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Various electronic gadgets that I own roughly in the order that I acquired them.


I bought this at the Maker Festival Twente 2015, which was held on Saturday May 30 and Sunday, May 31.

The Things Network node

Noise! synthesizer



CSR Display Radio Module M1752v4 & M2240v1A HC25

SHA 2017 badge

Brain machine

Brain machine 2

I gave this as a present to a friend.


In some sense more a computer than a gadget.

Creep Cluster

Hyperbrain machine

CampZone 2019 badge

card10 badge

UPDuino v2.0

DM-102: USB to ESP8266

Noise Engine 1

Data Synth

CampZone 2020 "Ærpane" badge

Anet A6 Prusa i3

Twinkly starter light set 105 LEDs

AE Modular

Gigatron: Hyperbrain machine D1809.html#6b

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