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Diary, May 1997

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Sunday, May 11, 1997


We, that is Susan and me, just checked in the Weinmichael Hotel in Darmstadt after we arrived by train.

The last time we came here with the same train was in December last year. Then it was already getting dark when we entered Germany. When driving through the city in the taxi, I saw the last sun rays paint the houses red. The train took us along the Rhein, and we searched for castles (and ruins) on the other side of the river. We also wondered how the vineyards against the steep hill are kept. These were all the things we missed the last time. I was thinking that I should have taken my camera, but I also realized that the pictures would have turned out kind of boring in a way.

We almost finished our dinner. I had Rahmspinat mit spiegelei, spinach with two sunny-side-up eggs on top of a plate, and a basket with fried potato slices. Susan had some kind of noddles with cheese and fried onions on top.

Monday, May 12, 1997

San Remo Pizzeria Eiscafe

We are sitting in the Italian Restaurant San Remo. We were told that this was a true Italian restaurant, with Italian kind of service. The whole day we have been integrating TransCoop software and finishing the last reports. Susan is drinking Hefe-weizen, some kind of beer.

And while we were waiting suddenly everything happened at the same time. Our Finish colleagues came passing by at the "window" (we were sitting in some kind of tent), and Susan talked with Olli. We had told them that we would be here. They already finished eating. They had taken some kebab. And while Susan talked, the waiters brought our dishes and soap, and managed to put everything at the wrong place first. And only then they dropped some forks and knifes on the table. But we enjoyed the food!


Tuesday, May 13, 1997

Dividing numbers in groups

The puzzle is to divide numbers starting from 1 into a number of groups such that in each group there are no two numbers that when added together are equal to another number in the group. Yesterday. someone claimed that he found a solution for four groups with the numbers 1 to 66. I wrote a program to scan all solutions which needed a whole night to run to find 29931 unique solutions with the 66 numbers. No solutions with 67 numbers are known.

Monday, May 19, 1997

And Adam remained silent

Again I was surprised by the depth of
the story in Genesis 3. Last Friday I was looking at a book called The Silence of Adam by Larry Crabb (ISBN 0-310-48530-4) in which the question `Why did Adam remain silent?' was stated. Everybody knows this story (and if you don't you should have known it) of the snake tempting Eve to eat the fruit of the tree. And then at the end of verse 6 it simply states that she gave the fruit to her husband, and that Adam also ate from the fruit. He did not open his mouth, he simply remained silent.

And then in a split second I recognized myself standing there and remaining silent as well. God has made me into a man, but often (most of the time), I am not the man that I should be. This world needs true man. I am called to be a true man. And it is possible, if I do not remain silent, but speak out when I should.

This made me think about the day I experienced spring in my heart in March this year.

Wednesday, May 21, 1997


This afternoon we went to the hospital for an ultrasound. (Yes, we are expecting a second child, if you hadn't
guessed it yet; around October 9.) The gyneacologist could not find any defects or abnormalities. About six weeks ago, during the first ultrasound the fetus was diagnosed with a nuchal fold of 3.6 mm, which is currently believed to indicate an increased risk for trisomy. Todays findings indicate that there is no reason to believe there is a increased risk.

Thursday, May 22, 1997

DBPL'97 Workshop

This morning, I received an email stating that our paper called Integrating organisational and transactional aspects of cooperative activities has been excepted for the 6th International Workshop on Database Programming Languages (DBPL). Because I am the first author, I probably have the privledge to attent this workshop, which will be held in the Aspen Lodge in Estes Park, Colorado, August 18-20, 1997. David Spelt also got a paper accepted, so it is likely we will be traveling together.


Monday, May 26, 1997

Engine 120 104/5

Yesterday evening the train engine 120 104/5 broke down just outside
Darmstadt. I know, because I was in one of the wagons attached to it. They had to get another engine all the way from Frankfurt. I was delayed for almost two hours. When I phoned Li-Xia, she was just looking up the number of the hotel, in order to try to contact me.

Someway, it was a nice train trip. I again bought a one liter bottle with orange juice in Duisburg, and managed to finish it before arriving in Mainz, just like two weeks ago. This time, I did have a book with me. I almost finished reading The Silence of Adam.

I think, I am going to walk over to GMD now, after having finished breakfast.

San Remo Pizzeria (Cont'd)

I am again sitting in the same restaurant as 13 days ago, and I have ordered the same dishes. Typically for me to do this. Once I found something that I think is okay, I stick to it. Only when I am with others, I will try something new. This time, the plastic curtain/window has been opened. The wheather is nice.

I have been looking around the shops before I came here. I have thought about buying something for Li-Xia, as she has her birthday tomorrow. Last Friday, I already ordered 30 red rozes to be delivered tomorrow.

When I phoned home this evening, Annabel was too tired to talk on the phone. Lately this is often the case now she doesn't sleep anymore during the day.

This time they did bring the soup first. Currently, I am waiting for the pizza.

Bier Gärten

It's past 9, and we (Olli, Jürgen, and I) are sitting outside in the `Bier Gärten' (Beer garden, as you might have guessed). It is quite busy in this place, mainly young people. There seems to be several of these bier gärten around here. We are sitting on wooden benches under the threes, and the beer is sold in a small wooden hut in the middle of the garden. Coloured lights are hanging between the trees.

Monday, May 27, 1997


In Duisburg, on the way home from Darmstadt, I missed my connection with the Rembrandt Eurocity to Arhnem. I had to wait for almost 2 hours for the next train.
Again I am having bad luck with trains. Of course, I phoned home to inform Li-Xia about it, and when I did this, heared that my 30 rozes finally were delivered at half past 6 in the evening. A little later than I had expected.

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