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Diary, December 2022

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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Advent of Code

I have decided to use literature programming for this years Advent of Code and not to compete with others. See this GitHub repository for my progress. I already made some improvements to MarkDownC. I also started developing a language for Advent of Code puzzles. I have no idea how that is going to work out.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Subsitution patterns

I have been thinking about subsitution patterns for irregular grids of squares and equilateral triangles. If a pattern contains a dodecagon than it is possible to replace it, as shown in this animation. So far, I have not be able come up with other finite patterns not based on a dodecagons. So, I got this idea to see if I could find any in the regular patterns. Below, I made a tool to search for those by showing two patterns on top of each other in the colour red and blue. This gave some interesting results, which can be viewed below. The best chance for interesting combinations are when the numbers shown below the pattern match (or are multiple of each other).

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Red: Both: Blue:

Saturday, December 10, 2022

All combinations

I decided to create a visualization where all combinations of two repeating irregular grids of squares and equilateral triangle patterns that I have generated, where it is also possible to shift the patterns. I also made use of the possiblility of using tranparency to show the overlapping parts as grey. Some combinations result in patterns that do not repeat ever.

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At 15:10:51, I bought the book Historical Atlas Of Rotterdam: The City's Growth Illustrated written by Paul Van De Laar and Mies van Jaarsveld, edited by Lucy Klaassen, translated by Gregory Ball from Historische Atlas van Rotterdam: de groei van de stad in beeld from Dutch into English, published by Sun Uitgeverij on Friday, December 7, 2007 ISBN:9789085061984, from bookshop Broekhuis for € 14.95.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Elementary triangle

Last night, I realized that a more elementary triangle lies at the base of the dodecagon pattern that can be filled in two ways with squares and equilateral triangles. This is elementary triangle is an isosceles triangle with base length of 1 and a height of 1+(√3)/2, which can either be filled with a equilateral triangle on top of a square or a straight line of length 1 on top of a triangle. The dodecagon can be filled with twelve of these elementary triangles. Below some shapes that can be made with these, starting with the dodecagon:

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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Enschede Lights Up

Conny and I went into the city to have a dinner at an Indonesian restaurant. After this we walked to Tourist Info Enschede for a guide for the Enschede Lights Up event. We also were given two glow sticks. We saw the following light works: We also visited bookshop Broekhuis about half way to warm up a bit, because the temperature was about -3° Celsius.

Christmas LEDs

This afternoon, I reprogrammed the the LED strip for Ugly Christmas Sweater Day tomorrow with the ChristmasLEDS.ino program, which shows red and green colours with some white flashes.

Friday, December 16, 2022


In the morning, there was about 2cm of snow. It has been rather cold the last days, so it is not surprising that it is not wet snow. The snow stayed during the day, because the temperature, according to the weather station at Twenthe Airport, did not get above 0° Celcius.

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Advent of Code

Todays puzzle of Advent of Code was relatively easy compare to those of the last two days, which both took me some considerable amount of time. This year, I did not attempt to solve the puzzles as fast as possible. Several times, I have come up with good ideas while being away from the screen, like yesterday evening, when I came up with the solution for the second part of the puzzle while bring Andy back to his place, about a half hour drive in one way direction. Today, I also made some small improvements to MarkDownC and I discovered that using '&&' on the command line causes the following program only to be executed when the previous did not return an error. Now I am using the following command line to process a single MarkDown file for a day:
MarkDownC >p.c; gcc -Wall -g p.c -o p && ./p
This will run the MarkDownC on the input file into the file p.c. If MarkDownC found a parsing error, that error will be written in a unterminated comment. The C compiler will report this and show the line telling where the error is. When the C compiler finds errors in the program it will return with an error status. And finally, when there is no error, the program will be executed.

Sol_HSA has some interesting animations for the puzzles.

The snow that fell Friday morning, has not melted away yet. This night the temperature at Twenthe Airport dropped to -9.4° Celcius. The coldest temperature on record for this day is -11.9° Celcius.

Alternative couplings

This afternoon, I went through some combinations of regular grids of squares and equilateral triangle and I found two interesting patterns which connect four elementary triangles without containing those themselves. They are shown below. The elementary triangles are marked with yellow. Some black triangles are shown to display the fixed border. Also the top and bottom (center) points are fixed.

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I am also thinking about a program which systematically searches combination of regular patters for additional patterns.

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Theo van Doesburg

I paged through the book Theo van Doesburg: oeuvre catalogus about the works of Theo van Doesburg. I noticed that a number of his pattern resembled Street Tile Patterns in the sense that they do not contain point where four tiles touch but only T-like crossings. The patterns I found are: I searched if the manifestos mentioned in the book 100 Artists' Manifestos to which he contributed could also be found amongh his writing mentioned in the book, but did not find them.

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Advance of Code

I woke up early this morning and shortly after six in the morning, I went downstairs to get my laptop. The Advent of Code puzzle was not so complicated for someone who has had an interest in parsing for a long time. I finished it in a little more than half an hour and then spend some time writing some notes about how I arrived at my solution. I was the 1407th person to finish this years Advent of Code.

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Shots of Dune 2021

For my page on Dune 2021 film, I was searching for a list of all shots. I found two images with all the shots: 1938 shots of Dune 2021 enjoy! 8K edition and DUNE - all 2331 individual shots. I discovered it is not easy to display just a part of an image using HTML and CSS. It is relatively easy with JavaScript. I wrote some JavaScript with which the shots from the two images can be compared. You have to provide the URLs for the images, preferable after you have downloaded them, because they are rather large. Pressing the bottom 'next' button causes both shots incremented and the numbers added to the output field. I discovered that they do not really match. So, the actual number of shots might be higher than 2331.

URL for 1939 shots:

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URL for 2331 shots:

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Friday, December 30, 2022

Rijksmuseum Twenthe

This morning, Conny and I visited Rijksmuseum Twenthe. We went there to see The Standard Bearer by Rembrandt, which our government bought for €175 million from the Rothschild family earlier this year and that has been on tour through museums in the Netherlands. This month it was on display here in Enschede.

In the room where The Standart Bearer was on display, there were a number of works by Nour-Eddine Jarram on display, which were inspirted by the painting. (See also Rembrandt meets Nour.) The ones I found notable:

We walked through the museum and seeing the same exhibitions as when we visited the musuem in November. I found the following works notable:

Saturday, December 31, 2022

16.2° Celsius

Just like last year, we will end the year with another weather record. The temperature at Twenthe Airport has gone up to 16.2° Celsius, which breaks the last years record of 13.8° and is also a bit higher than the predicted maximum temperature of 15.9°. Last night the temperature did not drop below 11.1°, which is not really a record, because last year the temperature did not drop below 13.0° during the night, but nevertheless this is still above the average highest temperature for this time of the year.

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