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Diary, February 2014

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ender's Game

I went to see the movie Ender's Game. I had hoped to see it at my birthday last year, but the release of the movie was delayed in the Netherlands to just last week. This was the second week and the movie is only sceduled at 16:20, giving the impression that it is not a big success and will be out of the theater soon. Besides me, there were only eight other in todays screening. I did enjoy the movie and think it is quite a good story. I understand that the book, which I never read, is even much better.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Around 14:08, a Aérospatiale Alouette III helicopter from the Dutch army, the A-247, (which has been used by Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands) landed just across the road from our office building. Everybody walked to the window to see it land and take-off around 14:24. Many pictures were taken. The conditions were not very good with the sun behind the helicopter.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


The books in the window of bookshop Polare read "HOOP", the Dutch for hope. Last Tuesday, the filed for automatic stay, and were granted this by the court. Although the laywer of Polare stated that the shops could reopen soon, nothing has been heard since then. Recently, the website went blank, only showing the logo. Bankruptcy seems imminent.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Temporary reopening

Tuesday, February 12, a judge granted the request for automatic stay for the twenty Polare bookshops in the Netherlands and Belgium. In the past week the liquidator tried sell the shops as a whole to new owners, which failed. Yesterday, he announced that now the shops would be sold apart or in groups, and that for this it would be beter if the shop would reopen. It was also announced that the stock of books in the shop would not be resupplied and that it would also not be possible to order books. The online webshop was already closed some days ago. this morning, I went to have a look the local shop this morning. They had brought all the new books (with still a fixed price) to the low tables in the center of the shop. Those probably have the most worth. They haven't started with a sale, but I guess that an important purpose to reopen the shops is to sell the books in stock to pay the creditors in case of liquidation. I did not buy any book, not being sure who would benefit from it or whether it would have a possitive effect on the continuation of the shop by a new owner.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Leo Vroman

Last Saturday, Leo Vroman died at the age of 98. He is known for being a scientist, a poet and an illustrator. Today, I discovered that he was wrote computer programs using True BASIC. He continued doing this until November 2012 according to the entries on his blog, the latest being 25 November 2012 chaos programa, which has the listing and the resulting images. Far more examples of his computer drawings can be found at image library under "computer drawings". It surprises me that he continued programming until such high age and using rather complicated mathematical functions.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Since Saturday, I have been working on a program for analyzing then files on the many backups that I made on CD's and external drives. The CD's contain incremental backups also including old files that were not backuped for a long time. The program is based on the program that I used to create the selection of files to be put on a CD. Because the original program was quite a mess, actually two programs in one file, and primarily written in C, I basically rewrote it from scratch using C++ classes and reusing parts whenever possible. In the past days I spend at least four hour looking for a nasty bug. It appeared that the g++ compiler I am using does not report an error when a method that should return a value does not have a return statement. I only discovered the error, when I started printing pointers of all involved structures. Some weeks ago, I already had copied all of the CD's on a large external drive. There was only one CD (one of the ones made the latest, and thus being the youngest) that contained a number of files at the end that could not be read. The original progam used a hashing algorithm for identifying files that had changed and the CD's contained files with these hashes. The program can read these files and use them to verify the contents of the backups that were restored on the external drive. For this the hashes for all files had to be recalculated. No corrupted files were found. I have some idea to put the collected files on M-DISC's. These are special DVD's that cost about € 4.00 per disc.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Last Monday, Polare was declared bankrupt. This was to be expected after automatic stay decision. Now that the shops are declared bankrupt, the chances of them being continued by new owner, have increased, because the new owner does not have to deal with the dept of about one million Euro per shop. The employees are now working for the liquidator, and they can so for the next six weeks according to the Dutch law. At 9:35 this morning, I bought the following books from the local bookshop: At 20:25 in the evening, I bought the following book:

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