Logbook Uru: Ages Beyond Myst

On this page, I keep a logbook of my explorations of Uru: Ages Beyond Myst. It is an almost verbatim copy of the notes that I made, so don't expect it to be grammatically correct or understandable. It is not a walk through, but I guess it can be understood by someone that played the game. Before I started this log, I already had walked around the game a little, when trying to install it, and tried to discover why it kept on crashing on one of my computers. Remarks that I added latter are in italics. For hints I looked at the UHS Uru hints page.

Session 1: Evening of October 1, 2005

10:15 Walked along the carvan and went into the cave. Into the room. (I already knew how to do that). Examend other room. Tried blue button -> both dont work. Discovered machine on table and that symbols can be changed. 10:25 Discovered drawing on wall. 10:30 Set same symbols on device. pressed middle button. Nothing happened. looked around a little more, discovered basin button. Also did not do anything. Went to room on otherside of the bridge with holes. Just ran over it. 10:50 Went outside and looked at telescope (from Riven). Walked over to carcas. 10:54 Switched on wind mill. 10:57 Back in the room. Lights are working now 10:58 "basin" green button just gives a flash. 11:02 listened to message twice 11:08 The switch in the second room needs to be switched on as well! (I already had it switched on.) 11:09 Opened the other door 11:10 Played with the basket. It can move up and down. Then went to touch it. Touched the one on the carvan and behind the notice. 11:22 Then on the skeleton. 11:27 The guy says: Sometimes you have to close one door to open another. 11:32 Closed the first door, went out through other door. crossed bridge and found last cloth with hand symbol. 11:36 Quit -> Saved?? Cummulative playing time: 1:26

Session 2: Afternoon of October 2, 2005

During the afternoon, when I watched Annabel play the game, I realized that the door was in the tree. Annabel went into the three and started to examine the purple(?) world. 17:24 (Started at the same starting place, made me doubt whether the game was saved, but when I saw the moving wind mill, my doubts disappeared.) 17:29 went down the ladder in the tree 17:30 Found book 17:31 used it. 17:34 "Relto" (Annabel says: "Outside you can find books") 17:44 Found the books after having changed my appearance some what. Went to the "yellow" world. 17:47 Walked around the hut and found the first cloth 17:49 crossed bridge. Button does not work. 17:50 went outside. The sun moves very fast. 17:52 turned left and went up. Found yellow button with number 3 on it. Pushed it. => nothing happened. 17:55 Push handle. => also no response. 17:59 Walked further. Stopped at the end. 18:00(Stopped and left game running) Cummulative playing time: 2:02.

Session 3: Evening of October 2, 2005

20:02 pulled handle at end of high path -> only made some sound 20:06 climbed in basket. 20:09 walked back 20:12 went back to platform with three handles. One cannot be moved. 20:19 Went back to the hut in the mountain. 20:22 pushed at the handle besides the yellow number 3 button. Something went up. 20:26 looked through the telescope 20:29 Aimed it at the rotating sun! Everything seems to run now => lots of noise. 20:30 Went to the toilet 20:35 back 20:39 The elevator near the hust seems still not to work. 20:45 Went to the handle at the end. 20:53 Both handles can be switched on at the same time. 21:00 Walked around some more. I am stuck! Quit the game. Cummulative playing time: 3:00.

Session 4: Night of October 7, 2005

22:52 Start back on Relto. Cannot go to yellow world. 22:55 Book is inside. Used it. 23:04 The third handle does not work. Tried some more. 23:17 The cable start to run! 23:20 I got a basket in the right place. 23:21 I tried to jump in, but I was too late. 23:24 Got a second one standing in the right position. 23:26 Third attempt. I don't like this. I got in. 23:28 Looking around upstairs. Another telescope. I don't understand. what I can do with it. Only zoom. 23:36 Played with handles. Stopped the cable. 23:38 I found the light switches. The bottom one is for here. But what are the others for. Let's just switch them on. The top one is for some floor lights. 23:48 Decided to use elevator. Blue button does not work. 23:54 The elevator is stuck. 23:56 Found the lock stopping it. First back to the panel. 23:59 Down stairs again. The water is gone. I hear some sound. Could not open trapdoor. 24:01 Went up, and discovered that you can go even higher. 24:03 Found second hand. 24:04 Opened window. Looked at desk. Found a map with numbers. 24:08 Drawing with D'ni numbers 1 and 7. (That is 32) 24:09 Another telescope. Empty mountain. 24:12 Found page for book. Do not want to use it now. 24:14 Found the book under the aquarium, with a linking page. Decided to use it. Looked at the paintings. 24:15 Investigated desk. There is a note of Marie to Dr. Watson. With DRC stamp. "Noloben is NOT empty". A map of the "world". Read about one third of the journal. Then walked over to telescope. 24:27 Used the linking cloth. Back to another world it seems. No not another world. 24:30 Cannot go anywhere. Use linking page I found aquarium room. Does not work. Is some kind of switch. Goes on/off. Used the linking book to Relto. 24:35 Found new book, that I found in aquarium room. Used it. 24:45 Went back to aquarium room. Downstairs with elevator. 1:09 Found cloth in control room. Still four to go. 1:13 Right button in control room, does control trapdoor downstairs. Went down the trapdoor. 1:23 Found forth hand cloth. 1:28 Pattern of buttons matches map! First tried stepping on them. Then putting stones on them in right order. But it did not work. 2:04 Quit! Then look at UHS hints. "Notice the symbols besides the plates". Started Uru again and looked if I could find any symbols near the plates. Could not find any. 2:15 Quit again. And read more of the hints. Now, I know what I should do. I don't think I would have discovered this by myself. 2:18 Quit for real. Cummulative playing time: 6:26.

Session 5: Night of October 8, 2005

20:55 Started 20:57 Jumped to yellow world, to the prison. 20:58 Numbers down are 1, 3, and 5 21:02 Does not work. Put stones on 2, 4, 6, and 7 20:05 Its open. 21:07 MOved one of the levers. Other door opens 21:11 Jumped over the bridge. Went into the building, and looked around. 21:15 went up the stair 21:16 Found another door with hand. 21:17 Fifth hand cloth. Turned left. Another telescope. 21:20 See another cloth. 21:21 Walked till the end of the peer 21:23 Machine just runs for a few seconds. 21:24 Looked at light in the floor. 21:25 Outside again. There is handle here. Let's try it. It lowers a kind of dam. 21:26 Moved it up again. 21:29 Touched the stone door again. Did not open. Walking back. 21:31 Outside, I discover that the cloth (sixth) is very close. Tried to jump on boxex 21:34 found a way to climb on it. 21:36 Jumped to the other side. Touched the sixth cloth. 21:44 I discover, I cannot go back the way I came. The machine there does the same as the one at the end of the peer. I just remembered that I touched one more cloth. Went to see if it is enough to open the door. 21:49 No, it is not. 21:50 Jumped of the bridge. I thin I go back to the starting place. Or to read the notebook. Used the Relto link book. 21:53 I am in the study room. 21:54 You can indeed move the telescope around with the right mouse button doen. 22:20 Finished reading. Apparently it is save to leave the dam down. Used linking book. Studied desk. 22:24 Looked through telescope. 22:27 Took elevator down. Switched baskets on again. Tried to look around with telescope. Does not work. 22:31 Toucged cloth at hut. Went down trapdoor. Searched for cloth at bottom basin. 22:38 Went down further. 22:42 Back in prison. Have to remove stone from 6. Walked all the bay back to stone door. Looked through telescope. 22:57 Blue button makes it shoot something. 23:02 Shot two bags. Ladder came down. 23:01 Climbed ladder. 23:02 Found the seventh cloth. 23:06 Down the stair into the other room. Back down stairs again. There was a hidden door. 23:08 At the stone door. 23:11 I jumped of the cliff, into the stars only to arrive at Relto. Maybe I should have waited till the end of the message. Went back, but the messages did not play. The men was "off". (Annabel watched a little) 23:20 Went into the blue world. 23:25 found a linking book. Decided not to use it yet 23:28 Touched the blue light. Nothing happened. 23:30 Dropped down. Found paper. 23:36 Went in again. And looked if there was any way out. 23:41 Decided to try the linking cloth. Brings me to a strange balcony. A dead end again. 23:46 Back to Relto. 23:47 Went into the other world. Turned right. 23:49 Found telescope. Not a telescope. Some switching device. 23:52 Some pattern. 23:56 Left also has sucg a thing with a similar "telescope". 24:00 Another linking cloth. 24:03 Walked back to the starting point and turned the other way. Found another one. 24:04 And a new linking book. 24:08 Fell of a cliff. I am back in Relto. Looked in "green" world. Took the right turn. Closed the vents at the end. 24:25 Jumped down. Could not close it. Pressure is too high. I fall down and die. Very terrible world. 24:27 Back at Relto. I now have six books. Went into purple world. Want to use linking book I found there. 24:30 Going there. Found another linking book. (back to purple world, as I had expected. Watced the display with the turning things. Interesting. There are six of them. Must be some code. 24:35 Walked up the stairs. Under the night sky. Cannot walk further. 24:38 Found some symbols on the wall. Seems to be key to "telescope". 24:40 Copied them. 24:55 Went back. 24:59 Got the one close to the linking book to match the top one. 1:05 I could not get the blue one right. 1:15 Looks like they are linked?? 1:17 Got the blue one right. A door opens. 1:18 Pushed blue button. Something cannot go back. 1:21 Walked down. Pushed blue button. Light appears. Very complex pattern of circles. I do not recognize it. 1:27 I realize I am really stuck. (There are only 32 combinations.) I touched the cloth, which means that I return here, if I do come back here. 1:50 Tried to do all combinations. Did not work. 1:52 I can go to the puzzle information room. That is nice. 1:56 Found something that might be it. 2:03 Looks like you have to set them all correctly again. 2:30 Looks like the lights are correct and still it does not work. 2:33 Looked up the hints. 2, 3, and 5 are lit: You have to walk the dark path! (I thought I did that!) 2:38 Went into purple world again. I do not get it. 2:54 You have to walk to the center. Now that is a little far fatched!! Went back and solved it. Walked to pyramid and studied it a little. Then went back and push button. No cloth. Jumped of the cliff. 3:15 Quit. Cummulative playing time: 12:46.

October 9, 2005

Today, I helped Annabel playing. In the afternoon, I helped her play the purple world. Made extensive notes of the symbols on the wall of the "hint" age. After Annabel had found the pyramid. I also made a map of the symbols on the floor of the pyramid (From 14:35 till 15:00). I studied, but I could not find any pattern. All together, I spend about one hour playing. So cummulative playing time is 13:46.

In the evening, I walked with Annabel through the yellow world. She found many things by herself, but as usual, I also helped her a little, especially with telling her things that she could ignore. There are many dead ends in that world. It took her about one and half hour to finish the world. I discovered that I had to take the totem pole with me. I did not realize that because I missed the last part of the messages. So, I will have to go back later.

Just before I went to bed, I studied the tile pattern of the pyramid that I had drawn on a piece of paper, and I think I found the solution. I noticed a path just consisting of one type of symbols also found in the "hint" age.

October 10, 2005

13:24 I just an idea for the "green" island while being in the restrooms. I wonder what happens if you step on the last lid just before it jumps of again. Maybe you are ejected to another place.

Session 6: Night of October 10, 2005

21:32 Went into purple world. 21:43 Arrived at pyramid. Pushed button. Different pattern appeared. 21:50 Walked over the hexagons. Then suddenly it went down. It keeps going up and down. There is a blue button downstairs. 21:54 Stopped

22:22 Made the stones go up. 22:28 Found hand cloth. Continued. I am downstairs again. 22:32 The blue button is some kind of reset button. I experimented some more. 22:35 Went back, noticed another cloth. The third so far. Decided to go up again. 22:38 Switched of blue light. It just keeps moving. 22:42 Decided to walk the "blue" route. Nothing happened. 22:44 The dome is not open. Maybe I have to push the button down stairs? Have some idea that everything will go down. 22:47 pushed the blue button. The up and down movement stopped. Trapped again. 22:49 Jumped down from the top. Survived it. 22:52 Decided to jump down into the abyse. Died and went back to Relto. 22:53 Went into green world. It is dark now, with two moons. 22:58 Tried to get through some cliff. Impossible. 23:01 Noticed hand cloth on the side of the lave stream. 23:03 Tried to eject myself. Jumped only a little. Then closed it again. Stood on it and nothing happened. Maybe they all went off at the same time? Yes it looks like this. 23:07 Jumped and died. Time to quit. Cummulative playing time: 14:49.

Session 7: Night of October 11, 2005

20:36 Started 20:38 Went into "blue" world. It looks like it is turning round. Ik looked around very careful. Annabel said it was easy if you know what you have to do (she already found it.) I tried the machine several times. But it does nothing. 20:54 Annabel says you can jump over chasm. 20:56 I jumped over it. (Annabel needed five tries.) 21:00 Went into a room on the right. Climbed on top of something. 21:01 found first hand cloth. 21:02 Climbed up on other side. 21:04 I fell down. Found another cloth. 21:08 One pylon dropped. 21:09 I am on the other side. I see something turn. I looked out of the window. 21:11 Looked at the turning wall. 21:12 There is no where to go. 21:15 I am downstais again. Also a dead end. 21:19 Decided to go up again. 21:21 Maybe I can walk the other way at the top of the climb. 21:22 I succeeded. But it looka like just another dead end. Crossed safely to the other side. Looked in the crack. There is a way to jump through it. Not too difficult, I think. 21:29 I am through it. I cannot use F1. Strange. I see some other exits. I jumped, but then something strange happened. A software glitch. I am stuck half way. I tried to jump back, but I died. 21:39 I am back at the same spot. 21:41 Found third hand cloth. 21:43 Found paddle at the wheel. And another one. They do not have effect. (I pulled the most right handle.) It looks like there are some kind of breaks on the wheel. 21:52 If I stand on something a pillar goes up. I noticed that the light near the paddles are on. Tried to stap on them. But it seems I was too slow. 21:53 Second try. 21:54 Third try. Fourth and Fifth time. Last time, I even ran back and forth. 21:58 Pulled second handle and tried again. I noticed that there are also some lights on the handles. 22:01 Maybe I should pull them when they are on. Pulled second one. 22:02 Try to pull them all. I pulled the first ont. It stayed on. 22:04 Try the others now. Second and third don't do anuthing. 22:06 Pull firs. 22:07 Came back. Pressed first paddle. And then second. 22:08 Still no success. 22:14 I managed to get the brakes down, but it seems you have to run to the second handel. This is terrible! No fun puzzle. 22:20 Finally, I succeeded. The wheel is spinning. I pulled the third and fourth handle. Nothing happened. 22:25 Doors open automatically. Took left door. Not all doors open automatically. I am back where I started. Only blue doors open. 22:28 I am back in control room. Switched fourth off. 22:30 Fourth on, third off. 22:32 Switched third on again. Let's go downstrairs. 22:35 Still can not get communicator. 22:36 Some green light is on. It's and elevator, which brings me to the roof it seems. Looked around a little. 22:40 It looks like I can jump to the other building. 22:42 But I first want to try other elevator. There is nothing more to discover. Very impressive. 22:49 I fell off, when I tried to jump on. But luckily, I did press the fourth hand cloth. 22:51 I am back again. Jumped and missed again. 22:54 Third attempt. Success! Waited for it to make a full turn, just to see if there is maybe another "exit". It seems not to be the case. This is a beautiful world. 22:59 I went in. Just walked straight to the center. 23:03 There is a chair, but I cannot sit down. 23:06 Found room with table. On the table is a book with note on it. Something about a link stone in the upper levels. Read the report. According to the book, I am in the conference room. 23:20 Finished reading. Fount hand cloth. Fifth. 23:21 There seems to be a map on the wall. 23:27 At other conference room. This one is "empty". How to get down? Found linking cloth on chair. 23:48 Could not find a way down. I will try the linking cloth. Again goes to a balcony. A dead end. 23:52 Decided to quit. Looked at hints for this age. Just to discover I ahve done everything there is to do. Also looked for the hints for the purple aga. Again something that I would never have figured out by myself. To far fetched. Cummulative playing time: 18:05.

Session 8: Evening of October 14

22:33 Started 22:36 Jumped into "purple" world. Ran till the pyramid. 22:41 Jumped over chasm. Found a sheet with a green tree symbol. Looked around. Enjoyed the view. 22:45 You cannot walk further. 22:47 Jumped back, went into pyramid. 22:50 The blue light did not want to go on. 22:54 Walked the blue pattern. Went down and touched cloth. 22:57 I pulled 4, 1, 2, 1, but nothing happened. Climbed the stair to the top. Nothing. Decided to jump down. 22:58 Bact at Relto. 23:04 Jumped into hint world. 23:09 I read the code 4, 4, 1, 2. Maybe this is unique for each game. 23:11 Went back. 23:17 At the handles. Climbed up. Could not find anything. Maybe have to revert numbers into 1, 1, 4, 3. No that too is not eight. Maybe try 4, 1, 1, 2. 23:23 Again nothing happened. 23:26 Quit the game. On the hint page it says that the code is 1, 4, 1, 2. Cummulative playing time: 18:58

Session 9: Afternoon of October 15

During this session I was interrupted several times 13:54 Started 13:57 Jumped to the purple "hint" age from Relto. 13:58 There is indeed a red four instead of red one on the wheel. 13:59 Jumped back to Relo. 14:00 Jumped with cloth into the "purple" world. 14:02 Reset and did 1, 4, 1, 2. Something comes down. 14:07 Climbed up. It is quit dark here. (Is it because I used the jumping cloth?) 14:08 Started to walk. 14:10 Looked down. I cannot see the bottom. 14:12 Study the panel with six buttons and made a drawing of it. 14:19 Decided to walk further. 14:21 Looks like something on the door. Went to toilet and studied my notes. 14:35 Took break.

14:44 Back. 14:46 Switched them all off. Then they went on again. You have to press them in a certain order. Only 24 combinations. Had to stop again.

15:23 Came back from break 15:24 Sum of numbers are all different. Press them from low to high. Did not work. 15:25 From high to low. Also does not work. 15:26 Just try all combinations. 15:33 Half way. 15:37 It is not 24 combinations. It is 6x5x4x3x2x1 = 20x36=720 combinations. A little too much to try them all. 15:46 Maybe you have to walk there before you see some effect. Thried from low to high. Nothing happened. Maybe start with the number that the line goes to. 15:50 Clockwise. Did not work 15:53 Counter clock-wise. No, I made a mistake with clockwise. 15:55 Still does not work. Maybe first from high-to-low. 15:56 No success. Let's see counter clock wise 15:58 Also does not work. I am fed up. Go away. 16:00 Back in Relto. 16:01 Went into "green" world. It is light again. The stones cannot be moved. 16:13 Suddenly realize that I can go to the cloth. I will close all vent's. 16:18 Jumped to platform with cloth. Pressed it. 16:20 Jumped off, but jumped over vent in the middle. I am stuck again. 16:22 I jump off. Back to Relto. Quit. Went to look for some hints. 16:26 Six vents. Did I close six? "there is a wall that is just a little high to jump over" 16:28 Looked at the hints for the six buttons. 16:31 It says you should press the first button first. Okay, lets stop with it here. 16:32 Really quit for some time. Cummulative playing time: 20:52

October 16, 2005

In the morning, I studied the numbers of the six button puzzle while sitting on the toilet. I discovered that all groups of four numbers have two numbers in common with the previous group.

In the afternoon, my sister and brother-in-law brought us a visit. I showed them Myst: Exile and Uru. I went into the "yellow" world and went to collect the totem. Then I also went into the "purple" world and walked to the six buttons. And as a last thing, I went into the "yellow" world. I tried many times to jump on vent in the middle of the lava stream. 17:07 Finally closed the vent in the middle of the lave stream. Tried to jump five to eight times. Realized that it remains closed when I die and that I do not need to jump back. 17:10 I closed the last. Stepped on it, but I did not get over the wall. It seems you have to jump as well at the same time. Stopped. I think, I played about an hour all together. Cummulative playing time: 21:52

Session 10: Morning of October 22, 2005

10:40 Started 10:43 Jumped into "green" world. It is day. Closed all the lids on the vents except the last one near the wall 10:47 Jumped in the middle of the lava stream. And closed that one. 10:48 Tried to jump. But I failed. Went back to Relto. Then went back to "green" world. 10:49 Back (still day) 10:51 Standing before the last vent. Tried to jump, but it did not work. Closed the vents. Tried to jump from the other side to the lava stream vent, but failed. 10:55 Jumped into "green" world. 10:57 Closed vent in lava stream. Tried to jump off again. It seems not to be possible. 10:59 Back in "green" world. 11:00 Next try to close last vent and jump. Again failed. I am a little fed up with this. Quit! Checked hints page. You have to step on the "open" vent?? According to the hints page you can also do a running jump. 11:06 Break

11:16 Continued. 11:18 Jumped in "green" world. It is not dark and not light. Closed vents. 11:21 Jumped wrong. Had to go bacj to Relto. In Relto it also seems darker. Went back in. 11:24 Just closed "lava" vent. I am trying a running Jump. It almost worked. 11:25 Going in again. 11:28 Closed fifth vent. 11:29 I stood on the last vent and was blown over the wall, against all laws of physics. 11:30 Continued investigation. Hoping to find hand cloth. 11:33 Found linking book. Used it. It is light there. I like this age. Followed path. 11:36 Turned right. 11:37 Looked at "platform" on the left. Nothing to see. It suddenly becomes dark, and it starts to rain. Some light is shining on the platform. 11:39 When I leave the platform, the rain stops. Looked at the fountain. Found some drawings on the wall. 11:41 I walked back. On the right is the "stone" door. But of course, it won't work, because I only found one hand cloth. 11:43 I continued and went through the tunnel. 11:44 I tried to do something with the yellow things that hang on the trees. Could not do anything. 11:45 I hear some animal sounds. Or is it the trees? 11:46 Looked at the black stone in the middle of the crossing. Turned right. 11:47 Looked at the turning stone. It starts raining again. Maybe this just happens every so often. The rain has stopped again. 11:51 Found some wall drawings. Went back to the crossing and continued. 11:52 There is another platform like the first one I found. 11:53 Went through the second tunnel. Watched the fish in the pond. 11:54 Found another linking book. 11:55 Used it. It brought me back to the "desert" world, where it is still dark. I crossed the water. 11:56 Nothing to see on the other side. I noticed some fish in the water. Let's walk through the water some more. Looked behind the waterfall. Walked to the waterfall where the water runs down. 12:02 Jumped, and died. Quite hopeless. Not very clear what you should do here. Decided to quit. Cummulative playing time: 23:04

Session 11: Evening of October 22, 2005

21:15 Studied the numbers with the six buttons. Could not discover any pattern. 21:20 Started. (As Annabel) 21:22 Started again. 21:23 I noticed that a green book has arrived. Must be the linking book to the garden age. Let's us it. 21:27 Notice some creapy animals on the wall newat the fountain. 21:29 Found a hand cloth. The second green hadn cloth. 21:36 Found another cloth behind a wall. The third. 21:40 Some rain again. 21:52 Hiding for the rain again in second platform. I am still searching for hand cloths. 21:54 Found another cloth. Only three to go. 21:57 Found something on top of entrance of second tunnel. A notebook. Let's read it. It was rather boring. Does not seem relevant. 22:03 Saw something on top of some plateau before second tunnel on the left. It's raining again. 22:14 I see no way to get on top of it. 22:21 I give up. 22:24 Jumped to desert age. 22:32 Found linking cloth. 22:35 Jumped back to garden age. 22:40 Stopped for watching the movie "Memento"

23:00 Continued during commercials. Found another cloth on the lamp post near the wall drawing after the first tunnel. 23:08 Movie continued.

23:33 Commercials. 23:41 Movie continued.

24:11 Commercials. 24:13 Jumped to dessert world. 24:14 Touched link cloth. Came into an interesting room, for a change. (Went to bathroom.)

24:17 looked through telescope. 24:18 Movie continued.

24:45 Movie ended. Only notebooks here with stupid stories it seems. 24:55 Stopped. Cummulative playing time: 25:00

October 23, 2005

Session 12: October 23, 2005

During the day, we had some friends visiting. I let them walk through the garden age. Then when I arrived at the dessert age, it was light. I looked behind the waterfall, and found the cave. I walked sometime in the dark, and ended up on the ridge, by accident. Also walked to the second cave, which was also too dark to see anything.

18:39 I walked back searching for a way to switch on the light. Suddenly noticed hand symbol somewhere up against the wall where you start. Closed all the other vents and stood on the one below the hand symbol. 19:04 The most incredible thing happened. The air blew me all the way up the platform. Let's try the others. They make you fly into the air. But that is all. 19:17 Quit. The hints file says there are some light switches near the waterfall. Started game again. 19:22 Jumped to last saved hand cloth. It is night. I cannot see much. 19:28 Read hints again. 19:31 Started again. I noticed some loose stones on Relto. Fell off Relto. Came back in main room. 19:35 Came back in dessert aga. Still night. Again looked for light switches, but could not find them. Jumped to garden aga. Ran through it and jumped back to dessert world. And it is still night! I stopped. 19:49 left game on.

21:20 It is still dark. 21:32 Went back to Relto (went to restroom) 21:38 Went in again. Still night. Cummulative playing time: 26:15

Session 13: Evening of October 24, 2005

18:50 Started. It is day light. I managed to switch on the light, but I do not see a way to carry light. I played with the "table" for a long time, trying to get it into an upright position. But I failed. 19:22 I am goint to look at the hints. The hints file says you need something from the graden age that gives a little light. 19:25 Jumped into the garden age. 19:35 Looking again at the hints. Section with floating plants? 19:38 One more hint. The hints say taht the spores/fireflies follow you. I never noticed this. Let's try. 19:45 I got some flies following me. 19:49 Back in dessert age. I walked over a vent, and the flies are gone. 19:51 Back to garden age. 19:53 I got some flies with me again. 19:54 Back to dessert age. Lost them again as soon as I touched the water. 19:55 Stopped.

21:22 Continues 21:23 Jumped to garden world. 21:26 Jumped back to dessert word. I lost all of them before I even made it behind the waterfall. 21:29 Back to garden age. Try to catch some more. 21:32 Started to rain and guess what, they are gone. Went back and tried again. 21:42 Lost all of them (about 12) near the waterfall. Did I jump too close to the wall?? 21:47 I went back got some flies jumped over the first water and waited for the flies to calm down. 21:49 Failed again. Quit! According to the hints you can only jump once. Okay, I got it. The table! 21:52 Started uru again. 21:54 Jumped into garden world. Wrong! 21:56 Jumped to dessert world. 22:04 Got the table in the right place. 22:07 Got some flies jump back to dessert world. This time I got safe with the flies behind the waterfall, opened the door, followed mu way, and lost the flies when jumping over the little stream. So still no light in second cave. 22:17 Walked bak to the road with the door. Went through the waterfall, walked to the other side. Found some tables. 22:21 I pushed one down. Annabel did the other and jumped down. 22:24 Got the tables in the right position. 22:25 Jumped to garden world. 22:26 Got the flies. 22:31 Went into second cave. Found last hand symbol. 22:32 Switched on the light. Looked around a little. 22:34 Jumped back to garden world with flies still with me. They left when I went into the dark. 22:40 I have two pillars now. Quit. Read some about these two ages on the web. According to this page you can jump by first jumping on a stone from the legde above the cave (second tunnel?). Cummulative playing time: 28:40

Session 14: Evening of October 25, 2005

20:32 Started. 20:34 Went into garden world. 20:49 I managed to climb on the stone. Just by jumping from the foot of the stone. It started to rain. Used capslock 20:50 Jumped. Success! Go the sheet 20:53 Jumped to Relto. Used hand symbol of purple world. 21:11 Found the solution of the six button puzzle. Explained it to Annabel and took a break.

21:26 back, walked up to the door. 21:28 Picked up a sheet with D'ni script. 21:29 Found book, back to the "hint" age. Decided to walk along the side, first to the right 21:31 On the left is a button, to close the door, I presume. 21:35 There is a cloth in the back. 21:37 Reached the hand cloth. Still three to go. Where are they? And where is the stone door? 21:42 Looked around a little more. Do not know what I should do. Let's push the button, who knows what will happen 21:43 Yes it closes the door. 21:45 Read the not again. With red it says "Could he ever realize such failure? What kind of end is this? Impossible unless..." 21:48 pushing the button opens the door again. That is surprising?? I went outside and inside again. 21:51 I decided to walk back 21:53 I found the "stone" door. It is on the right wall. Yes, I think you can jump down to the door. 21:57 I try to use the button at the top of the stairs. This was a stupid choice. It is up, and I cannot move it down anymore. Let's quit. I looked fot the hints for where the hand cloth are. Several at the start it says. Cummulative playing time: 29:53

Session 15: October 26, 2005

17:44 Started. Went into "purple" world. 17:52 Found hand symbol behind pillar. 17:53 Fell down. Back to Relto. 18:02 Found the one that Annabel told me about long ago. 18:09 Break.

18:15 Continued. I decided to close all doors behind me. (I eat something.) Read hint saying that there is one outside the pyramid. 18:34 Found it. 18:43 Entered the "stone" door. Listened to the story. 18:46 Try to jump to the last totem. But I failed (was stopped) because it is not possible. 18:47 back at Relto with three totems. I looked at the hints page to find out where I could find the linking book to the prison area. It said it could be found in the store room in the "yellow" age. Cummulative playing time: 30:50

Session 16: Evening of October 27, 2005

21:40 Started 21:43 Went into yellow world. 21:44 Back to Relto. 21:45 Jumped in through hand hoping we arrive at a nice place. 21:46 Exactly at the right place. The upperroom of the store house. 21:50 Went downstairs. 21:53 Found linking cloth under the stair. Let's use it. 21:54 Found a hand cloth. Blue. Only one blue to go. 21:56 Found symbol. Fifth sheet. 21:57 Jumped down. Looked outside. The view is really nice. Walked inward. 21:59 Turned right. Walked towards green light. 22:03 Found a ladder. Went up. Turned left. 22:04 Door opens, went in. 22:05 Found thing with button. It does not work. 22:06 Went up with ladder in the center. 22:07 Walked to the side. Looked around 22:09 Found last hand cloth. But where is the "stone" door. 22:12 Went downstairs again. 22:14 Went outside again. Walked round. 22:15 Went further down. 22:18 Walked all the way round. Did not find anything. Let's go back to Relto. 22:19 Back in Relto. 22:20 Jumped into "blue" world. Went upstairs, walked around. 22:28 Jumped downstairs. Went to the top. Jumped to the platform in the middle. Walked round it, did not do that before. 22:33 Jumped, but a little too late. Fell down. Back to Relto. But luckily, I had pressed the hand cloth on the middle. 22:35 Back into "blue" world with hand cloth. 22:37 Jumped again. Successful! 22:41 I have no idea where the "stone" door is. Let's check the hints. 22:43 It says it is on top of the first building. Ran outside to one that just came past it. Ran inside two to the left and went outside again. Watched the water flow from the waterfall into the lake. 22:50 Jumped to the middle. 22:51 Found the door. It is down. It looks like you have to jump twice. 22:52 Jumped. Went perfect. 22:53 Jumped with forward. Failed 22:54 Went back with hand cloth. 22:57 Stepped forward. Also did not work. Back to Relto. Went in again. Maybe you can jump directly. Let's try 23:00 Jumped straight from the platform, but fell off. 23:01 Went in again. 23:04 I jumped with one step backwards from the edge. Successful!. 23:05 Jumped the last bit. 23:08 Listened tot the story. Got the last totem, and jumped down. 23:09 The pillars all went up. I touched all the hand symbols on the pillars. Nothing happened. 23:11 Went inside. Nothing to see. Walked around Relto. The water is flowing. I found some path on the other side. 23:16 Jumped down. Arrived back at Relto 23:17 Stopped. Read hints. You have to bring the totems back. Cummulative playing time: 32:27

Session 17: Evening of November 5, 2005

21:39 Started. 21:40 Started in Relto. Touched yellow totem. 21:42 Jumped into Yellow world with hand cloth 21:44 Opened stone door and went in. Returned totem. 21:45 Jumped down. It looked different. 21:46 Touched "purple" totem. 21:47 Jumped into "purple" world touching hand cloth. Arrived outside the pyramid. 21:52 I have some trouble opening the elevator in the pyramid. 21:56 It is still not working. I don't understand it. 22:05 I go back to Relto. Let's try another world. 22:07 Looks like I have been using the wrong path. 22:08 Jumped to "purple" world. 22:11 It worked. 22:14 Made the stair go down again. 22:16 I opened the stone door and ran into the dark. I can cross to the first totem now. 22:18 Jumped down again. 22:19 Touched "blue" totem. 22:20 Jumped into "blue" world with hand cloth. 22:22 Jumped, but not far enough. 22:23 Went in again. 22:24 Annabel pressed "power switch" of computer by accident with her feet. 22:31 Back at Relto. 22:32 Touched "blue" totem and jumped to "blue" world. 22:34 Jumped to little island with shift-run-jump. 22:35 Ran off the island. 22:36 Back at Relto and jumped to "blue" world again. 22:39 Jumped to small island successfully. 22:40 Jumped, opened stone door and walked in. 22:41 Jumped down. 22:42 Touched "green" totem. Jumped to start of "garden" world. 22:44 Opened stone door and walked in. 22:45 Walked round and jumped down. 22:46 A large crack appeared. Jumped down. 22:47 Fell down in the dessert. 22:48 Nobody at the carvan. Let's go into the cave. 22:51 Inside the cave. Looking around in the room. 22:53 Went inside the tree. 22:55 Went back to Relto. Played with some stones. 23:04 Looked at hints. There is a second message in the "library" room. 23:05 Jumped down the crack. 23:07 Back in the library. Hints says the solution of the symbols is to be found in the "totem room". Cummulative playing time: 33:55

Session 18: Evening of November 6, 2005

19:41 Started 19:43 Went into garden world. Ran to "stone" door 19:44 Went in. Looked at the symbols. 19:46 Jumped down and down again. 19:47 Back in the dessert. 19:49 In library room. Set the symbols, pressed the blue button and listened to the messages. 19:53 Pressed book offered to me. 19:55 Walked to the green button, pressed it, and got the special page. Went outside Saw the people on the mountain. Read through the URU book. Went to the trailer/carvan. Walked around the mountain. Looked at my Relto book 20:05 Went into the cave. 20:06 Back to Relto. 20:07 Looked at new book. Allows met to go to dessert with and without rain. Okay, is that all. Let's look at the hints 20:12 Yes, this was it. I quit. Cummulative playing time: 34:26

Uru: To D'ni

The story continues in my Uru: To D'ni logbook.

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