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Diary, October 2009

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dune Messiah

This evening, I went to the city from home, which means bringing a visit to bookshop De Slegte. Some new interesting books had arrived. On the second floor I found a line of books lying on the floor before the bookshelves with S.F. books. It looked like someone sold his collection of S.F. books. When I looked through the line, I found a copy of Duin Messias, the Dutch translation of Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert. It was the same edition that I bought on March 3, 1978 (from Kraaijenbrink in Woerden). Although the copy looked used and costed € 4.50, I could not resist to buy it. I bought it at exactly 19:39:48!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


In the past weeks, I spend some time analyzing the SP2 file format as used by Yokogawa NR800 Near Infrared Analyzer. My findings can be found here.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Link request

About twice per year, I receive some request for placing a link on my website, sometimes with some offer to for a payment. I guess I get these request because I have quite a nice google ranking. Today, I received the following request from "better link advertising":

I presume that this is an automatic generated message, because the dairy entry with the title "Cosmetic surgery" is rather critical.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cognitive decline

Today, I came across a press announcement that spoke about the decline of cognitive abilities in the very early stages of Alzheimer's Disease, and noted that these even start before problems with memory occur. The findings do not come as a surprise to me, because I had noted this before with Li-Xia. That her visuospatial skills are affected is clearly shown by the fact that she is no longer able to complete a 9-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Reading with Google

Andy now 'reads' with the use of Google. Due to his mental handicaps Andy is not able to read. But now when he comes across some text on the internet that he wants to read, he selects the next, and uses the function 'search with Google' from the context menu. From the images and/or video's he knows what the text was about. I have shown him numerous times how to use 'search with Google', but it was only today that I saw him do it by himself. For him it is quite difficult to move the mouse while holding down the left mouse button.

Playing Go

This evening, I went to the university to play Go. I was the first to arrive. Taco and Rudi came next, and decided to play against each other. I started to record their game, but when Araldo arrived, he invited me for a game. We agreed on a six stone handicap for Araldo. When Huub arrive, he watched our game. I made some stupid moves, but managed to win with 52 against 41 points. We replayed the first fifty moves. At home I created this game record based on what I could recall about game.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dune Messiah

I finished reading the Dutch translation of Dune Messiah. I started reading this book on October 3 after I bought it on October 1. This is probably the third time I read this book. I am not sure whether I understood as much of the book as I did now when I read the book for the first time. This book is indeed different from the first book of the Dune-chronicals, which reads as an adventure story. This second book goes much deeper, touches on psychology and phylosophy much more. I found it quite interesting and enjoyable to read this book.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Curly kail hotchpotch

Yesterday, Annabel and I did some groceries. For today, we bought the ingredients for curly kail hotchpotch: gherkins, pork cut in cubes, smoked sausage and, of course, freshly cut curly kail. Potatoes we still had at home. Today, Annabel had some friends over, and they wanted to make some eggs, kind like bacon. For this they wanted to use the pork cubes. I fried all the pork cubes, and they used about one third for the eggs. They added some cheese and spices as well. I also had a small part, and it tasted good. Later, they decided to have dinner with another friend and then go watch the film Fame. I still decided to make the hotchpotch, but with less potatoes. After having peeled the potatoes and added the curly kail in the pan, I peeled three red unions and fried them with some olive oil. I also added some Chinese light soy sauce. Before I smashed the potatoes, I removed about half of the curly kail. I added some left over milk with the potatoes. And finally heated one third of the smoked sausage. I made a small dish with some of the smoked sausage and the pork cubes for Andy, and Li-Xia had some herself. I also took a little bit, but added the curly kail with some of the red unions to my usual dish of tomatoes, olives, and sweet pepers. I did not open the bottle of gherkins. And, of course, I kept the leftovers for Annabel to finish tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Magnolia seeds

Some time ago, Annabel had made some remark that our Magnolia in the back garden started to have flowers again, and pointed met at some strange bud with a red colour. Today, I noticed two orange "seeds" in it and discovered that the bud was a seed pod. I cannot remember having seen these before. I took the four seeds from the two seeds pods that I discovered and put them in a pot with some earth from the garden. I left the pot outside.

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