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Various electronic gadgets that I own roughly in the order that I acquired them.


I bought this at the Maker Festival Twente 2015, which was held on Saturday May 30 and Sunday, May 31.

The Things Network node

Noise! synthesizer



ODB II mini

CSR Display Radio Module M1752v4 & M2240v1A HC25

SHA 2017 badge

Brain machine

Brain machine 2

I gave this as a present to a friend.


In some sense more a computer than a gadget.

Creep Cluster

Hyperbrain machine

CampZone 2019 badge

card10 badge

UPDuino v2.0

DM-102: USB to ESP8266

Noise Engine 1

Data Synth

CampZone 2020 "Ærpane" badge

Anet A6 Prusa i3

Twinkly starter light set 105 LEDs

AE Modular

OfferZen Make Event

Arduino kit + LED strip

Nucleo F411RE board

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