dosis of 60 mg of Methylene blue had a positive effect on the decline for many of the people involved. Methylene blue is a dye that has been known for a long time. It does give you green urine and blue eyes if you use it, but if that also happens with a dosis of 60 mg per day, I don't known.

How encouraging these reports sound, for many of these medications it will still take many years before the become available on the market for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Spam headlines

Below some headlines that I found in spam messages to make people follow a certain link.

This months interesting links

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