Logbook Uru: To D'ni

On this page, I keep a logbook of my explorations of Uru: To D'ni. It is an almost verbatim copy of the notes that I made, so don't expect it to be grammatically correct or understandable. It is not a walk through, but I guess it can be understood by someone that played the game. Before I started this log, I already had walked around the game a little, when trying to install it, and tried to discover why it kept on crashing on one of my computers. Remarks that I added latter are in italics. For hints I looked at the UHS Uru hints page.

See also my Uru: Ages Beyond Myst logbook and my Uru: The Path of the Shell logbook.

Session 1: Evening of November 7, 2005

19:25 Started 19:26 It's raining. The crack is closed. (maybe it already was.) No new books. 19:29 Decided to jump into "yellow" world. 19:30 Took elevator up and looked around. 19:32 Went to the top and looked at desk. 19:34 Looked through telescope at the top. Nothing new. 19:35 Used book. 19:36 There seems to be a new note book "Douglas Sharper '04" Makes mention of "2175.58-81" 19:42 Looked through telescope. 19:43 Decided to use the link cloth. Still the same stupid dead-end. 19:46 Enabled new control. It is some kind of camera. 19:49 Used Relto book to jump back. 19:50 Looks like there is a new book. A blue book. Clicked on first page of this book. 19:52 Looked round. Walked to the balcony and looked through telescope. 19:53 Turned right, went up the stairs. Turned right into the hallway. 19:55 Went into the audiotorium. 19:56 Pressed blue button. Nothing happened. The floor is shiny. 19:57 Went out the other door. 19:59 Went down the other stair. Followed the road. Opened door. 19:59 Found linking book. 20:01 Used it. I am in a small room with something turning along the wall. 20:02 Pressed the symbol. Display lit. It says "Ferry Terminal" 20:03 Pressed it. Clicked on yellow symbol 20:04 A linking book appears. It is gone as sonn as I stepped back. 20:05 Did it again. Used the linking book. 20:07 Looked around. Found a linking book, back to the room where I just came from. Continued walking in that direction. 20:08 Went through the door. Found a linking cloth. I am not going to use it. Probably an dead-end again. 20:10 Door is closed. Ran back. Walked up the strairs. At the top you cannot go higher. 20:13 Some symbnols on the pillar. It's a dead end. 20:15 Decided to go down again. Looked around to the right. Tried to climb on something, but I could not get over the wall. 20:19 Took the opening to the right. Not much to see here. 20:22 Went out again. 20:23 It seems that this is all. Let's have a second look at the closed door. 20:24 Let's use the linking cloth, because I have to go back to Relto anyway. 20:25 Back in the "yellow" world. There is a sheet here. 20:26 It has been added to my book. 20:28 Jumped to Relto. There is another book. To the room with the linking carrousel. Jumped in. (Went to bathroom.) 20:32 There is a note "Welcome to Bevin". 20:33 There are three buttons with the colours blue, green and red. Let's try them. Switched on the lights. 20:35 Continued. I opened the door on the right. That is the room with the linking book. Went down the stairs. 20:38 There is some "blinking" thing here. Walked along the lights. 20:39 Went up the stairs. Back again, where we went downstairs. 20:40 Opened first door on the left. This is the classroom. It says "Welcome to D'ni", "Please link to the Gahreesen age to pick up yourKI. 20:42 Many D'ni numbers. Some script. And a projector. There is a paper with D'ni script. Watched the display. 20:45 Went out. Second door cannot be opened. 20:46 Went down the stairs and then up the stairs. Turned to the left. Walked round and then down again. Studied the "blinking" thing. It has some colour buttons (red, green and blue). Some D'ni numbers on it. Ran up the stairs. 20:52 Found a display of people who came here. It has been very quiet since Douglas Sharper came here in 2004. 20:54 Climbed on fountain. 20:56 Use linking book again. Still only the Ferry Terminal. 20:57 Went back to Relto. 21:00 Used second page. It is a dead-end. A balcony overseeing Bevin. 21:05 Back to Relto. Quit. Cummulative playing time: 1:40

Session 2: Evening of November 8, 2005

19:20 Started. 19:22 There is some kind of platform besides Relto. 19:25 Jumped into Bevin. Looked at the screen showing "pictures". 19:29 Pressed blue button on audiotorium. Gives some message in D'ni with lots of static. 19:33 Looked at the "blinking" thing. 19:34 Climbed on platform in the water. What's the purpose of it? 19:36 Ran upstairs. 19:37 Switched of the lights. Then blue on again. Went downstairs. 19:39 Studied the buttons at the blinking thing. Looked around the water. 19:44 Continued. Looked at the door near the water. 19:46 Went upstairs. 19:47 Found a strange light thing near the buttons. It moved when I kicked against it. 19:48 There are two more of them. I cannot remember having seen them before. 19:50 Studied globe in the center of the square. There seems to be a magnification glass on it. Showing the number two in D'ni. 19:53 Looked in class room. I pushed one of the light marbles down the stairs, but it got stuck in a conrner of the fence. 19:57 Pushed one of the others off the stairs to the water, and pushed it around a little. It also got stuck. 20:02 Went upstairs to the fountain 20:05 Decided to use the linking book. 20:07 Jumped to "Ferry Terminal". Looked around everywehere. Tried to jumb, climb and push everywhere, but did not discover anything new. 20:25 Jumped with linking book. Still only the "Ferry". 20:26 Jumped back to Relto. Took short break. Hints suggest I should look around in Teledahn, the "yellow" world. 20:37 Jumped to study room accessible from Teledahn. 20:40 Used linking book. 20:41 There was a loud noise when I arrived. 20:43 Back to Relto. 20:44 Used hand symbol to "yellow" world. 20:47 I found a shirt and when I clicked on it, it was put on. Looked around everywhere. 21:00 Jumped to Relto. Quit. Hints says you should read the notebook carefully. Cummulative playing time: 3:20

Session 3: Evening of November 10, 2005

22:18 Started. 22:21 Jumped to the study room and read the note book. "Backside Teledahn." "Book." "close to the door" "slave cave" "Private rooms in Kirel" "G=Green, O=Orange, B=Blue" "something with the lights". 22:38 Back to Relto. Then went into "yellow" world. Went to the prison caves. Opened first door. 22:44 Opened second door. I thought there was something, but now it is gone. 22:46 Closed second door. There is indeed something, a book. But I cannot reacht it, it looks. Because you need to be able to get the other side of the gate. Except there is no other way to get on the other side. I opened the second door and walked a little further. 22:50 You can simply lower the bridge. Let's go back, and jump in with the hand symbol. 22:53 Closed second door. Jumped to Relto. 22:54 Jumped with hand symbol into "yellow" world. 22:56 Yes it is a linking book. 22:57 Used it. A telescope and two more linking books. Through the telescope, I see a room. "Bob O'Goobo" very interesting. 22:59 One linking book is to a Relto at night. The other is back to the observatorium on the "yellow" world. 23:00 I have put on the hat. 23:01 Jumped to Relto at night. The doors are closed. The cubboard is full with books. 23:03 But tehy all seems locked, except one, the "to D'ni" book. I got some book from the other cubboard. But where is it now. I suppose in my Relto bookshelves. 23:05 Another notebook. Let's read it. 23:08 Went outside. There are some extra islands here. 23:09 I noticed I have some DRC shirt on now. How did that happen? 23:11 Went inside, closed door. 23:12 The only book that I can use, does not bring me far, does it. 23:13 Used it. It is a different place! Victor Laxman was here on January 12, 2004 for the last time, after Douglas Sharper on the day before. 23:15 Looked through telescope. 23:16 There are colour light balls here. The fountain does not work. 23:17 Went to audiotorium. Pushed the button and listened to the message. "Great zero" "Sunken boat". 23:21 Went out on the other side. 23:23 Went into class room. Only one message. "vlaxman#drcsite.org". Went downstairs, walked along the water and then upstairs again. No blinking thing here. 23:30 The light buttons do work. Are the islands in the water some kind of map of D'ni. Maybe you have to switch on the lights everywhere. 23:31 Used linking book. Still only the "Ferry Terminal". 23:33 Went there anyway. Who knows. 23:34 Arrived there. 23:36 Back to "Relto" 23:37 Checked my books. The brown book did get an extra page. Quit. Cummulative playing time: 4:39

Session 4: Evening of November 12, 2005

20:59 Started 21:01 Jumped to "spy room" 21:02 Jumped to other Relto. 21:03 Jumped to D'ni world. 21:05 Put my hand in the readere near the linking book. The lights are yellow, blue and red. Looked around. Could not discover anything new. 21:15 Back to Relto. 21:16 Jumped into the dessert world with hand cloth. 21:17 Touched linking stone. 21:19 Put on the helmet. How can I put if off? 21:24 Found a hand symbol with a note from Nick. I cannot remember having seen this before. Let's first investigate everything else, before jumping. 21:29 Nothing else to see. Jump with cloth. Nothing happens. So there is really nothing new here. 21:31 Went back to Relto. 21:32 Jumped into first D'nu place Bevin. 21:37 I got the first light ball loose again. I tried to push the light ball up the stair, which proved very difficult. It is now stuck "under" a pillar. Clearly a bug. 21:46 Jumped into the jumping station. There are three entries now. But no places where I did not go before. 21:48 Jumped to Ferry Terminal. 21:51 Back to the jumping station. Jumped to Kirel. I suddenly realized that the light switched are orange, blue and green, (when I was at the Ferry). But where are the private rooms? 21:59 I am going to look at the hints. I remember something about saving someone from somewhere. But where did I read this? In the hints, I read about BOBOGOOBO. So you have to press the light buttons in this order. Let's tru it starting with all off. 22:09 I did it, all lights are on now. 22:11 The light on the second door upstairs is on. I go in. There is a linking book. Actually, there are many. There is also a floaring "egg". Is this the "Great Zero" that needs to be calibrated? Let's try the linking stones. 22:15 Tried the one opposing the door. 22:16 A new part of D'ni. There is a linking book to the linking carrousel. I pressed the button. So I can come back here. 22:19 Looks like you van walk "down". Did not try to get over the edge. Seems dangerous. 22:21 I followed the road to the right. THis place looks similar to the "Ferry Terminal". I am on top of the stairs you cannot get on in that place. More mirrowing? Ran down and up the stairs. 22:23 Continued along the right. Ran down and up the stairs. Looked at the balcony. 22:26 A big gate. Small gate. Some signs on the wall. 22:27 Ran up the stairs. 22:28 Found another linking station. Activated it. 22:29 Found a large round room with many books and D'ni writing. Is this teh "great zero"? Looked at some of the books. They all seem to be about kings. This gives the key to the D'ni language, it seems. But is that all?? 22:33 Let's explore further. Went outside, down the stairs to the right. Up soms strairs. Through a hallway. Turned right. 22:36 Crossed the bridge. Down the stairs on the other side. 22:38 Found another linking station. Activated it. Down some more stairs. 22:41 Again found doors that look like you can open them. Up some stairs. 22:45 Looks like we are back where I started. Ran up and down to the round room. It looks there is no other way to go there. 22:49 FOund the map. That is easy. 22:52 Some kind of photograph here. Very dark. Went inside a building. 22:55 Found a paper. "Negilahn" it says at the top. Something to indicate scale. 22:57 Found another green symbol sheet. 22:59 Let's go to the library because that's the only place I haven't visited yet. 23:03 Arrived at the front. Found another linking terminal. Activated it. Ran around the library. There seeems to be no way to get inside. At least not upstairs. 23:07 Trying downstairs. 23:08 Inside. I was shocked by the doors opening so suddenly. 23:11 Downstairs. Not mich to see. Went outside. 23:14 Jumped down the cliff. Back to Relto. Quit. Cummulative playing time: 6:54

Session 5: Afternoon of November 13, 2005

13:54 Started 13:56 Jumped to Bevin. 13:57 Tried the code here with the lights. 13:59 No success. Went to the linking station. 14:00 Jumped to Kirel. Went inside second room. 14:03 It looks much darker than the last time. Went into the first on the left. 14:04 Closed the door. And opened it again. 14:07 There are five rooms. It looks like the doors can only be closed from the inside. 14:09 Try to bring the white light ball here. 14:17 The light ball cannot go inside. 14:18 Used the second linking stone. Let's see where it will bring us. Up near the round hall, "the palace" according to the map. Read through some books. 14:25 Went to library. Looked around. 14:36 Found a place where you can climb up. Nothing new. 14:40 Quit. Read some hints about Great Zero Markers. I read in the hints that from Kirel's Egg Room you can also go to "Great Zero Observation area". Have I been there?

15:18 Started again. 15:20 Jumped into linking station. 15:21 Jumped to Kirel. 15:22 Jumped with stone in the first room on the left. It brings you to the "concert Hall". 15:25 Back to linking room. 15:26 Jumped to Kirel. 15:27 Back in Kirel. Used linking stone in second room to the right. A new place. 15:28 There is a note book. (Break.)

15:56 Read notebook. 16:01 Instructions are quite straight forward. Let's upgrade my KI. 16:03 Jumped back to linking station and from there to the Ferry Terminal. Looked around. Did not find anything. 16:12 Back to linking station. 16:13 Jumped to Tokotahn. 16:15 Found first marker. Some red circle appears on the screen. Not something to be missed. It was on the edge near the stairs and above the linking station. 16:19 Found the second one. It looks like there are also two in the Ferry Station, because there the indicator also became red. 16:21 I found thirs. Near the museum. Let's go back to the Ferry. 16:22 Jumped to linking station. 16:23 Jumped to Ferry Station. 16:25 Found fourth. I guess there are many more than five. 16:26 Found fifth. Let's first look around a little more, I remember seeing the indicator turn red on other places. 16:29 Clicked last. 16:33 Jumped to linking station. 16:34 Jumped to Kirel. 16:36 Jumped to Great Zero Observarorium. 16:37 Uploaded. Got 15 more. There is on right here. 16:38 Jumped to linking station. Jumped to Rezeero. Just to have a look. Interesting. 16:43 Quit. Cummulative playing time: 8:37

Session 6: Evening of November 13, 2005

21:22 Started. 21:24 Jumped to linking station. Jumped to library courtyard. 21:34 Found the first near the library. It was downstairs. 21:37 Left library, up the stairs. 21:38 Found third. 21:39 Turned left. 21:40 Fourth, on the bridge. 21:42 Fifth. Located another one, but could not find it. Continued searching for others. 21:57 Sixth. 22:03 Seventh 22:10 Quit. Cummulative playing time: 9:25

Session 7: Evening of November 14, 2005

19:59 Started. 20:00 Jumped to linking station 20:01 Jumped to Bevin. 20:05 Found first in Bevin. Still seven to go. 20:09 Jumped to linking station. 20:10 Jumped to Kirel. 20:11 Found first in Kirel in audiotorium. 20:13 Found second in classroom. 20:17 Found third near the white light in the water. (Annabel noticed this one.) 20:19 Jumped to linking station. (Break)

21:08 Continued 21:09 Jumped to Ferry Terminal. (15 minute break due to telephone call.)

21:31 Found one. 21:33 Jumped to linking station. 21:34 Jumped to Tokatah Alley. There was one where I arrived, but it dissapeared. I am tempted to look at the hints. I did read some hints. 21:48 I cannot find it. 21:50 Found the one described in the hints for which you have to do down the hole. 21:51 Fell down and went back to Relto. Quit. Cummulative playing time: 10:13

Session 8: Evening of November 15

20:30 Started. 20:05 Jumped to linking station. Jumped to Tokotah Alley. 20:20 Cannot find the two around here. 20:25 Decided to look up the hints. 20:37 Read something about a tunnel. Went down the stairs, jumped over the blockage and found a whole new are. 20:39 Found marker. 20:44 Jumped tot the Ferry Station area. 21:01 After more searching, I read in the hints, that the last one is on a balcony where you have to go with a linking stone. Reading some more hints, I conclude it is the one you can reach from the desert world. 21:05 Jumped to Relto. 21:08 Jumped with the hand cloth to the desert world. 21:09 Jumped to balcony. 21:11 Found it. 21:13 Back to Relto. 21:14 Jumped to link station. 21:15 Jumped to Rezeero. 21:16 Entered them. So what is next. 21:18 Walked up along the water flowing down. Doors open. 21:20 The symbols on the KI readers, match the one on my KI. 21:21 I tried the one with the circle, but I cannot click it. 21:23 You have to look inside. It displays some numbers. I tried all of them several times. The one with the circle is now blinking. There is a green light on my KI. I suppose, I have to look for one. 21:33 Jumped to linking station. 21:34 Jumped to Tokotah Alley. 21:36 Back to the linking station. I think that the numbers are some kind of coordinates. 21:37 Jumped to Kirel. 21:39 Jumped to observatorium. 21:42 Quit. Cummulative playing time: 11:25

Session 9: Evening of November 18

20:53 Started. 20:55 Jumped to linking station. Jumped to Rezeero. 20:57 Looked at angle 59863,57,-77 Distance 61131,74,-84 Height 60143 1001 -70. I think I will try distance first. Because it is the lowest. Maybe in Ferry Area. 21:01 Activated distance. 21:02 Jumped to linking station. 21:03 Jumped to Ferry Terminal. Did not find anything there. 21:12 Jumped to Kirel. Very unlikely that it is here, because it is far to far. 21:16 Jumped to linking station. Jumped to Bevin. It looks Bevin and Kirel are quite close to each other. 21:19 Jumped to linking station. Jumped to Rezeero. Studied the "map". The map had 20 sectors, numbered 0 to 19 (3x5+4) 21:31 Activated "height" 21:33 Jumped to linking station then to Kirel. Nothing found here. 21:40 Jumped to linking station and to Bevin. 21:42 It goes on! 21:44 I hear it in the class room, but I don't see it. 21:55 Really cannot find it. Is there some way to make it visible? Cummulative playing time: 12:27

Session 10: Night of November 19

1:57 (while reading some hints, I suddenly realized where it is.) 1:59 Jumped to Relto. 2:00 Jumped back to Bevin, the balcony! But it is not on. Too far away. 2:02 I tried to jump over the balcony. Did not work. 2:07 It is simply not possible. 2:08 Back to Relto. 2:09 Jumped to some other balcony. Completely wrong place. It was the balcony high up with the DRC camp. 2:12 Jumped into "purple" world. 2:14 Jumped with the linking stone. Also wrong. 2:16 Back to Relto. 2:17 Jumped to Bevin directly. I give up. 2:23 Quit. Cummulative playing time: 12:53

Session 11: November 19

11:42 Read some hints. It says it is on the balcony above the class room. Maybe I used the wrong balcony. It says you have to get there through the stone in the garden world. Let's try it. 11:47 Started. (Break)

12:04 Jumped to garden world. Got some fireflies. 12:08 Jumped with the linking stone. 12:09 Got it. I don't thingk I have been here before. 12:11 Jumped to Relto. 12:12 Jumped to linking station then to Rezeero. 12:15 Activated it. Let's try "Angle". 12:17 Jumped to linking station. 12:18 Jumped to Tokotah Alley. Went to museum. It is at -78. Too low. 12:22 Went away. 12:24 The "king" room is one level too high. On the other side there is a platform on -77. But there is nothing there. The balcony is at -78. The balcony on the builind that you can only reach through a linking stone too. 12:27 The next hall is at -75. Far too high. I run towards the library first. 12:29 The library is on the right height. 12:34 Went inside. It is at -79. Too low. Ran back, crossed the bridge. 12:36 There is a platform on -77. I continue but did not find any other areas on the height of -77. 12:39 Jumped to linking station. 12:40 Jumped to Kirel. 12:41 Kirel is on -103. Much to low. Back to Relto. (Break.)

12:43 Jumped to Bevin high balcony. It is at -67. 12:45 Back to Relto. 12:46 Jumped to other balcony. This one is at -78. 12:49 Back to Relto. 12:50 Jumped to next one. With the DRC stuff. It is at -77. But there is nothing. 12:53 Back to Relto. 12:54 Jumped to last balcony. (I am getting the idea that I still missed one in the other worlds.) 12:55 Red light blinking! Found it. 12:56 Jumped to Relto. 12:57 Jumped to linking station. 12:59 Jumped to Rezeero. 13:01 Activated it. Now distance one. 61131, 74, -84. 13:03 Jumped to linking station. 13:04 Jumped to Tokotah Alley. 13:07 It looks like the max angle is 62496 pr something around there. 13:10 I am now in the shop alley. standing at 61040, -83. A little too high. But at the right angle. 13:13 (Break.)

14:02 I looked around a little more. 14:03 I went down the stairs. The first platform is at 62454,?,-85. 14:13 I fell down. 14:14 Quit. The hints say, you only can get there through a linking book. I guess it must be the "hint" place for the "purple" world. Cummulative playing time: 14:36

Session 12: Evening of November 19, 2005

20:53 Started. 20:55 Jumped to "hint" world. 20:57 I arrived and I immediately hear the ping. I got it. 20:58 I ran upstairs and recognized the two doors. I guess they will not go "open". 20:59 Jumped to Relto. 21:00 Jumped to linking station. 21:01 Jumped to Rezeero. 21:02 Activated. Now all of them work. 21:03 I activated the wrong one. Now did the correct one. 21:04 Started searching for the last one, at 57325, 110, -79 21:06 Jumped to linking station. 21:07 Jumped to Concert Hall Foyer. 21:12 I found it near the far end of the library, but I cannot reach it. 21:16 Looks like you have to jump there. Or maybe take a picture. 21:18 Jumped. But of course, I missed it. This is impossible. Let's read the hints. (Break.)

21:28 According to the hints you can touch it when standing on the edge. Let's try it. 21:29 Jumped to linking station. 21:30 Jumped to Library Courtyard. 21:31 There again. 21:33 I cannot find it anymore. It looks like I did get it. The light on my KI is on. 21:34 Jumped to linking station. Jumped to Rezeero. 21:36 Activated last. Some beam of light appeared. 21:38 Watched the turning machine. Impressive. 21:40 Jumped to linking station. 21:41 Jumped to Tokotah Alley. The special coordinates mentioned in the notebook are 2175, 58, -81. 21:45 I saw some blinking light appear, when the beam passed. 21:47 I saw it again. I decided to watch it from some distance. 21:49 Saw it more clearly now. I can take a picture of it. 21:51 I got it on a picture. It looks like the symbol displayed near the Great Zero. What does it mean. I will try to click on it. 21:53 Did not do anything. Looked at it from the top of the stairs in the Alley. 21:58 Went down the stairs to the Ferry area. 22:02 Gate is not open. Jumped to linking station. 22:03 Jumped to Bevin. 22:04 Looked through telescope. You can see the red "beacon" of the great zero. I wonder whether the blue light can also be seen here. Let's wait for it. 22:08 Apparently not. 22:10 Studied the blinking thing. 22:12 Jumped to the linking station. Jumped to Kirel. 22:14 The egg is still floating. Nothing different. Jumped with the second stone on the right, because I think I never used it. 22:17 Just brings you to the library. I looked around, then ran back to the main square. Looked through museum. 22:24 Started watching the picture on the table. 22:27 Let's try to jump through the symbol. 22:28 Jumped through it. I am in a new place. 22:29 Found a notebook with "Dr. Watson" 22:30 Found another "green" page for my Relto book. I walked to the right up. 22:32 Fell of the cliff and got a messages saying something like: "Perhaps the ending has not been written yet". 22:34 Jumped back to the last place. Tried to run in other direction. It is simply too dark. I need some light. 22:39 Let's read the notebook of Dr. Watson. 22:50 Tried to go down. 22:51 Fell down for the second time. 22:55 Fell down for third time. 22:58 According to the hints, this is just it. I think you cannot simply go down and will always fall down at some point. Cummulative playing time: 16:41


Next, I decided to play Myst. See my Myst logbook.

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