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Diary, October 1996

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Wednesday, October 2, 1996

Pictures of the leaves

The trees outside with their colour full leaves keep on drawing my attention, each time the weather changes the lightning of the scene. I already took three pictures, and have been tempted to take many more.



Annabel woke us up at 5 o' clock in the morning. She is having some weird mood again for the past days. Yesterday morning she woke up screaming at half past 7, and kept on having a bad mood the whole day. Today, she went to day-care, and I hope that that will cured her a little.

Monday, October 7, 1996

Yesterday, we were married for three years. We went to the park where our wedding pictures were taken for the first time since the big day, and took some pictures. Afterwards we went to a Chinese restaurant in town.
Li-Xia had a `Mifang Special', I had a `Nasi Goreng Special' (which is an Indonesian dish), and Annabel had something from both of us.

This morning Li-Xia went to the town hall to hand in her naturalisation appeal to the Queen. They complained about her birth certificate, as it had not been legalised. She understood that this was essential for getting the Dutch nationality. Only after we brought a visit to the town hall we found out that the non-legalised birth certificate is sufficient, but that they would like to have a legalised one.

To get a legalised birth certificate, you have to:

  1. Get a legalised birth certificate from the police department in your city of birth in China, with an accompanying letter to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. Bring it to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to get a signature affirming the validity of the birth certificate, and request them to send it by signed mail to the Dutch Embassy in Beijing.
  3. Go to the Dutch Embassy, and get it from them, after they have put their signature on it.
It is a pity we did not know this before we went to China last summer. The funny thing is that we have been in the Dutch Embassy (for another matter) when we stayed in Beijing last August. Now we have to go into all the trouble of asking friends in Beijing for help, and sending around all the documents, and paying the fees. My estimate is that this will at least cost us $100.

(Good news)

Tuesday, October 8, 1996

When eating my breakfast, I was phoned by the man we talked to
yesterday at the town hall. He told me that after discussing the matter with his superior they have decided to accept Li-Xia's birth certificate as legal. I am very thankful about this, as it saves us a lot of trouble in having to obtain a legalised birth certificate.


Wednesday, October 9, 1996

My father saw the development of the radio. I saw the development of the computer. My daughter will see the development of virtual reality. Yesterday, she played for the first time with some educational software which was pre-installed on a computer (Olliveti Envision) we bought not so long ago. Her fingers did touch the track-ball and one of the buttons, and sometimes she really did something.

PMG and virtual TMG meetings

Today there was a PMG (Project Management Group) meeting of the TransCoop project in Darmstadt. Today, we also were having an exceptional high number of email exchanges about technical matters. Due to some organisational changes all of the PMG members do not have knowledge of all of the technical details, so during the breaks there were many phone calls being made as well. This made me conclude we had a virtual TMG (Technical Management Group) meeting.

Monday, October 14, 1996

Annabel's second birthday

Two years ago, Annabel was born. And again the weather is nice. Last year it was also nice. When we woke her up this morning, it did not feel as if it was her birthday, because we already celebrated it yesterday. We did not give her all her presents yet. It seems better to give them one by one. She got a lot of Lego, too much maybe. When I said this yesterday, one of my sisters replied with: You can never have enough of it. Anyway, I still I think it is better to not give it all at once.

Somehow, I missed my parents, who could not attend because they are on some round trip through Indonesia. On Saturday, I was all the time looking forward to them coming, and then realizing again that they would be able to attend. This made me feel like it was less of a birthday party then I had in mind. Now, I understand a little more, how it is if one of your beloved ones has passed away.

My parents had said that they would phone every week, but it seems they have difficulties finding a phone with which they can make international phone calls. We had the same problem when we were in Beijing last summer.


Last weekend I also managed to get a first version of the Acorn Atom Emulator running. It was great to see the start-up window on my screen. I have send an announcement to comp.emulators.misc.

Pictures of Leaves

Susan and I again took some pictures of the leaves of the trees outside. This time a 200mm lens was used for some close-up pictures.


Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Shinzou Maeda

I made a
page about Shinzou Maeda, based on the information I found in the books that I own. I also found some pictures by him on the net, and decided to use one as my background image.

Yesterday evening, I typed the list of publications from the back of the three books I have of Shinzou Maeda, in order that I could mail them to Gabriel Laderman of Zita Books.

Wednesday, October 16, 1996


I have stolen the chestnut which Annabel had found the other day, as a compensation for the trouble she has been causing us last night. And when I say night, I mean the period of the day that starts at 12 o' clock and ends at 6. She has been awake for 4 of the 6 hours! And that is not funny.

(follow-up on the chestnut)

We hope that it is caused by the medicine (anti-biotics) she has been getting for one week now, and are finished by today, otherwise we are definitely going to visit a doctor. We do not understand how she can manage with so less sleep. Many children of her age sleep at least 12 hours per day, but she manages with 8 or less, leaving us no time to do some of the jobs that have to be done around the house.

Saturday, October 19, 1996


Almost every Saturday we go shopping in city centre of Enschede. The city centre is a car-free area mainly filled with shops, bars, restaurants and some general building. I think that Enschede has a very nice city centre, which is hard to explain to anybody who has not visited it.

We parked our car with the parking place of Li-Xia's office, which is free of charge for us. We first went to a kind of drug store to catch some prints of photographs. Our experience over the past has shown us that they have the best quality for a cheap price. Nowadays, we need about 3 to 4 prints of each picture we take: one for Annabel's album, one for our album, and the others to be send or given to family and friends.

Li-Xia also wanted to look for a new brush, and while she was doing this, I noticed a couple who were visually talking about whether they should buy a certain kind of bottle (shampoo or such). I noticed that the man was wearing a hearing aid, so apparently he (and may also she) was deaf. I enjoyed watching them communicate. After Li-Xia had payed for the pictures and the brush, we decided that she would go ahead to the Yves Rouche beauty shop, and that I would follow her slowly, because Annabel has given us troubles at this particular shop, as seemed to be magically attracted by all the products on display.

Half way the shop, I waited at the square in front of the town hall, where there were many pigeons. While we were looking they suddenly flew up in the sky and circled between the buildings that surrounded the square, and I decided to continue.

The next shop we attended was the baby house, where we looked for a car seat for Annabel. It was rather quiet in the show, so we talked a lot with the owners. They were surprised that you had to speak Dutch if you wanted to be a Dutch citizen. Over and over again, I noticed that many people do not know about the problems that foreigners experience in our country. It made recall a TV program by a extreme right wing party that was broadcasted yesterday evening. (In the Netherlands there are many political parties, some of which carry extreme views, but they all have a equal right to broadcast political messages.)

I brought a short visit at a small second hand photo camera shop, while Li-Xia was waiting outside with Annabel, just to check whether he had any zoom lenses. It seems that there are more and more cameras in his shop every time I visit it. The owner made a remark (to the only other customers in the shop) stating he was not married, which was what I had expected. He is an example of the rare kind of shop owners who are making money out of their hobby (collecting cameras in his case).

At a small square (close to some bookshops) we decided to split up. Just before we did so, we met a Chinese friend of us. Li-Xia immediately started to talk Chinese, so I decided to bring a short visit to two of the bookshops. In the first bookshop, De Slegte, I saw two interesting books: one about threes, and the other about landscape art. Both are about $30, which is a good price, I think. In the other bookshop, I noticed that time was running faster than I had expected, and that I had to leave for McDonald's (that is where we had agreed upon to meet again) soon. I never seem to have enough time to look around in bookshops. But on the other hand, I know that visiting bookshops makes me weary.

While walking to McD, a came to a small square, upon which there are two large trees. And while trod with my feet through the many leaves, I noticed a crowd in front of a fashion shop. They were having a miss <name-of-the-shop> election. Earlier on, I already had wondered about what seemed to be a white mattress in front of the shop.

At McD, I found Li-Xia waiting for me. I ordered the usual: a hamburger menu, and two hamburgers. When we have finished, we decided to split up again. She went to the open air market to buy some vegetables, and I went to a electronics shop, to ask whether the power adapter of my CD player has been repaired (or substituted by another one). It had not come back yet.

After Li-Xia found us again, there is only one thing left to buy: fresh milk. Our local store were we usually buy milk, did not have fresh milk, at least not really fresh milk. We decided to split up again. I ended up watching this miss election again. It was not very interesting at all, because the girls took a long time to get dressed, and I wondered why all the other people were watching. I felt I only watched because Annabel was quiet. Annabel felt asleep (as usual) when we drove home.

Tuesday, October 22, 1996

The leaves are gone

Almost all the leaves are gone, in just one weekend it seems. Yesterday, there still were some, now the tops of the trees are empty, and will remain empty until the next spring.


PhD research

Yesterday, I talked with
Peter Apers about possible topics for my PhD research, which I am allowed to do after the TransCoop project is finished.


Thursday, October 24, 1996

Exceptional weather

The past two days it has been exceptional warm for the time of the year.

This morning I was waiting on Susan's room, while she was phoning with Jürgen. My eyes started wandering over her white board, which hasn't been weeped for a long time. The longer I watched the more I saw. I have asked her to take a picture of it, and put it on the web. Maybe, I make a clickable map of it, with explanations about what everything means.

Sunday, October 27, 1996

When I write this it would still be Saturday, according to winter time. This night the clock will be turned back one hour. Outside the moon is shining through thin clouds, sheep clouds we call them here. I am sitting in the dark, except with the TV and the computer switched on. On one hand I feel tired, but on the other hand I still would like to do something: write about all the movies that I saw today.

This afternoon (Saturday afternoon to be precise), there were two Chinese movies were shown in the Dish hotel in Enschede by the department for education of the Chinese ambassady for all the students at the University and at the ITC. The movies were 16mm movies projected on a white wall (with some nails), and the quality of the projection (and the sound) was not very high.

The first movie was played in Macau (the Spanish Hong Kong), where a Spanish man felt in love with a Chinese girl with long hair. Afterwards, several Chinese remarked to Li-Xia that the movie was about us. There are indeed some similarities: Li-Xia does have long hair, and I also love her beautiful hair. (But I am not Spanish!)

The second movie was completely different. It was about a boy and a girl, who were send to Moscow just before the Second World War. The girl ended up in the hands of a crazy German general who decorated her back with a tatoo. (This movie was based on a real story.) The cruelties of this cannot be understood by those who have not experienced them by themselves. Wars are the most evil things in the world, and a sure proof of the evil which lives in human beings.

This evening on TV there was a movie about the life of Joseph based on the story found in the book Genesis. They gave some interesting twists to the story, as for example Joseph telling his story to Pontifar, after Pontifar's wife has falsely accused him of trying to rape her. Nevertheless, I found the general story biblically accurate and very interesting to see.

The last movie I saw, which was still going on when I started writing this, was about a man who had a very expensive collection of China, which had disappeared after his death.

Monday, October 28, 1996

About scientifical research

It seems to me that science has become far more an economical endaviour than a search for knowledge for the profit of all. Nowadays, scientists are competing with each other to get there papers published, because directly or indirectly their funds are based on their production of papers. Production of papers is taken as a mark of quality. Although there is some truth in this, it does not stimulate cooperation.

At the brink of the Information Age, scientists should no longer be forced to compete in writing papers, but be encouraged to work together to make scientifical knowledge known to all in a structured manner. The Word Wide Web seems to be such a nice tool for making up-to-date annotated bibliographies for existing scientifical papers, as a means of bringing scientists together. Scientists should be rewarded for investing their time in making knowledge available.

Wednesday, October 30, 1996

Off-topic postings

Reading the
C.S. Lewis newsgroup, which is about famous Christian writer, I found a posting with the subject: Legs Nylons, High Heels & More - chkusout.jpg (1/1), containing a uuencode JPEG picture. For a second, I thought that this might be a nice example of an off-topic posting to be put on this page. So, I copied the file, and decoded it, and found that it contained two pictures of woman legs with nylons, and a URL. I could not resist the temptation to follow this reference (which I will not include here), although I could have guessed its contents, only to find the front page of a site with pornographic material.

Yes, I confess, I did have a short peek inside, but backed-out before I did see anything at all. It seems, that I, as a Christian, do not grow stronger in resisting the temptations of the world. True spirtual strength lies in the continuous acknowledgement of one's total lack of strength in resisting evil. Apostle Paul wrote (in Romans chapter 7 verse 24):

And as an answer to this question he says (in the next verse):


I found an announcement about a page with an introduction about seagulls.

Contribution to deliverable

I just discovered that my contribution to the TransCoop Deliverable VII.1 consists of 21 pages, the largest contribution page wise. The reason for this is simple, it is a source listing in an appendix. Thus, effort wise, it is not such a big contribution at all. The others worked much harder on their pieces of text.

Usage sort algorithm

Jon Haugsand posted the following on the rec.puzzles newsgroup: The best answer given sofar, was given by Ilias Kastanas:


Thursday, October 31, 1996

Astonished by the colours of the fall

The past weeks I have been driving through a forest lane to get to the daycare centre where Annabel is going to. The last week the trees have been thinning out alot, and in combination with the yellowing of the leaves this produces some beautiful bright colours, almost like you were ridding through sunlite road, although the sky was clouded. I am afraid that this facinating effect cannot be captured on photograph.

Usage sort (cont'd)

The past day, I have been thinking about this usage sort. On the newsgroup there only has been a discussion on how to interpret it. I interpreted it in the correct way, but others in a different way.

What you have to do, I think, is draw a graph with points for the books and lines between each of the two books that are in the correct order. With each possible rearrangement of the books, you have the look at the resulting graph. Now write down the squares of the number of lines connected to each of the points. Pick the arragement of which the sum of the squares is the highest.

Lets look at an example: Given the sequence 6, 1, 3, 4, 5, what is the best place to fit in book 2?

Which makes 6, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 the best rearrengement.

Lets look at the sequence: 6, 2, 3, 4, 5 with book 1 to be inserted. The only two sensible candidates are:

The best rearrengement is: 1, 6, 2, 3, 4, 5.


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